These guys went to Columbia?


A recent News Press headline:


Se habla Inglés? Who’s whom here? And what’s what?



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39 responses to “These guys went to Columbia?

  1. Carole

    They made a big deal over emails from a departed member of the Burbank Police Department.
    It was placed on the Police Commission agenda and tabled.
    Tabled by one of the biggest cheerleaders for BPOA.
    They got their headlines.
    Now comes the Replacement Terminal issue.
    Repeated coverage of positions from Airport and City officials.
    Heavy silence from community members, that is in the paper.
    The news is so controlled that the City of Burbank blog is controlled by the son of the Mayor?

    • 91505

      You must be paying for the Burbank Leader since it is not free anyplace anymore. My advice is save your money that paper is a waste of your money and paying sends cash to the places and people who do not in any way support you.

      • DixieFlyer

        You are right, 91505.

        I’ve been a subscriber to the LA Times, long before they acquired the chain of locals.

        What a disappointment–hope springs eternal.

  2. Francisco

    Poll results for 3rd presidential debate !
    #MAGA #Latinos4Trump

  3. Tf321

    It really is sort of amazing. The city council says there was so much outreach to the public about this airport expansion thing, but really nobody I know ever heard anything so I went looking and it looks like all their outreach was just to the rich developer and chamber types, maybe to their major campaign donors. I am so disgusted seeing all of this and the one I blame is Bob Frutos. I supported that man and he has ignored us residents in everything. Anyway here is a video I found of what happened during their outreach to us and look who it is that got the invite to go to it. Oh and I havedecided I am voting NO

    • Tom

      The city and the airport can mail us crap to tell us to vote for this new expanded airport but they never bothered to mail us notices of public meetings they had ? WTF

      • Anonymous 3

        They DID mail you notices. They cannot be expected to come to your door and tell you about a meeting. It is not their fault that you threw out the notices.

    • Anony Miss

      What’s with Georgino giving his address? He doesn’t live by the airport.
      The developers want a new terminal. What else is new?
      Everyone I know who wants it either stands to profit, don’t believe the ramifications of it, or live out of the flight pattern. People, get educated about measure B. This decision will have a major impact on Burbank for years to come.

  4. Anonymous

    Frutos = empty promises of neighborhood protection

  5. Geo

    Thanks for this video. It really is looking and sounding like the people who are all a big YES on measure B are people who will get or hope to get some big profit out of it. It also looks like none of them tthink they live anyplace near where the real impacts from this enlarged airport. I am getting really angry with their line that its a 14 gate terminal for a 14 gate terminal so not bigger. Sorry but most if us have enough brains to know if you make the airport bigger both in amount of land and in square footage you have made it bigger so stop treating residents like we are stupid idiots. I hope all these developers and business people and teachers and realtors all know that they are telling lies unless of course they don’t know that adding square footage and land is enlarging something and that makes me think none of use should ever trust a Burbank realtor because they are sounding very uneducated.

  6. Chris

    Funny to see you blame Frutos for this airport mess Tf321 because I also blame Frutos the most. When he was running to get elected I talked to him and he was all promising that he would “enable” the residents. Looking at the video and things Frutos has done that was all clearly a lie. Frutos should have been the first one to express outrage that the residents were not part of this at the start but instead the video shows me he was accepting lil gifts and dinners and stuff and just including the people who are the ones all of us need protection from. This airport proposition is just more bad development but this time we get the chance to say enough of these badly planned projects that keep affecting our neighborhoods and way of life. Some of us thought that was why we voted for Frutos but clearly he is a sell out and a liar so I say we need to take back our control and vote no on B and when Frutos comes up send the man packing. He probably plans to leave anyway right after construction starts at the airport anyway but we can send him packing sooner.

  7. Rob

    I emailed Fruitos before and he didn’t answer me some other guy at city hall answered my and said Fruitos sent him my email. That stuck in my throat and showed me he doesn’t really care he is a company man and we should have known it because he is just one more government employee turned councilman. He knows how to butter his own bread and we don’t have the butter so he forgets us.

    • Albert

      Your last sentence says it all. If your needs get in the way of Frutos efforts to get ahead, you will definitely be left behind. He allies with those who he feels will garner votes, favors and accolades for him. He used to be kind of slick but lately he is downright annoying. He does not care for the little guy. He talks a good game and does not follow his own preaching.

  8. Anonymous

    Bob Frutos has this silly smile plastered on his face. I was at last weeks council meeting and he just sat there all night with this stupid looking pasted smile on his face. Come on Bob sincerity is not just a silly smile and a few empty words about passion it is shown in action and I’m afraid you show no action at all.

  9. Orangelo

    John F Kennedy speaks about the future and I believe where we are today. Government and the media make great effort to hide things from the public. This has become the norm now whether it’s at the federal, state or yes the local level of our government. The secrecy of the airport deal is one case in point. Also he warns of invasion, not by troops but in the night in secrecy and again this threat has become reality. The press and the media have let us all down, they have linked with government to mislead and lie to us, to keep us in the dark. This must all end and those who are part of it must be dealt with. God Bless the United States of America.

