Local news blackout continues on Burbank’s internationally famous “Trump House”

The best and by far scariest decorated house in Burbank is still being ignored by every one of the media power-boosters in town.

So what are they all afraid of? Cleverness like that anti-Trump display over on Niagara makes today’s Joyce Rudolph article on Burbank’s dumb-as-usual Halloween “award winners” come off as even more peurile than  normal. Which is tough to do.

Burbank’s not just a stupid town. It’s also a defiantly dishonest one. If you don’t like something, just censor it!



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14 responses to “Local news blackout continues on Burbank’s internationally famous “Trump House”

  1. Banacek

    I think Will Rogers is scared of our city attorney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xlBQpgWVeI

    • Eileen

      I think Rogers is afraid of his own shadow. A stud Rogers is not.

    • Mr. BurBUNK

      Video is very interesting. One thing I notice is the fury that Talamantes has for Gordon. It’s not what he says so much, it’s how he says it.
      This measure B is outrageous. As residents groveled for answers (to their questions) at the last city council meeting, they were pretty much met with the response that it’s too late. If city council does not have the answers residents want to hear, they literally ignore the person! Residents, please note that you are a thorn in the city’s side and they want you to shut up and go away. Vote “No on Measure B”. This will give you time to have the city halls needed for questions. People for Measure B should not have a problem allowing others to hear more details about such a huge Burbank issue. If Measure B is so good for city, it won’t hurt to hold off a bit until more details are disseminated. It will come up on the ballot again.
      Isn’t it costing almost two hundred grand to hurry and get this on the ballot before the April vote? Hmmmmm.

  2. Jan

    What no Clinton haunted house ? Of course not people want her in the big house and not in her haunted house.

  3. Ted

    Who cares about some haunted house ? Where have the stories been on this airport scheme and how even Golonski says they cut the public out of all discussions and now want to stick it to us with a done deal ?

  4. Charlie

    Local news blackout???
    Check today’s follower.
    BIG Front Page story on traffic snarls to be.
    NO Airport Election items, what-so-ever.
    The traffic info came from the SCHOOL reporter.
    Detailed story on a history book, soon to be released.
    Oh, and a haunted house story.
    Front Page, nothing local to “report” from Council or Citizens.

  5. Roger

    I got this flyer yesterday telling me who supports a Yes on Measure B. So, why is the Los angeles County Democratic Club listed as a supporter for ? I sure notice the Siera Club is not listed, but then again this new Airpot Measure will release a lot of polution into the entire valley and that leaves me to wonder what did the airport promise the teachers union and the school board. Maybe a free airport parking pass or something has them selling out our kids health and safety ? Be sure to read the back of the measure B support flyer and see the usual names that always sell out the community to get a buck.

  6. Dan Tanna

    This lady was concerned with giving up our airport protections early on.

  7. Gretch

    Curiously,laura friedman has been plastered on many mailings to the voter’s of Burbank.
    most were sent by Charter school supporters.
    None of them even mention her position on the Airport Authority?

  8. Matt

    Happy Halloween Deplorables

  9. Carlos A

    8 days to go before the National election. We have had enough of these corrupt politicians who promise us a better life but with every action only make our lives worse and more unsafe.

    There is nothing racist about being American and wanting America and Americans to be put first again.

    MAGAx3 has begun join the movement, Patriots united #LatinoswithTrump

  10. Marcos

    I am a Latino American and important to me is honesty and telling the truth. I stand with the American flag, the American Constitution and I thank all of those who died to protect our Constitution, Flag and Freedoms. Tomorrow is dia de los Muertos and I will be proud to fly my American flag for those who gave to give us this great country. God Bless America !

  11. DixieFlyer

    Thank You, Marcos.

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