Look ahead, Burbank! To a totally idiotic future




MyBurbank is in with its position statement on next week’s Measure B (the illegally framed referendum that was deliberately and misleadingly named after the much more popular initiative from the year 2001 so that it would have an easier time of winning). Naturally, they’re all for a big new airport terminal.

Because it’s chock full of the same boosterish bullshit we’ve been hearing all year, let’s take this thing apart for good:

With some portions of the current terminal at Bob Hope Airport exceeding 85 years in age and the continuing changing scope that is today’s transportation, myBurbank supports a YES vote on Measure B in the coming election on November 8.

After reviewing the information presented by both sides of the argument, there seems to be many different opinions. Some people we have talked with think it is about expansion, even becoming an international terminal.

A YES vote on Measure B will give the Airport Authority permission to go ahead with its plans of building a new terminal in another area of the airport’s property. The new terminal will only be allowed the same 14 gates that the current terminal has now. While it is a ‘new’ terminal, it is in fact a replacement terminal.

Lie No. 1. It’s a brand new terminal that’s almost 50 percent larger than what we have now. And it’ll be able to service a much larger user base as well — which is the whole idea behind its planning and construction. Let’s get real about this. Why else is it bigger?

People have said that a new terminal will create more flights. That is not necessarily the case because 14 gates are in place now. It is up to the airlines how many flights a day they use the gates that they lease out, along with FAA approval. All air routes are first approved by the FAA. The amount of flights allowed a day has to take into account how long a plane is at an airport gate to both deplane, reload, take on fuel and have luggage taken off and reloaded.

The number of gates has no direct relationship to the number of possible scheduled flights. With a new terminal they could without a whole lot of effort double up the business, especially since there won’t be a nighttime curfew. Remember that forsaken promise?

The voluntary curfew will remain intact. Remember, it is a voluntary curfew, which has been in place for many years. The Authority, along with Burbank officials, will continue to push for a mandatory curfew, although in all honesty will probably happen as fast as peace in the Middle East is achieved.

It is with hope that a new terminal, while larger in size than the old terminal, will maintain the charm and ease of use as the old one. Passengers always comment how easy it is to get in and out of Burbank, hopefully that will be taken into account. The Authority has also promised boarding in the front and rear of planes still which is a bonus that most airports wish they had.

That’s a lot of “hope” there, isn’t it? If you want to vote hope, put the Dalai Lama’s name on the ballot instead. Not this scheme.

The largest argument is that Burbank would lose control if Measure B passes. The measure will give Burbank a ‘Super Majority’, which means that it only takes two Burbank Commissioners to vote something down. Opponents will say that the Authority can now vote on anything on its own and take Burbank out of the loop and go against the best interests of the City. While that is true in fact, a City Council who vets its airport commissioners thoroughly, would still have the control needed. The Burbank City Council appoints three members and it would only take two to stop something. It is like the President appointing a United Nations’ representative. He will do the country’s bidding or he will be replaced. The City Council has that same leverage.

There’s no leverage if the decision has already been made. In this case “You’re fired!” is something you only see on TV.  And what happens if you get a boosterish city council in there someday, with a Mayor Rizotti type in charge? They’ll cheer it on, especially if it’s just “a little expansion…” This supermajority scam-promise only applies to gate increases anyway; it won’t control any normal expansion in airport business that will be much easier to affect with a naturally larger facility. Which like we just pointed out is why it’s being built larger. It’s not for the fancy snack bars.

Are there some questions ahead? Yes. Is this a perfect solution? Hopefully.

Perfection. Now that would be a first.

There is a desire that the new terminal looks to the future as well as the present. We have to look at new forms of transportation in the future. High Speed Rail and MetroLink need to be planned for. The Regional Transportation Center will now be a greater distance from the terminal and a solution will be needed to make the transition for passengers seamless.

Which of course won’t make it a busier airport. Right. That they just assured us wouldn’t happen with a simple “replacement” terminal.

