Sure does



There are rules against commencing these sort of investigations during an election season. But Comey proved last July that he was a partisan Republican hack.





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  1. Eileen

    The Burbank City page or we love Burbank just saw this message go up. LOL someone tell this woman she is not in charge here in Burbank. Measure B will effect generations if it passes but since she is a pro Measure B person who is unable to defend her position her solution is as follows.

    Laura McKinney
    2 hrs
    I think we have had enough Measure B talk on this page! We are all on this page because we love Burbank.
    But, even great cities have issues and growing pains. What is the one thing you would want fixed or changed in Burbank?
    Examples I have seen recently are encampments at parks, people asking for money at local stores, etc. I am curious what people see as issues because I think we as citizens can band together and force change to keep this city great.

    • semichorus

      The top issue is ….

      Getting rid of poor people!

      What a sweetheart.

      • R.M

        She’s a troll and an obvious one at that. She drips with insincerity just like Fruitoes does.

        • Penelope

          Speaking of trolls? How about Ashley Erickson? On her website she posted an article about the new Target Express store at the old Akron store locatin.
          I heard there was an email that went out about the new proposed Target Express from MPMA. The email was not sent to everyone. So I had to call around to seek it out. Because unless you’re in her clique, everything is secret!
          So only a select few are kept informed.
          I had to ask several dealers before I could get it forwarded to me.
          I completed the questionnaire and posted my comment as requested at the end of the survey. Ashley deleted
          It because she only posts responses
          That she approves!
          This is what I posted….
          Who does Ashley Erickson think she is?
          Is She a self appointed city of Burbank
          Lobbyist to Target ???
          Who are trying to get approval for a new Target Express store with a Pharmacy
          and a Starbucks! At the old Alkron store location “1035 N. Hollywood way.”
          Did Frutos give Target his blessing?
          Target was brought up at a city council
          Meeting two or three weeks ago?
          What about the lively hood of Rite-Aid
          who already has a major investment on
          The corner of Hollywood Way and Magnolia Blvd.
          Again, who does Ashley Erickson think
          She. Is?
          Her vision so far has been detrimental to the small mom and pop businesses
          That are going under at an alarming
          rate! It seems a lot of the small business
          Retailers have had to find a second means of income to survive!
          Ashley with help from Frutos who lobbied for her financial assistance from
          The city of Burbank to help her floundering, petty and self centered
          Merchants Association!
          Without any self respect or personal
          Pride she had the gall to have somebody set up a donation site on
          “That Angry Blog” for a new lap top p.c.
          because her p. c. died. Instead of a nice $400.00 p.c. Ashley requested an Apple
          P.C. that costs in excess of a thousand
          Ashley Erickson has no PRIDE!
          Frutos coddles and pampers her every
          Please no Target Ecpress!!!
          Frutos has to go TOO!!!!

          • semichorus

            She’s into making money on this MP deal. Has been from the beginning — even once told me she wished she could get money out of Steal Magnolia. Look into if she’s joined in on the old paid lobbyist-PR bandwagon. Like Rogers was into post-Leader.

            Is Ashley into censorship, too?

  2. Anon

    This nextgen is a real game changer. I don’t have a facebook, but anyone who does needs to spread this video around Burbank. Where do I get one of those No on B signs?

  3. Claudio

    What’s wrong with that poor excuse for a City Attorney?
    What does it take for her to enforce who uses “City of Burbank”?
    Mike Nolan spoke for many of us when he asked.
    Neither she nor the mayor ever answered him.
    She needs to text someone waiting in the “little girls room”.

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