Direct from Canada


Apparently there’s a bit of a news blackout on this locally. Somebody nice from up North just put it on Youtube:



How many days has it been around? Over a week? Which means we’re actually Johnny-come-lately here.

800 block of Niagara, we believe.






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27 responses to “Direct from Canada

  1. John Shaft

    Way to go Dr. Gordon. I’m voting No on B

    • Sue

      Thanks to Dr Gordon finally some of my questions are now answered. I went to one of those meetings the airport did what a waste of time. They would not answer any questions I asked.

  2. chad

    As my mom would have said, “God luv ya, Nina.”

  3. Adrian

    Semi, I’m also voting NO on “B”.
    Fronnie is going to enjoy
    Magnolia Park. If she
    thinks her block is wild,
    she had better venture
    out. Directly around that
    block there is a merchant
    Who is a prostitute, one is
    burglar , one sells pot
    out of his store , one is an
    Insurance scammer (on
    The Magnolia Park Board ) ,
    a few are thieves and one
    Is a fence. You think I’m
    Joking don’t you? The
    bullies are not even
    Mentioned. There are
    some very sick people
    down there.

    • CornFused

      Asking for a friend…who’s the prostitute?

      • semichorus

        Me too. I have an … um… academic interest in the subject.

        We need to protect our neighborhoods! Yeah, that’s it.

        • Anonymous

          Do you want to know a sick thing? Everything Adrian said is true! At least these people have found second careers to pay their expensive rent on Magnolia Boulevard!. The shenanigans and sabotage that goes on in Magnolia Park is unbelievable. The people who start a lot of trouble seem to be the ones with the “real secrets”.
          Adrian did make one mistake. There are two prostitutes in Magnolia Park. One is a high end prostitute and the other is an employee who services the customers and locals. The store owner gets a cut.
          I feel the city is partially responsible for a district that is so entirely dysfunctional. By the city closing their eyes to situations that have come up, these individuals are thriving.
          Magnolia Park’s Association is a group of people pursuing their own business needs with disregard for the district as a whole. In fact, anyone opposing their agendas is met with disdain.

  4. Rhonda

    The “Follower” may cover the story in their Glendale, twice-weekly rag.

  5. Carlos A

    It is October and time for the October Surprise

  6. chad

    Marcos, well you’re half right.

  7. Marcos

    Hey Chad 🙂

    Institutions and establishments are not all bad but we got some that have gone bad, really bad. It’s gone bad because we sat around and let it all happen and it is happening to us and I am real tired of it. We can’t just stand up when it hits us personal bro we got to stand up on this establishment taking away freedom and getting into telling us everything to do. If we don’t start doing it now man the establishment will have so much control we will never be able to do it without all out war. I know people say oh you people are just angry and I am not angry I just want freedom back. This country is great because we are free and to be free we got to stand up for freedom or we lose the freedom and to me we have lost enough freedom already.


  8. Felipe

    juntos y Unidos podemos recuperar nuestro país #MAGA

    12 more days to the election

  9. Marcos

    cuando se utiliza insultos que ayuda a escribir correctamente, no se vaboso es baboso

    Why insult people man ? Oh and did you hear that the FBI has announced they are reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton ?…/10/102816_FBI-Letter.pdf


    • semichorus

      It’s pronounced baboso, but written with the Spanish “v.”

      • Claudia

        Nope it’s pronounced like a V but written with a B
        Also it’s not a nice thing to say.

        • semichorus


          The “B” came from American slang use. The authentic spelling is with a V, which pronounced correctly in Spanish has a strong “B” undertone.

          I give up. People are idiots. I didn’t raise myself for this insanely stupid and uneducated world.

          Didn’t used to be so. I blame the corporate media — as well as too many stupid, low-class families.

          No wonder Trump’s going to win. You all deserve him.

      • Nancy

        Anout time the FBI did a real investigation on Hillary, any of the rest of us would already be locked uo. The wikileaks show more and more ceiminal acrivity all the time and it is time ir is really looked into

  10. Danny

    Google Baboso semichorus your wrong and you got it reversed a B is not a V in Spanish but a B is pronounced like a V. At least use it right when you go to insults homeboy.

  11. Ade Banks

    …….and Hillary is really steamed at the FBI.

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