Exactly what’s “fun” about seeing these guys coming at you?


Or even just having them around.




They’re enough to instantly shrink anyone’s hard-on.




Only in Burbank. And it never ends.

Burbank’s always been hilariously weird and creepy like this, although it’s probably much worse now. Remember Marine Day? If we had still had it today the city and Chamber would be encouraging them all to be sure to bring their weaponry.




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43 responses to “Exactly what’s “fun” about seeing these guys coming at you?

  1. John

    The police are there to keep us safe and there when you need em. What takes away a hard on is Mrs Clinton. She has proven thar Viagra does not always work.

  2. 91506

    Does this replace that failed Hoof and Woof that the Rugsoti started up ? I wouldn’t go to it but I heard it was a failure.

    • Howard B.

      The word on the Blvd. is that Shelly Rizzoti
      is rude and abrasive to walk in potential
      dog rescuers. The cheapest dog is $500.00 !
      Her prices are outrageous !
      You ‘re better off going to the Burbank
      Animal Shelter and dealing with a courteous
      and helpful city employee who’s only objective
      is trying to save a dogs life !!!
      TAPS is bad news!!!

      • Fran

        Remember Rizodi uses those dogs to make tax free income.

      • Al in SoCal

        A lot of ‘rescue’ operations get bad reps because of overprotective people running them. A good friend was turned down because she works and wasn’t going to have a sitter (daily)!? That wasn’t from TAPS – but from one in Van Nuys. She got a great dog from a county run shelter.

        • A Burbank Resident

          Al the city and county run shelters are the best while these rescues are run by neurotic people who believe only they know what’s best for everyone. In the end the do more harm to animals than good. They also turn people off to adoption. After my encounter with two TAPS people I would never adopt because I never want those neurotic people in my life or in my home.

          • semichorus

            They do have an authoritarian, busybody personality, don’t they? They’re like religious zealots.

            • Anonymous

              Believe it or not, some animal rescuers are able to keep in check. Others, go off the deep edge. They feel they can judge who will be the perfect dog owner and they are not always right. It can be VERY insulting to be denied an animal by someone judging you.
              It’s weird to me that some rescuers put so much effort into the animals and then treat people like losers.

  3. Tye

    Will they have a dunk booth with that sorry excuse we have for a mayor ready to get dunked. They would make bank.

  4. DixieFlyer

    Marine Day in Burbank was A-OK.

    It also included a trip to Disneyland.

    In those days, when the Draft was still in effect, many young men joined the Marine Corps in lieu of the Draft.

    Some of us even needed to Register for the Draft upon our return from overseas–I know I did even after two 13 month tours in God’s Country.

    There also was Operation Cookie Lift, where scrumptious cookies were lovingly placed in movie tins for shipment overseas.

    The weaponry remark was not necessary.

    Many of us have both visible and unseen scars.

    Our hands are still very capable, so don’t bother looking for metallic weapons.

    Today there’s no Draft, but all volunteers.

    God Bless Them, all.

    • semichorus

      At every Marine Day I saw, those guys all looked so uncomfortable — like they’d been forced to waste their leave to go to some faraway cow town on a Saturday morning. Which is what they were doing. This criticism in fact came up at the time.

      I don’t fault them. Marine Day — and later “Armed Forces Day,” was a typical Republican PR stunt of that sad era, and weirdly anachronistic for the late 60s.

      Just like renaming a park for the Vietnam War wouId have been, and even Burbank never thought of going THAT far with the hero worship back then. It took the police mess later on to generate this blatantly obvious reactionary distraction. If we had such an event today as “Marine Day” I am totally positive that it would be accompanied by an invited military display parade down Third Street.

      I shouldn’t give this town any ideas. Judging by what I see on “We Love Burbank!” about 90 percent of the people here would absolutely love it. Just seeing those Bearcats and militarized cops makes them tingle.

  5. chad


  6. chad


  7. donkeypunch

    Why did you have a hard-on Jimbo? As if you can remember your last one that didn’t require medication.

  8. Mostly anonymous

    This pic evokes ca. 90s teenage memories of 10pm curfew tickets leaving the AMC…jaywalking on the 15 seconds countdown crosswalk tickets…cuffed and stuffed in hot squad cars for 30 minutes while being written cigarette possession tickets (while listening to one boast about giving some “punk wetback” three in one day)…endless pointless court appearances…

    But mostly it reminds me of the time the first of my friends got a car and we were so excited and spent the afternoon driving around burbank, eating lunch, running errands like “adults” and were stopped over in a remote area by the airport by a gang of plainclothes officers and ordered to sit on the curb while they searched the car. While some searched the car, others had us strip telling us they were searching for “ACLU tattoos” which we had never heard of. So we tell them we not only don’t have any tattoos but have no clue what that is and they explain to four 16 year olds that it is the ‘American Commie Liberty Union.’ The cops searching the car find a road cone and a tire iron (car was purchased from BHS auto teacher, cone included) and write us tickets for them. But these protectors of safety offer us a deal, if one of us (owner of the car) can provide the real name of some tagger we’d never heard of within two weeks, they’d tear our tickets up, if not, they’d throw the book at us and make sure we got probation. Needless to say, none of us had any prior issues with the law (aside from a smoking/cigs ticket or two at that point), but they felt it important and very funny to run us through that, pit friend against friend and place us in an impossible situation none of us were equipped to deal with. I’ll never forget their imposing nature, the helplessness and vague feeling like something awful was about to happen at any moment and the fear and panic that hung over us after that.