  10. Kyle

    That video is a bunch of establishment fat cats

  11. Jeez .. the whining is deep here. “He won’t answer my emails” … “he doesn’t CARE” .. “he promised …”. Entitled masses …

    Are you not getting a vote? Then VOTE – does it matter if he supports it or not? Does he not get his own opinion. Let me guess – only the GREAT Dr. Gordon is inline with what you are thinking? Of course – it’s just sooo easy when you know something will pass freeing you to “side with the citizens”.

    If you believe he truly thinks that way – then I’m sorry you are so naive.

    • Claire

      Frutos has been a fraud.
      Hollow promises and assurances.
      Some offered without a request.
      He lost his way, and staff reached out to help.
      Lost cause, shouldn’t bother to run again.
      Many of us goofed, won’t happen again.
      Georgino is important to him.
      Bric is important to him.
      We need to not waste more time or effort on a loser.

    • Burbank Bill

      Four of the 5 councilmembers are retired Al. They can certainly take the time to respond to a voters email. What else are they doing aside from ribbon cutting and other inane things they report out on. We know telelamonte likes to stuff his face. I too have written Frutos and all he does is just fwd it onto someone else. One term Bobby.

      • Anonymous

        Bob went back to work to double dip on pension.

      • I’ll give you that he could reply to you – but the question is if he forwarded it to someone who knows more about the subject than he does? You might think what he’s doing is deflecting, but maybe not?

        Was it just you asking his opinion on something? If so, then sure he should just reply, but if it’s some specific line item within some specific issue – then forwarding it to someone who can help is better (which is what he did with me – and it worked out). He didn’t have to reply to me – I just needed help with getting something squared away …

  12. Anonymous

    Almost as good as the time they reported “Persinger woke up to vomit on his front window.”

    • Mike

      I can’t speak for others but I am not naive. I recognize a liar when I see one and Frutoes is one. Sorry for you if you assiciate with liars. A lot if elected liars no doubt. I am just one who has had my fill of liars like Frutoes.

    • Barrett

      I wonder if he scooped up some of it up for DNA testing ?
      It’s probably someone he knows???
      Maybe a retailer on the 3400 block
      Of Magnolia Blvd.???

    • Penelope

      I heard there was no barf!
      Just a Burbank police coverup!!!

    • A Business Owner

      Since Councilman Fruitos came up —-

      Councilman Fruitos is known around town as the puppet of the Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who don’t really know what and who the Burbank Chamber of Commerce is let me tell you jusr a little.

      Some of us small business owners call it the BURBANK CHAMBER OF COMMUNISTS and here’s why.

      Most of you know nothing about the chamber and for good reason. Think of one thing the actually do. Do you shop or dine anyplace in Burbank because of their efforts to promote business in Burbank ?

      Do you owe your job to the chambers efforts ? Of course not. The hidden truth is that the chamber is a small interest group who only serves their own interests and spends most of their time trying to get freebies off the tax payers for THEMSELVES.

      Many Burbank businesses that you like are not even members.

      Measure B is supported by the chamber elite but start asking your favorite local businesses if they support the Chamber or Measure B. Many of us will say NO to both questions.

      • Jess

        Word is that the Chamber Members were never polled or asked, nor even advised that the Chamber was taking an aggressive position in Support of the Replacement Terminal.
        Members can’t even be told what the vote was???????
        “Star” Chamber proceedings.

        • Anonymous

          Your Chamber of Commerce comments sounds like the exact scenario as Magnolia Park Merchant’s Association. All of this catering to small groups of businesses sitting in the middle of loads of other businesses (in opposition) sounds very familiar. This is the city’s pattern. They rule by example. Stomp the masses. Take over. Do your thing at the expense of all others. The little guy has no chance because the “Rulers” take over.

  13. Marcus

    The Media City Groove has a new iteration with NO comments.
    We should have seen it coming like some of you did.
    She’s trying to fit in with her Mag Park “pals”.
    ‘Birds of a feather…….”
    She’s short of parking, too.

    • semichorus

      Like she ever got any to begin with.

      Several years ago Fronnie broke Rule No.1 — stay away from Burbankers!

      • Nancy

        Media City Groove ? The last time I took a look ar that page the biggest news was the the sun was bright or something like that. I used to have it book marked but I removed the book mark. Nothing worth looking at on the page.

    • What kind of store does Fronnie operate? Is she really short of parking – I remember the entire back & forth on her site regarding that very topic …

  14. Brandon

    I cannot believe that Fronnie is
    Moving onto one of the most
    Congested blocks in
    Magnolia Park.
    She likes trouble.
    Watch YOUR back when poor
    Picked on Fronnie is in your “Web.”
    She is as loyal as an alley cat !

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