Albano’s being deceptive again


In this case it’s called “lying by omission.”

Under the master Agreement that they secretly negotiated with the Airport Authority last year (and “secret” it basically was), the Burbank City Council surrendered all of its discretionary power over this replacement terminal in return for the special terms of the Agreement itself — which goes out of its way to state that there will be no more Burbank discretionary power over the future of the new terminal.

Much confusion arose about the whether the original Measure B, a ballot measure passed in 2000 that required voter approval for any relocated or expanded terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport, would still be in effect if the 2016 ballot measure is approved.

Albano said that the 2000 Measure B would only be triggered if the project requires “further discretionary approval from the City Council.” Furthermore, she said that if the 2016 ballot measure passes, then a supermajority voting system will be put into place on the airport authority board when addressing major issues, including additional gates, expansion of the terminal and entering into long-term agreements.

Under a supermajority, two members from each member city would need to approve major changes instead of the simple majority that is in place now.

If this pretender “Measure B” wins in November, the City of Burbank will have no future discretionary power of any kind over this airport project. It will all be in the hands of the members of the Authority and their staff.

That means everything. Even CUPs and AUPs will be exempt from any kind of city oversight (which means that they essentially will not be needed for this new project). Burbank won’t even be allowed to provide the building inspectors! That task (apparently) will go to either Glendale or Pasadena.

So don’t be fooled.  If Measure B wins next month it will have been Burbank’s only possible shot at oversight. The power will now go to the Airport Authority and its hallowed “supermajority.” There’s no such thing as Albano’s “further discretionary approval from the City Council…” And thus no more Measure B’s for the public to vote on.

Actually — to be precise — only gate and terminal expansion will be governed by this so-called new supermajority rule (what “long-term agreements”?) Everything else will be 50+ percent. That means lots of new things are possible in their “replacement” airport terminal, and which you the Burbank residents and council members will have no power over.







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25 responses to “Albano’s being deceptive again

  1. chad

    Sure is convenient that staff is telling the CC they can’t comment on something that was pushed down our throats. They have been completely let off the hook, haven’t they? David Spell is right. The CC has already campaigned by writing the yes and no arguments on the ballot for crissakes.

    • Don

      I agree how is writing the argument for a yes vote not campaigning ? The only one willing to answer quesrions is Gordon. Tells me the rest of the council wants to hide all the information from us. Screw them vote NO to their secret deals and secret meetings. Vote NO on measure B.

      • semichorus

        The courts give an incredible amount of latitude to how these things can be written, as well as what goes into the allowable “informational” pamphlets.

        Basically, unless they specifically say “Vote for this Measure!” they can say anything they want. That’s why you wind up with 100-word ballot descriptions that sound like PR statements. Wasn’t always so…

  2. Nancy

    When is the city attorney not deceptive ? She is never able to give a straight answer on anything.

  3. 91505

    Do you think you will ever see Frutoes question or stand up to the city attorney ? Frutoes is her boy and she orders him around like a bitch.

  4. Donna

    What was Telamonty talking about with a Burbank City site ????? What he said was just plain confusing.

  5. RW

    It was funny to see this person called Kevin Harroo while I was watching the council meeting tonight. He ‘trolls’ around Face Book. Always felt from reading what he posts that he was a bit off and scary but seeing him on TV he really does look scary. I hope everyone got home safe from the meeting tonight. That man acts like something is wrong with him.

    He fits as the poster child for a bigger airport to make Burbank into the area around LAX

    • semichorus

      No, he’s been around for a while.

      • BF

        Hey the Kevin Harrop guy came up on this blog back when Rizzotti was running for council as saying this about the realtors endoring rizoti

        “Kevin Harrop Exactly how much validity is there in a rubber-stamp endorsement? None. This is various unions and professional orgs admitting that they don’t care a fig about legitimate process.
        December 3, 2014 at 9:15am”

        So how come he isn’t sayin the same about the realtors and every developer in town and every special interest endorsing Measure B. Could he expect to get some electrical work out of the thing if it passes or what ?
        Here is the original story where I found this on Semichorus blog

        Oh and Semichorus your right this Kevin guy pops up when the developer trolls or Rogers needs a voice to come out he is a puppet of Rogers.

