The FAA’s “Record of Decision” shows that the Authority’s “Southwest Quadrant” threat is nothing more than a ruse

The terminal boosters have been threatening Burbank voters that if you don’t approve this big new airport expansion over on B-6, the Authority will just build it instead on their current property, and that they’ll be able to do anything they want. So you better vote “Yes” on this Measure B “Agreement” they’ve cooked up or else.

But here’s what the Airport Authority told the FAA about this idea in the original planning document:

“Construction of A Replacement Passenger Terminal On Or Adjacent To The Airport:
Under this alternative, a new passenger terminal would be constructed either on existing airport property or on lands immediately adjacent to the existing airport. This alternative offers four (4) distinct sites for evaluation for a replacement passenger terminal, one in each quadrant of the airport. Preliminary evaluation of the four sites indicated that two of these sites, one in the southwest quardrant along Runway 8/26 and one in the Southeast did not have adequate room to construct a replacement passenger terminal in accordance with FAA minimum design standards. The southwestern site (identified as site “D”) would require the relocation of a major railroad railroad line and right-of-way along with relocation of several busy surface streets. Subsequently, no further evaluation of these was considered. The remaining two potential sites, the northwesterly site (site “A”) and the northeast site (site “B”) continued to have potential for further evaluation into the next level of analysis….”

As we have been pointing out repeatedly here, the S/W Quadrant proposal is untenable. The proof for this is also that, if S/W was a good or feasible idea, a new terminal would already be there.

This excerpt too is interesting:

The existing terminal does not have an adequate number of aircraft gates nor  adequate space for hold rooms/baggage claim/ticket counters, etc. to accommodate the current and forecasted number of passengers using the airport in an efficient manner. The proposed replacement passenger terminal project is intended to assist the airport in complying with FAA minimum design and safety standards as defined in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13. The replacement terminal conceptual plan allows for a phased development of the terminal. The first phase would construct a replacement passenger terminal building consisting of approximately 465,000 square feet with 19-aircraft gates to accommodate approximately 2.7 million annual passenger enplanements. The second phase would increase the size of the terminal to a total of 670,000 square feet to accommodate 5.0 million annual passengers using 27 aircraft gates. 

Approximately 140 acres of land is proposed for acquisition by the Airport Authority to accommodate construction of a replacement passenger terminal building for the full two phased buildout. This land will also accommodate construction of approximately 12,000 automobile parking spaces using both surface parking and a parking structure.

The FAA and the Airport Authority have discussed the need for a replacement passenger terminal building to meet minimum safety standards since January 1980.





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26 responses to “The FAA’s “Record of Decision” shows that the Authority’s “Southwest Quadrant” threat is nothing more than a ruse

  1. Carl

    The south west quadrant thing is just one more lie from liars. So Yes on B wants to tell us ‘the new terminal is not larger but better’ BUT it is 53% bigger. That’s a yes on B lie about it not being bigger. Another lie is they will build it anyway no matter how we vote. The worst part is 4 of our council people are also pushing these lies. The one good thing about Measure B is it shows us that Frutos, Luddy, Talamantes and Rogers are liars who can not be trusted. Add the airport and the yes on B crowd and you have identified the rat pack of liars.

  2. Burbank Voter

    The Airport Authority, Airport Commissioners, City Attorney, City Manager, and 4 councilmembers, Luddy, Rogers, Telemantes & Frutus are all telling such huge lies to the voters of Burbank this amounts to fraud. This is not just politics, this must be illegal to strip voters of their rights by lying to this degree. How is it possible this kind of corruption can be tolerated?

  3. Burbank Voter

    If they have the right to build in the southwest quadrant why didn’t they build there in the 1990s? Why not in the 2000s? Why not since 2010? I saw a diagram of the property and it is too small to build the giagantic terminal they want. It is too close to the runway, same problem as the current terminal.

    The real question is why are they all lying to everyone? Why are 4 council members lying to the voters of Burbank? Why did the old city manager and Golonski fail to force the sale of all that property so the city would get the property tax and good paying jobs?

    So many questions and no answers except — Vote NO on B and stand outside polling places to ask others who don’t know the issues to vote NO.

  4. Anony Miss

    Just for the record, today at the airport a bunch of locals were talking about measure B. Only one guy thought he knew what it was about. Not one person appeared to have any knowledge of it.
    I’m just shocked that so many residents are totally oblivious to this measure. Burbank is a great place to push a vote through because people are so apolitical. They probably watched city council a few times and tuned out.

