The election is in exactly one week!


Here’s the lead story in today’s paper:




Keep ’em pleased and stupid.






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16 responses to “The election is in exactly one week!

  1. With apologies to David Letterman! Top 10 Reasons to Vote No on Measure B

  2. Francisco

    It’s not about if we like the way it is said, it’s about realizing that we are in trouble as a country on every level and the corruption needs to end, If we can’t say what the problems are we can’t fix the problems.

    #LationswithTrump #MAGA

  3. Al in SoCal

    True – and this is no matter who you support in the election. Local fun news is fine – but, you are exactly right – it is one week until what is probably the most important elections of our lives – stark differences in candidates and parties as well.

  4. NO on B

    Can someone tell me more about the man that accused Dr. Gordon of lying at last nights Council? He seemed very angry and I didn’t understand what he was saying. Why didn’t the airport commissioner guy say anything? He looked like a fool just standing there while the airport lady rambled on. Anyone know what happened to him? Looks like someone punched him in the face.

    • B.F,

      You must be talking about Georgino the guy who acted idiotic and full of himself. His wifey poo is a paid consultant for the airport. He never managed to mention that his wife gets paid and he benefits directly from the whole Measure B crap because his wifey poo is paid to promote it. Georgino is one of those developers who don’t live in Burbank but always claim to know what’s best for us just ignore him he has nothing to add to any Burbank conversation

    • Anonymous

      I suggest you ask Frutos about the angry guy from the meeting. Georgino is a developer and Frutos is in bed with the developers so give Frutos a call and remember whatever Frutos tells you is a lie

      • semichorus

        Was that Georgino who blew up at Gordon.

        The utter audacity of him. And he’s not even a Burbank resident. They chose to MOVE OUT OF BURBANK and get rid of their Hillside home.

    • His name is Vic Georgino, big time developer in San Fernando Valley, including Burbank. Did you hear what Gordon had to say in response? Vic’s wife was the woman who spoke about the FAA letter. She was kicked off the airport commission because she moved out of Burbank and forgot to inform the city.

      • semichorus

        She informed them, but then wanted to stay on for a while. The council would only give her a shorter time, and so she immediately quit and walked out.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a Georgino. His wife the woman before him was community development director. Then airport commissioner and had to resign because they moved the hell out of Burbank.
      He’s a scumbag developer bought property a week before the City bought it made a nice profit but his wife had nothing to do with it, right. This is why supermajority is a joke when we used to have a hack like Sue on the commission.

      • semichorus

        No, it wasn’t Georgino who bought that property several weeks before it was resold it to the city for a Housing project. But there was always a question about whether it was a tip-off to his business partner.

        The Augustines threatened legal action against the city if they went ahead and reversed it –which the council was going to do. I understand their attorneys also threatened people just for talking about it, which led to the Leader editorial being talked about here (apparently the paper was threatened as well):

        There’s More to the Story on City Deal

        Nice editorial in the April 7-8 edition of the Burbank Leader, “The city should eat its loss.” However, we feel you left out some important information.

        California is a community-property state, so Community Development Director Sue Georgino, along with her husband, are both partners of David Augustine.

        All we have to go on is a statement made, after the purchase, by a subordinate of Georgino’s that the Community Development director never directly participated in the transaction.

        Staff members knew of the Georgino/Augustine partnership. Staff knew there was going to be a $365,000 profit going to Augustine. Knowing this, can you imagine the indirect pressure redevelopment staff was under to buy the property? Why else would they have agreed to buy the property for $50,000 more then the appraised value? Why else didn’t they ask for a reappraisal when they found out it was going to cost more then $225,000 to make the property habitable? Why else was this information withheld from the public and the City Council? Why else did staff attempt to keep the transaction under the radar by placing it on the council’s consent agenda instead of making it a regular agenda item?

        In addition, there is a discrepancy in how the city even knew of the property. City staff claims Augustine’s representative contacted them. However, in a letter to the city, Augustine’s attorney stated that it was the city that made the initial contact to purchase the property.

        What the public needs is an audit by the state Attorney General’s Office or the District Attorney’s Office, not some private firm where the city can tell them what results they want and have the whole matter white-washed.



        • BURBANK 91505

          Semichorus your talking about the property on Verdugo that Augustine made bank off the tax payers on, Gordon talked about the property on San Jose that the YMCA claimed that they could only buy with the help of the taxpayers and Gordon had proof at that time they already owned in along with Vic Georgino. The thing blew up if I remember right and they got no taxpayer money after that came out

      • Anonymous

        Sue Georgino was ruthless when she was the director of City Redevelopment. Her arrogance and condescension to others was unsurpassed. She treated residents and merchants as peons and permitted her staff to follow suit. The City Council members either joined with her or were totally repulsed during meetings. You’re right Semi, this city really sucks sometimes! People with high positions are allowed to abuse others and the other sickos in power actually enjoy watching!

  5. Burbanker

    Speaking of Stan Hyman here he is talking at council ten years ago. Get this he is talking about the same record of Decision that people are talking about again today

  6. Edith

    Georgino and Mike Hastings want Telemoron & FruitLoops on the Authority along with Luggage Lady.
    These clowns want to can the three existing Commissioners.
    More M O N E Y.
    Surprise, Surprise.

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