Newt’s right




We hate to say it, but Newt Gingrich was totally correct in his points yesterday during that now famous dust-up with Megyn Kelly. You’d never know it though by all of the dishonest and sanctimonious news reporting that’s been going on about his supposed bizarre behavior towards her.

(This is the same corporate news media btw which is now ridiculously claiming that Hillary would lose the election if she were up against any other GOP candidate than Trump; a newly scripted claim that idiotically ignores how this would require a huge percentage of Democrats to suddenly lose their minds and run to the polls to vote for an extreme-right ideology, and that such political belief represents majority opinion in this country. Which it clearly does not.)

No, it’s the corporate news media that’s currently out of its mind. Rather than appearing “troubling” or engaging in an “odd outburst” or two during his Kelly interview (two of the nicer MSM comments about him today), Newt was instead absolutely correct in this regard:

  1. Megyn Kelly and the corporate news media are always absolutely obsessed with sexual peccadilloes, to the exclusion of almost any other political and social issue of import (which is clearly what Gingrich meant when he claimed that Kelly was “fascinated by sex,” and which the MSM has deliberately ignored today whenever they discuss his supposed “weirdness” about her),
  2. There’s no evidence that Donald Trump is a “sexual predator,” a clearly libelous claim that Kelly then tried to awkwardly (and yet, still defiantly) walk back after Newt correctly called her on it (and which the innuendo-prone MSM also won’t properly address).  And,
  3.  If Donald Trump’s a “sexual predator,” then so is the legally proven and potential White House co-habitant Bill Clinton, a verity that Kelly would not admit but only tried to evade, and which Newt was correct to push her on. By the same MSM criteria he has to be.

We really don’t know what we dislike the most. Is it Donald Trump and the GOP, or the modern American news media? All of this hypocritical self-righteousness, and — yes — puerile and hysterical obsession about sex and allegedly culpable sexual behavior. Over the last 20 years or so it’s gone positively toxic.  

The male reporters and pundits are especially hilarious to listen to in all of their outrage and bluster. “Grabbing pussy? Donald Trump says it’s just locker room talk?”

“How dare he! And he also engaged in unwanted sexual advances by asking a porn star out on a date!”

“Our daughters … why, they’re hearing this!”





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7 responses to “Newt’s right

  1. chad

    I watched it as it aired and I must say I wasn’t sure what I wished for because I despise the two of them. The point is that Trump and his record are despicable enough that you don’t have to speculate about his sexual habits. I don’t think that was Newt’s point though. I was hoping maybe we would get a Scanners situation.

    • semichorus

      I think Newt’s point was that this MSM obsession about sex and alleged sexual misconduct was counterproductive to the real issues at hand. Of course he was trying to change the subject away from Trump, sure, but he clearly was not being crazy about Megyn Kelly and her personal feelings about the sex act.

      It’s this deliberate misinterpretation of these GOPers’ statements that bothers me. You’re right– they’re all bad enough!

      Trump for instance never claimed he liked to “grab their pussies.” He was stating a hypothetical about how when you’re a big celebrity, “They even let you grab their pussies, you know.” He never said he did it or even wanted to. It was actually a woman friend of mine who pointed out his exact language there. A Hillary supporter, she agreed that he was being unfairly maligned. And that he was clearly joking and not being serious.

      And yet, the self-righteous misinterpretations from the corporate media continue. Can they not hear correctly, which makes them completely unreliable? Or is it all just propaganda?

  2. Anonymous

    Did you forget to take your meds?

    • semichorus

      Don’t need them.

      I’m actually quite a good critical reader — well trained — who knows what denotation and connotation means and what the difference is between the two.

      Most people by contrast either never know how to get things right or learn to lie by habit until it sticks. I guess I was just born lucky. So fuck you.

      • Anonymous

        “So fuck you”… Yes, that is quite eloquent!

        • semichorus

          In some ways I hope Trump wins next month — just to show these smug, arrogant “liberals” how much they resemble the people they love to mock and hate.

          Such fucking self-righteous, holier-than-though hypocrites — especially about sex. And I detest the Right.

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