While some proponents have stated that the FAA says that the current terminal is unsafe is not true. New guidelines for new terminals have a suggested distance away from runways and while those regulations went into effect long after the Burbank terminal was originally built, they are guidelines for new terminals. The new terminal would follow these guidelines. If the current terminal was unsafe by FAA standards today, no airline would be permitted to operate from the facility.

The new terminal will also employ the newest security measures that are needed in today’s climate and mandated by the Federal Government.

While the new 14 gate replacement terminal will be larger, there will also be more amenities in place for passengers. New restaurants, lounges and other features will not only accommodate more passengers, but will lead to more tax revenue generated for the City. A passenger friendly airport will also make Burbank more of a destination of choice which will in turn help the local economy through hotel stays (bed tax) and local retail sales.

A “more of a destination of choice” without it being any busier or more impactful to the city? That’ll be a nice one to pull off. Didn’t they just say that this “replacement terminal” won’t be any bigger or busier than what we already have?  Don’t worry, folks!

It is time to look ahead Burbank. There was opposition to removing the ‘Golden Mall’ and replacing it with the Downtown Burbank that exists today. A Downtown Burbank, in fact, that is thriving and putting tax dollars into the Burbank coffers that pay for a top of the line police and fire department among other services.

Thriving? Maybe if you’re 16 and stupid. And this constant Golden Mall bashing has become wearying. The Mall thrived too for the first few years after 1968. Anyone remember how far downhill this downtown Burbank of ours had gotten before it was built? That’s why it got built! Sees and Mode O’ Day were its premier stores. The Mall’s a bad example of anything bad or stupid in Burbank. Or even reactionary. It was quite ahead of its time, too, btw…

So with that said, myBurbank, as the only news source located in Burbank and run by Burbank residents who have skin in the game, recommends a YES vote on Measure B on November 8. Be sure to vote on Election Day!

And paid for by the local business interests, who all know that a new “replacement” airport terminal will generate more business for them. Which is reason enough to vote “No.” Plus, it’s not needed. We like the one we already have, so much so that the boosters are now ridiculously lying about how this wonderful new “replacement” will still use stairways and rear boarding.

Small is Beautiful. Let’s keep it that way.



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29 responses to “Look ahead, Burbank! To a totally idiotic future

  1. chad

    Is that Adlai Stevenson?

  2. MyBurbank Sellouts

    Of course the MyBurbank.com shills are supporting the expanded airport terminal. How do you think they make money? The Airport, Cusumano, Chamber and City of Burbank all spend big advertising dollars @ MyBurbank.com. Remember how they pimped the Talaria project and then ran all those Rizzotti ads? They do the Burbank establishment’s bidding. Same goes for the Leader. If you want more flights, more noise, more traffic Vote Yes on B. If you don’t, Vote No.

    • 91505

      Of course My Burbank would sell out the citizens, it’s all about the money. The money from the Burbank Chamber and Developers and City Hall keep the Burbank Leader under control so why would we expect anything more from My Burbank. Semichorus my favorite is you kicking My Burbank for calling this fiasco ‘perfect’ and you’re right that would be a first, and really a first for the likes of Fruito, Luddy and Telamonty. Eat this My Burbank shills I am voting NO.

  3. OccupiedCalifornia

    As much as I appreciate your ‘wrap-up’ and it is good don’t get me wrong, but you missed the elephant in the room. Our local government, institutionally speaking is morally and ethically (and perhaps beyond) corrupt. This whole Measure B process has proved it time and time again. Why didn’t you address that?

    • semichorus

      Because I don’t agree with it. It’s not “corruption” so much as expedience, and usually with a heavy slant on “business.”

      Plus, some places are just fine.

