You can blame the modern day Republican Party for this


As well as a clearly corrupt and criminally stupid corporate news media.






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32 responses to “You can blame the modern day Republican Party for this

  1. chad

    When the dust settles on this burp, Comey will be out of a job. You don’t comment on an ongoing investigation. He just compromised himself and the investigation. Good work, moron.

    • Anonymous

      Chad why does Clinton want him to comment even more ? She is a bigger moron.

    • semichorus

      I agree with Chad. This was clearly politically motivated. They’ve had those “devices” for 5 weeks. The timing is obvious.

      And if what Hillary said tonight is correct, that the GOP members got his letter BEFORE the Dems — and which Matthews et al are lying about just now with their false quoting of what she actually said just 1 hour ago — then Obama and Lynch have to start showing some balls. The FBI has become a renegade organization (again).

      Her sardonic attitude tonight during that press conference suggests that she knows or suspects what’s going on. I’m glad she’s confronting Comey.

      • Sue

        I disagree what was politically motivated was dropping the investigation after Bill Clinton got together with the attorney general on a plane. They need to sieze all records of that Clinton foundation and do a complete investigation into everything there including yracking every last penny.

        • semichorus

          He did no such thing. He simply greeted her at the airport.

          Like he’d conspire with her like that IN PUBLIC? You Trump supporters are being played like fools. Which isn’t hard to do.

          • Sue

            Oh sure first he is so nice to board the plane and spend a lil hello time and then Hillary announces a few days later she will keep Loretta on if she is elected
            Sure just such chums.

    • Anonymous 3

      No, he won’t be fired. That would be a new controversy which HRC does not need.

  2. Rob

    Actually you need to blame Hillary for her continuous lies. Truth is the wikileak emails continue to show she is getting burried in her own lies.

  3. Anonymous

    Just saw Hillary on tv demanding to know details of the invedtigation what a hoot sorry Hillary a just opened investigation does not work that way so stop thinking your so special.

    • semichorus

      Nothing was opened.

      And contrary to all the pundits tonight, she did NOT say that the Dems in Congress “never” got that letter from Comey.

      She said in tonight’s press conference that the Republican members got it BEFORE the others. If what she is saying is true — and she might have actually learned this – why?

      The press though continues to lie about her.

  4. chad

    Comey wanted to appear like he is “in charge” and has crapped the bed.

    • Ann

      Comey never should have closed the investigation to begin with now with liki weeks there is a whole lot to investigate. Reading the emails leaked I suggest they start the investogation into conspiracy.

  5. RSA

    Oh heavens forbid that the FBI should open an investigation against crooked Hillary
    Wak up people it’s more like why has it taken so long. Hillary is organized crime I can only imagine how bad new information must be for the FBI to finally act.

    • semichorus

      Keep imagining.

      • Anonymous

        Semi lay off those mushrooms Hillary sent you. She is a criminal.

      • Tiger 20

        Face it Hillary has not done a days work in decades yet she makes millions. She is one of the evil rich. She made millions off us, and unlike some millionaires she never ran anything or produced anything except hot air. She sold favors using her political positions end of story.

  6. chad

    Let’s keep this in perspective with this whole “Crooked Hillary” crap. There’s nothing there. None of this is even relevant. In about two days we will learn that this has nothing to do with Clinton. Hillary is a friggin’ attorney and if she is demanding that all of the new “evidence” be released she already knows what’ there. Do you honestly think if there was something incriminating that she’d me making this public demand? That’s the answer to your question Anon. And while we are at it, let’s line up the top five scandals from the White House in the past fifty years.

    1. Watergate, Cover-Up, Resignation of President- Republican
    2. Iran-Contra- Arms for hostages deal that undermined our Constitution and armed terrorists in a foreign country- Republicans
    3. Bombing of Cambodia, Laos and use of chemical weapons on civilian population. – War Crime- Republicans
    4. Unprovoked Invasion of Iraq- International War Crime- Republican
    5. Shut down of the Federal Gov’t — Led by Newt Gingrich who eventually left office in shame.

    6. #5 led to the Impeachment of Bill Clinton on the parsing of “sexual relations” phrase. – Republicans- We all know how impartial that was.

    • semichorus

      I love how all these phony old allegations are still alive. It’s like truth and facts mean nothing to this crowd.

      One thing that çonfuses me about this latest email thing is how do you have emails “on” your device? They’d be on the server– which is device independent.

      Who “stores” emails on their computer? And if they’ve had the device for 5 weeks, why talk about it now? I think you’re right- Hillary knows more about what’s going on.

      She’s right to be confronting and questioning him. Too bad the media won’t.

      • CornFused

        You don’t need an active server to keep emails on a device. Go to settings on your phone, turn the setting to “off” and the emails live there till you go the extra step of deleting them. Unfortunately, my wife has emails on her account from 10 years ago.

        As far as her attack for the “proof”. If you were in that position -on this time frame- and realized it would take a few weeks (election will be over by then) to go through the information, bluffing your way through this is probably the best route…especially if there’s something there. What other choice does she have?

        I can’t stand either one of them, so we’re already screwed. That said, again…I don’t understanding people actively sticking up for either of these dirtbags.

    • Ken

      Of course she would make that demand Chad because she knows with an investigation they can’t answer her demand yet and if they did it would give her information so she could start desyroying evidence with hammers and witneses could begin to die like Vince Foster and others have. Been there and done that so no way do they give out any information other than investigation. Ever hear the word person of interest or suspect ? Only details you get and it means under invrstigation. Hillary made that demand due to the fact there are many things she is guilty of and she knows it.

    • Glen

      Chad that is all old news as in ancient, these clinton emails and clinton staff emails are current news and reveal hatred and criminal activity. Keep harping on you old stuff but this is all new and within the statute of limitations.

  7. Jr.

    Digby is a clown. People like Clinton have made us like a banana republic with all her foreign money and political favors that put her above the law. A vote for Clinton is a vote for a banana republic.

  8. Chelsea

    Won’t it be fun to learn what her trusted staff member “placed” on her former lover’s machine that caught the attention of the FBI.
    Stand by chad and keep your “toe’s crossed”.

  9. chad

    Hey Glen, the invasion of Iraq is “old news?” Really? Tell that to the soldiers who are currently fighting in Mosul. To the civilians dying every friggin’ day. Jayzuz.

    • Glen

      Really Chad ? How about that exit policy of Obama and Hillary ? We had Iraq and they gave it to ISIS. How about that line in the sand policy with Syria ? Just wait for the deaths that thier deal with Iran will cause un the future. Seriously you want to go back to when we had Iraq stable and Hillary came up with her policies that created ISIS.

      • semichorus

        The country was screaming about Obama NOT getting out soon enough.

        And who started that war. Who caused the problem?

        Oh yeah. Hillary.

  10. Juan G

    Latino and Catholic and I am voting for Donald Trump

    • Anonymous 3

      An uptight twit who has never had sex with the lights on is voting for Trump!

      • Jennifer Jean

        Speaking of uptight twits ?
        Hey ” Anonymous 3″,
        Where have you been this past week ?
        Right before this critical presidential election ?
        Did you have a nice vacation ?
        you pompous babbling idiot !!!
        Trump is going to WIN this election!!!

  11. Ray

    The main stream media like the LA TIMES and the BURBANK LEADER lie,lies,lies

  12. chad

    So, Glen, Iraq is current events not “old news.”

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