Staff is also misleading the council about the supposed “cons” of rent control



As part of tomorrow night’s package on affordable housing, staff is presenting to the council a chart with these supposed objections to rent control.

They’re all long-verified lies:




Every city in California that has rent control is super affluent. That’s actually why they have it. So, so much for those phony claims of deteriorating properties.

Upper incomes can also be excluded from rent control, as in NYC; and who in Burbank rents here anyway with money? It’s bogus to claim as well that property taxes would go down for the city (why, because property values go down? Balderdash– that not just ideological but long proven false); and because it’s the court system that enforces rental laws in California and not the city the effect on staff of “monitoring” would be negligible.

Why all the lies about the only thing that will help keep down our rents? Let’s put an advisory vote on the ballot someday soon, council. Let’s see what people in Burbank think about rent control.

Who is staff working for?

The council also needs to encourage more SDUs in town, like we used to have in Burbank during the Lockheed days, instead of harassing their existence.

Let the landlords freak about it, and the competition these will give them. To hell with what they want. Who cares? They’ve been running this place long enough.



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24 responses to “Staff is also misleading the council about the supposed “cons” of rent control

  1. Shawn

    Burbank needs rent control and the developers have made it a reality

    • SST

      He says capatilistic society LMAO if he only knew how terrified Luddy was just to see him there. See how fast she says go over to the landlord tenant commission. He better watch for trap doors and attack dogs if he goes to see that group.

  2. Because the solution is for the government to regulate the prices, not for it to remove the barriers to the production of the thing that is expensive because it’s in short supply, so that more of it is produced, bringing prices down.

  3. Ray

    RENT CONTROL NOW BEFORE NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO LIVE IN BURBANK. STFU LUDDY your commission does nothing for anybody maybe we take way your nice plump retirement check that we the tax payers pay for Luddy. Ask them to reconsider really Rogers get a clue.
    Thanks for listening

  4. Carlos A

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  5. Ned

    Gordon tells the Truth again, that landlord tenant committee is worthless beyond belief.

  6. Jan

    Carlos A,

    Very cool idea and thanks for remembering those who protected our freedoms.

  7. NO on M

    I like this guy

  8. Ed

    The high rents in Burbank are the direct results of council members being snuggle buddies with developers like Cusumano Group. Remember Talaria and those high end aoartments atop the high end Whole Foods. Remember how Frutos drooled over those high priced apartments and the over priced groceries. They not only took out more affordable apartments that were sitting there but they gave the Cusumanos a street and a bunch of other property for a fraction of the real value. So people lost more afordable apartments and the tax payers lost property so a market can over charge and aoartments can be more than people could afford. If I remember after that Frutos gave the Cusamanos an award for being wonderful. Frutos is just more snuggle buddy to the elite and shows no love to any of the little people.

    • semichorus

      Let’s see if Rogers says anything about this.

      He won’t. He’s one of those phony Dems — even though during his ELECTION CAMPAIGN he went after that Talaria “remnant” giveaway. Staff’s rent control “cons” for example are all complete lies — and well refuted. But no one will forcefully question them, including Rogers. This is Burbank we’re talking about.

      Gordon has in the past questioned why the Housing Authority will buy up cheaper existing apartment houses and then replace them with fewer and more expensive units.

      It’s a standard practice for them.

  9. chad

    If Measure M will get the East West subway completed in ten fewer years than I’m all for it. Good article in the LA Times today about the Measure BTW.

  10. Anonymous

    Not all multi-family building owners are rich. I’m shopping to buy my first apartment building, I’ve worked long and hard for it. I will NEVER buy a building in Burbank though, because rent control would take money out of my pocket. It’s an unfunded entitlement.

  11. Al in SoCal

    Measure M – basically Metro is the agency we are stuck with – I’m hoping at least 40% of the $$ goes to mass transit – as history suggests the other 60% or so will be wasted .. unfortunately.

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