    • Anonymous

      Council has made sure to spread so many lies lots of people are confused. Funny how much money they spend making sure no one knows what’s going in.

    • Donna

      So I hear Gary Brick got on the keyboard last night and went crazy calling Semichorus , Mike Nolan and all kinds of people rats because they have the nerve to ask questions about Measure B and disagree with him and that wonderful list of names that support Measure B. Anyone have his idiot rants to post here for all of us to enjoy ? Thank God Brick no longer has any power, such a pathetic man he is.

  5. Charlie

    Win or lose Telemoron and Fruitoast are TOAST.
    Thanking folks for coming is NOT what the Public wants.
    They want to BELIEVE that their elected representatives HEAR their questions and comments.
    THEN they want honest and sincere responses and answers.
    These are just the first two for target practice on a ballot.
    We can make them examples for the other two.

    • semichorus

      The whole way that this new “Measure B” was set up does not inspire confidence in these management people, nor the success of this project if our Burbank voters are dumb enough right now to vote “yes.”

      Even if you think we need a new terminal, the terms of this “agreement” are so completely lopsided that it puts this city and its residents into the unacceptable position of having NO discretion at all when it comes to future facility development. “B” will give it all away, and in return for what? A temporary assurance of “14 gates” and a 50 percent larger terminal.

      That’s some deal the council made. The courts back in the late 90s gave us total control over the extra Lockheed property, and now the four of them want the VOTERS to give it all away.

    • Don

      I agree 100% no Frutos sign in my yard ever again. The guy is a traitor.

  6. Jim

    Didn’t I read someplace that NextGen does not begin until November 10th?
    This morning before 7:00 a.m., we could hear airplane after airplane take off over the mid and eastern end of Magnolia Park. There is definitely something different happening already.

    • For clarification NextGen starts its roll out November 10 and will continue in phases thru April. You might hear differences right away but it may take a while. I personally have noted some differences but not 100% sure.

  7. Joe

    I hear Bric went off last night and totally lost it that Burbankers have the tenacity to question the airport. From what my neighbor said Bric acted like a child huring insults at everybody in Burbank from his bar in Sun Valley. Get a grip Bric.

  8. Burbank Voter

    Gary Bric stupidly thinks people who go to a new modern terminal will want to go to his bar! He’d have to give away free meals at the airport all day to fill that place up. He’s never going to get any business from there. But, I heard the airport used to refer pilots and crews. So maybe that is all he wants, more flight crews!

    • Ted

      We have traffic, we have a shortage of parking, we have a shortage of good jobs and it won’t be solved by some temporary cinstruction jubs at the airport. That list of airport supporters are the same fat cats that keep riping us all off. The Burbank Chamber of Commerce is really the chamber of cronies

    • R.T.

      Brick is still around ? Then Burbank is not missing it’s village idiot.

  9. Eileen

    Just drove up hollywood way and lots of people with no on measure B signs yeah

    • Yeah we had a press conferences and a marched up Hollywood Way and down Magnolia. One of the co-chairs of yes on B called us liars and said were all losers. All their side does is call names, delete Facebook posts and repeat the same bullet points. I hope voters can see through this.

  10. Voter

    Hoping you can get volunteers to polling places to talk with people before they go vote, otherwise most voters won’t have a clue about all the negatives, but will have all the slick mailers and false advertising from B Boosters.

    • semichorus

      Don’t be surprised if the boosters put up booths at the more prominent polling places, the same way the Mormons did when they wanted to (ultimately unsuccessfully) ban gay marriage a few years ago.

      Those bigoted SOBs had measuring tapes out to make sure they were as legally close as possible to the entrance doors. Saw it myself on the Hill.

      • Jay

        That would be a trip. That old Georgino dude and Bricks could be at the booths and scream at us and call us names while we go into vote. I think God gave me a middle finger just to answet thos two angry old has beens. These yes on B people cinched me as a no voter.

      • Voter

        That’s a good reminder, Semi, but if they come on too strong the voters might get suspicious. I would think all those slick mailers have some people wondering what’s going on that is causing so much money to be spent.

  11. Kip

    Semichorus you got it the supporters of measure B are not just bigots they are selfish bigots. Vote NO on Measure B

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