What would Ansalone have called it?


We used to have this too at Muir. We called it grass..

A new outdoor classroom was dedicated on Friday at John Muir Middle School on a site where a condemned bungalow had previously been located.

The 40-seat, 2,000-square-foot classroom is the result of a partnership the school formed with Woodbury University’s School of Architecture and Nickelodeon.

Led by Woodbury professors Jeanine Centouri and Oscar Corletto, a group of nine upper-class students in the architecture school conducted interviews with Muir teachers, staff and parents to see what they envisioned for the space, according to school officials.

Starting this past January, the Woodbury students began building the walls, stage and seating for the classroom.

In May, as part of Nickelodeon’s “Viacommunity Day,” more than 50 volunteers from the company dug holes as well as planted hedges, trees and greenery and filled the space with more than 25 cubic yards of mulch.


Back in the 70s the hippie chicks would always talk Vic Ansalone into holding his math class under the old Cypress trees that the BUSD tore down about 20 years ago when they brought us that fantastic new BHS campus we all love. The one that looks like Abu Dhabi U and is already falling apart. The one with the gym now in front where Burbank knows it belongs.

How did we ever get by?



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4 responses to “What would Ansalone have called it?

  1. Anonymous

    What’s a condemned bungalow?

    • semichorus

      I wondered that myself. The only one I knew of over there which fits the description was that little one that Burnside banished Mrs. Vrakelos to.

      Remembered when they also “condemned” most of the Log Cabins because they couldn’t get “spare parts” for them? Which we ended up discovering were not built by the WPA, but rather much earlier. Lincoln’s was built in 1921.

      • CornFused

        Ahhh…the spare parts line. Just like the Burbank roller rink. They spent weeks looking, but none existed. Time to close the rink. Frank found all he needed in about 90 minutes on the phone.

        Their reply? We’ll I guess you bought yourself some time.

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