    • semichorus

      I’ve been hearing many of these stories lately. It reminds me about why I really, really hate the “City of Burbank” But for that $12 million the city spent on high-class attorney fixer fees a few years ago the FBI would have had half of city hall in jail.

      I witnessed these things myself. The BPD also went out of its way to harass and antagonize our many out-of-town visitors back when the downtown “village” first got big.

      Young and old, rich or poor, they all got stung.

      I remember back when Noah’s Bagels first went in the Burbank cops were especially keen on citing the cars that would wait for a few moments to pull into a newly open parking space along SF Blvd. They’d go out of their way to single out the nice ones for treatment. The people never knew what they’d done wrong.

      There was also Bud Ovrom’s famous “2 hour” parking lot right next to the old AMC movie theaters. That was fun, and for years. And remember how the BPD actively and continually harassed both Manhattan Bagel and Grounds Zero Coffeehouses? The city was trying to get rid of them so as to entice Starbucks to come in — which was notoriously predatory at the time.

      The Burbank cops would actually walk in and harass Grounds Zero’s customers. I witnessed it NUMEROUS times. Their landlord Tom Tunnicliffe was so incensed by this treatment that he actually went down to a council meeting one night to complain about it.

      The city’s arrogant actions back then antagonized many old and desirable downtown customers. Most never came back, and the area went downhill for a number of years afterwards. It terms of affluent attractions it never really recovered. It’s no longer a place for cultured or mature adults.

      Fuck Burbank. It’s a truly awful place.

  9. toni

    Just read on myburbank, that Dilbert retired. Please read the first paragraph written by Ross Benson – zero punctuation. Unbelievable that this is what is allowed to be published.

    • semichorus

      Benson’s a longtime Burbank stooge. He’s the Joyce Rudolph of the photo set.

      Dilibert. What a piece of work. By waiting until the very last minute to show that he wasn’t going to run for an old school board position that he was appointed to specifically because he said he would NOT — but then later considered changing his mind — he deliberately went out of his way to throw the election to another establishment favorite …. who ran unopposed because everyone else thought that incumbent Dilibert was going to finally get in the race and then easily win as the incumbent.

      A true and quite reliable shill.

      • toni

        Ignorant and illiterate philistines.

      • Claudio

        “His” cartoons were posted on bulletin boards regularly.

      • Anonymous

        You are a piece of work. The guy lives in town his entire life until recently. Worked in the city and volunteered. Spend 29 years as a city employee and earned his right to leave. You guys bring bullshit up. Can’t blame him for leaving. Whole damn state and city has gone down hill.

        • semichorus

          He was a bad school board member. Did all the bidding — brought nothing to the job. And that was a major stunt he pulled to discourage other people from running for the job.

          I liked his father. He was at what, Muir? Funny guy.

    • Irwin Fletcher

      Sadly, MyBurbank is frequently guilty of easy-to-spot spelling and grammatical errors- like they deliberately don’t use common word processor tools before they publish. It’s inexcusable, but because they offer much more than the Leader, I guess we have to give them a pass.

    • Anonymous

      BPD lost a good guy. He really cared about the city. You saw that in his work and in his final thank you to the people he worked with. Not many people thank others for taking care of them. That was Dilibert.

  10. Anonymous

    Every cop & firefighter I have ever met has been a corrupt, lying, cheating jerk. Blind trust for law enforcement is for the weak and uninformed.

  11. NO on Measure B

    I was going to Vote NO on Measure B but this video almost changes my mind…NOT! Vote NO on Measure B.

    • CornFused

      How embarrassing. How could anyone think this video was worth posting/promoting after viewing it. What a shit show.

      • semichorus

        And those are the chair people!

        • Gary

          That Linda Walmsley really needs to get her make up taken away until she learns how to use it properly. What has happened to the quality of teachers in Burbank Schools if they let her teach children Heaven help us all.

      • Irwin Fletcher

        I want to gouge my eyes out and my ears with an ice pick. Holy shit that video is abysmal. I would be embarrassed to rally behind those douchecanoes. I still can’t believe they put a little Cessna on their sign- the No on B signs are way more accurate.

        • Anony Miss

          I want to thank CornFused and Irwin Fletcher for the great laughs! Your comments are more than hysterical. I just love your humor and insight.

    • Kevin Harrop for Airport Commissioner

      Is this for real or is it a parody? If it’s real I’m definitely Voting NO on Measure B. Here’s why:

      • Stephany

        Kevin Harrop would be terrible airport commissioner. The man is a loser with a capital L. One nasty man and as sexist as it gets. I have been unfortunate enough to encounter him a few times.

    • Ellen

      If anyone knows that woman in the yes on B video that she wears too much make up. It makes it look like she is hiding something and that makes her look very sleazy. I am voting No on Measure B and a sleazy woman hiding behind make up win’t change my mind.

    • Mr. BurBUNK

      I love at the end when he says, “This is kind of a no brainer for Burbank”.
      Sadly true in the wrong way! It’s actually funny. It looks like Saturday Night Live! If they represent the average voter, we’re in trouble!

  12. Burbank Resident

    Kevin Harrop is exactly why I’m voting NO on measure B. He’s a good example of the type of people our Council appoints to our city commissions. And given the condition of commissioner Don Brown last night, someone like Harrop or Rizzotti could easily be appointed to the airport authority very soon. So who do you want to vote on future airport decisions about more gates, please like Harrop & Rizzotti or Burbank Residents? No brainer if you ask me.

    • Ryan

      Harrop and Rizzotti ? Sad but you are correct and that thought could become reality and it would be scary and those two would destroy Burbank. Both of them are disgusting individusls who are miserable people.

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