      • Donna

        I see it as corruption because it is not just business based it is favored developer based just look at how nuts Georgino went that Gordon or anyone would dare to stand in the way. Righteous indignation ? I don’t believe so I believe it was more corrupt indignation like How dare anyone stand in the way of my profits. You just got to love a fat union guy getting up saying we have a signed promise they will hire local union people. While I agree that to hire local union people and not some random guys from the day labor center the truth is everyone of those yes on B people are out for their own profit and could give a shit about the people of Burbank. In my book that is corruption.

        • semichorus

          People might not know this, but the Georginos have or had this vacation estate of sorts in Central America where certain well-connected Burbankers are invited en masse to fly in and and party away.

          Many of the local movers and shakers have been there. It was quite popular during the Flad era.

          You can’t make this stuff up.

          • BURBANK 91505

            So Mr Georgino (of Los Angeles) speaks in support of Measure B and his wife is a paid employee of the airport ? That smells bad. They have kept everything secret from us and the only one who again and again asked everything be made public was Gordon.

            • Sue

              Wait a minute she went from being one of our airport commissioners to being a paid consultant for the airport ? Oh that shows why I should trust the super majority protections now doesn’t it. NOT

    • 91502

      When I look at the names of the “leaders” supporting Measure B I am not fooled these are the names of the people who have sold out the citizens of Burbank time and time again for years. It is about the same as if a flyer came saying vote on this banking reform it’s endorsed by Bernie Madoff
      NO ON B

  4. Anonymous

    I, and everyone I know in town, voted NO on this already.

  5. Marsha

    I do not trust the airport or the city to dig into the toxic land. I think the same way they rushed this measure B on the ballot they will fail to really contain and properly clean the toxic earth on the airport site. If the toxic dust gets into the air it will filter down on all of us for months and I do not trust them to protect us from that dust because the developers and people supporting this are after money and profit and that’s it

  6. Burbanker

    MY BURBANK is out for the cash and is living in dreams of what they can get and not what they can give. NO on B tell these developers we want a better deal


  7. Felipe

    One week left to the election. We need to send a strong message. We need to vote for the future and leave these establishment politicians right where they have been leaving us – in the dust.
    #LatinoswithTrump #MAGAX3

    • semichorus

      Donald Trump is as Establishment as you can get.

      You people are fools.

      • Felipe

        and that is why all the wall street people and the foreign government that support terrorism and Sharia law are supporting Clinton with their money right ? Funny the establishment, even the Bushes are supporting Hilary.

  8. This quote is completely false: “The measure will give Burbank a ‘Super Majority’, which means that it only takes two Burbank Commissioners to vote something down.” A 2-7 vote passes? Nope The Super Majority means it will take two commissioners from each city to pass a vote. So a 6-3 vote passes those scant 7 items the Super Majority applies to. Right now it’s a simple majority 5-4 to pass a vote. See how stupid this is?

  9. chad

    Anyone else hear the flights coming in around 3:30am this morning?

    • Theresa

      Every night there are flights during the night and after their “voluntary” curfew. I believe that once they get Measure B they will say screw the voluntary and since it is voluntary and they got what they wanted they will say screw you to us. The measure B supporters will tell us well what do you expect you live near an airport and that Walmsley woman and her lap dog Kemp will be the first to say screw you to all of us. Just vote no and tell these people we do not trust them.

    • Anonymous

      Every. Single. Day.

  10. CornFused

    As soon as I saw the “yes on B” banner on the myburbank site, I knew it was just a matter of time. If there was ever a time for a new “local news” type site for Burbank, it’s now. Wouldn’t take much in these times.

    I’d bet most traffic there is for is for a quick 10 minute read for the Burger reviews. Not sure if that’s enough to keep it going, if someone else stepped up. Usually when he writes about an event, it’s after the event already happened. Not a very good way to promote a city.

    • 91505

      Yeah so obvious Measure B supporters purchased the support of My Burbank. I unbook marked them I don’t do for sale people

  11. Dan

    I like this video. So much toxic pollution in Burbank and the airport land where they want to build the terminal is like a swamp of toxic pollution

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