        • semichorus

          Wasn’t he working on his campaign?

          They were both right about that endorsement– although I wonder if they’d have complained as much if it’d been Rogers and not Rizzotti!

          • Anonymous

            Oh of course Harrop would not have complained if it was Rogers or Gonesky. Harrop knocked on doors on my street scaring people while asking them to vote for Gonesky. Maybe that’s why Gonesky is now Gonesky

    • Anonymous

      I think he’s Anon3

  6. Ron

    It’s never a good idea to give up your day over anything so VOTE NO.

  7. Anony Miss

    This vote is being pushed for a reason. Do it fast before the citizens figure out what is really going on. Burbank residents need more time to figure this out. Voting “NO” will give people time to ask more questions and get answers. Even if some residents want a new terminal, it’s important to have more information. The vote will come back when people are more informed.
    Last night they even made it clear that there will not be a city hall for all the people who have questions. Come on people! Take care of Burbank. Passage of this vote is huge. It’s not an issue that you can just show up at city hall later and complain.

  8. Burbanker

    YOU decide after watching this video if we can trust the city attorney

    • Terri

      Ok so since they shoved everything all together in such a short time and in one meeting just how do they now try to look the citizens in the face and say oh you had so many opportunities to ask questions and make comments. Frutos and Telamonties should be ashamed of themselves. The city attorney told them to rush and shut the citizens out and they went along with it so they are GUILTY.

      • semichorus

        Well, there’s been about a year for input, so I’m not sure the issue there.

        The bigger problem is that their die was already cast. Input would have had little effect.

        • Kyle

          No way with all the secret meetings we have and had no idea what they were doing. I watched that final meeting and even some council members asked where some things suddenly came from. With all the secrecy and last minute changes no way could the public know what was going on. I think Bib Fritos and other council people wanted to keep us confused and treated us like we were stupid. Even worse these council members don’t even understand the deal they made themselves. Now they thank we are stupid enough to vote to approve it. No way we are not stupid.

  9. RICK K.

    I agree with you about Frutos.
    He’s definitely Albano’s lap dog and bitch!
    Albano tells everyone else on the C.C. except for Dr.Gordon what to do and say.except for Dr. Gordon, who is the only city council
    member with common sense. Will Rogers A.K.A. “Anonymous 3”??
    Will is a total embarrassment to the city of Burbank.
    If Will becomes the future mayor of Burbank?
    He “Will” become the laughing stock of all our neighboring communities.

    Next: Talamantes is a ‘Blow hearted buffoon!’
    For him to be part of the “City of Burbank Group ” on face book who picks and chooses their members on this bullying face book web site, while being our mayor is a outrageous and a conflict of interests !
    Did everyone see Talamantes almost loose it last night during the C.C.
    Meeting with Dr. Gordon responding to a public comment about his sons face book web site? About Bullying? He caught control of himself at the last second ! Then Dr. Gordon asked “OUR CITY MANAGER” Ron Davis
    about having an emergency televised community meeting with the C.C. , airport authority and concerned Burbank residents who one after another called for an emergency town hall meeting to get questions answered?
    The response he got from Ron Davis was that he was grandstanding
    and campaigning for himself for the next city election. Then Ron Davis
    passed it to Albano who agreed with what he said.

    Next election we have to rid ourselves of these TWO self centered special interests C.C. members coming up for re-election.
    Frutos and Talamantes they need to be told
    Don’t let the door hit them in the ass on their way out!

    • Pam

      We so need to elect our mayor in Burbank letting the council pick who is mayor really has proven not to work at all. Frutos I had hope for but he has become the village idiot.

  10. Stacey.

    I just checked out the CITY OF BURBANK face book page .
    I couldn’t get on to look at responses. It did show a partial list of members.
    I did notice one member of the Talamante’s face book page, is a merchant
    on Magnolia Blvd. with a very sordid past.
    Interview her past TWO landlords and tell her to give me back my stuff !

  11. Penelope

    Semi you’re right . I think the city attorney
    and mayor’s positions should be elected by city residents instead of favoritism and cronyism!
    You know in Burbank …..
    It’s all about who know and who you B—!

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