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  1. Kerri

    When will the Follower tell us about the rip-off at Bell Cottage?
    Mag Park invites these happenings with their Ladies Nights.
    When will it become NEWS?
    Fronnie is operating a business there now.
    Does her nose for news still function?

  2. A Concerned Resident

    Semi – Why no stories on the Burbank Airport/Measure B since October 13. What gives?

    Are you going soft on us? Did the establishment pay you off in some way?

    Have you been threatened? If you have, then it makes all sorts of sense why you have been quite for almost 2 weeks. Nobody should risk harm to themselves or loved ones over an Airport expansion vote.

    You have done some heavy lifting over the years on behalf of Burbank residents and if you must sit out the rest of the ‘no on measure b’ stuff out I understand. The threat of physical harm can be intimidating to say the least.

    Take care

    • semichorus

      No, I’ll have a wrap-up soon.

      No threats. Nothing that entertaining. I just figured I’d said all there was to say.

  3. Betty

    Rebellion percolating under the surface … M Moore

    and if Hillary with all her wall street donors and millions of dollars in pay for speeches to her friends on Wall Street is elected the percolation will blow like gigantic volcano

  4. Anonymous

    Time to prepare to take down the corporate main stream media.

    The war has begun, the mainstream media enslavement will see its rule end soon The attack is at hand

  5. RUSTY

    I just realized that Fronnie “Media City Groove”
    Is opening a sweets store?
    I know from personal experiences that for a
    decade that Fronnie is an absolute pain in the
    She will tell anybody what to do and when to
    do it. She’s a know it all.
    Fronnies input is the last thing that troubled
    block needed.
    Fronnie has a history of only caring about her
    Own needs! If you don’t think the same way
    she does, you can look forward to ridicule.
    I’m sure Fronnie plans on taking over the
    Magnolia Park Merchants Association and
    dumping Ashley Eriickson because Ashley
    Is as dumb as a box of rocks!

    Fronnies sweets shop will flourish with the
    Millennial’s . They love Lattes and treets to
    go with their I-phones and lap top computers.

    Fronnies only problem is she hasn’t yet
    Experienced the major parking problems.
    On that overly conjested block!
    I’m a neighboring production company who for
    Years got all my printing done at ARA printing. I
    Can’t get within a block of the place . I now go
    To another copy center close by with parking !
    What’s up with Fronnie? She used to be a major
    Magnolia Park blogging force to be dealt with?
    A public soundboard! That has gone silent!

  6. Burbank Bill

    Well good luck to her . Rocket Fizz already down the street . And I have been told that the rents are outrageous. And parking is nonexistent. Right Scary Kerry??

  7. chad

    It was the corporate mainstream media that produced and distributed V for Vendetta.

  8. Anonymous

    Response to Michael Moore

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