So long




‘Having discharged my duty, Sir,’ said Mr. Pickwick to Mr. Nupkins, ‘I will, with my friends, bid you farewell.





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23 responses to “So long

  1. Anon

    This will get interesting.


    The Airport Authority clearly knew about NextGEN and had many opportunities to mention this new air traffic control technology to the public over the past year, but for some reason never bothered.

  3. Carlos

    I get it, some people want a global agenda and some just want to think of themselves but it is time to think about how far we have come and how what we are doing really keeps racism alive. We have minorities in inner cities living in poverty with bad schools and no hope of employment. We have developers destroying neighborhoods and taking advantage of our neighborhoods. True Trump is a developer but listen to what he is saying. Because he is a developer he knows the game he know how they do what they do and he knows how to stop it. The wall street people and the developers are not supporting Trump, why is that ? It is because they know with him we will have a president who knows their game and knows how to end it. We say we want change but right here is the opportunity for real change and a chance to stop being colors and start being united as Americans. The opportunity is here and those who want no opportunity for all of us are scared and saying anything they can to take it away from us. It is time for America to decide are we Americans or are we ready to give up and accept decline for ourselves and our country or are we ready to make a difference.
    #LatinoswithTrump #maga

  4. 91506

    So long Rancho. Watch they will develop a bunch of trendy apartments, condos and housing and it will be people who want a new improved Rancho. Sounds to me like the plan is to out number the horse people and bring the Rancho into the 21st century. After Rogers said the things he did about the Rancho people I bet the plan began to take care of those deplorables down there once and for all. Watch after the Rancho people vote yes on B the new terminal has to increase flights to pay the bills and they add a flight path over the Rancho and then claim the planes spook the horses so the horses are a danger, next they build out the Pickwick property and bring in new people who see the rancho as the next westwood and it is over for the Rancho. I see it coming so sad

  5. The aiport is pulling one on us

    Burbankers speak out about Measure B and say why a NO vote is necessary

  6. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    Whats going on with Pickwick???

    • Anonymous

      Pickwick is about to close down and get developed into some big development project. The Rancho is about to be toast.

      • CornFused

        I thought “the end” started as soon as they broke ground on that new Ikea. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a noticeable difference in traffic as soon as the doors open. They were bitching about the bicycles on that little pedestrian bridge…wait till they try maneuvering their 1,000lb horses through the Saturday morning shopping crowd cutting through their neighborhood.

        • Irwin Fletcher

          Um- IKEA isn’t near the Rancho- what are you talking about?

          • Anonymous

            From the Glendale side it won’t have an effect, but one of the easiest ways to get there from the west part of Burbank and beyond will be going down Alameda. For the size and scale of the new Ikea, It’s crazy to think it won’t add traffic.

            The construction and everything else going on with the Talaria project, has already impacted driving as far as Verdugo…and it’s not even open yet.

            Only so many ways to get through there.

            • Irwin Fletcher

              Well, sure for locals in cars Alameda is the way (although, does anyone know where the actual customer entrance will be? It’s not San Fernando, and it’s not Alameda- is it on Flower? Why would you ride a horse anywhere near Alameda?

              • semichorus

                Front Street, not Flower. Flower access would make sense, traffic-diversion wise.

              • CornFused

                Be more than just locals. It’ll be people avoiding the everyday backup from the 5 north, by switching over to the 134 then taking surface streets from time to time. You can’t even get on the 5 north from the 134 anyway.

                As far as the horse riding, I’ve seen people cutting across Alameda on horses on their way to the equestrian center…the ones who keep their horses locked up like dogs in their backyard.

                Our company was looking to rent space across from Pavilions and decided against it because of the amount of traffic in that area now. It wasn’t nearly as bad 10 years ago and it’ll only get worse.

  7. Burbank Bill

    Not with Luddy living there. Remember when they tried to develop the GM site into townhouses. She even stepped down from the dais to speak at oral she as a private citizen(!) against the project. It became a French school instead.

    • semichorus

      Which was a clear violation of the Brown Act etc.

      A sitting council member has no individual free speech right to lobby her fellows when there’s an ascertainable COI on an agenda item. Albano was seriously violative there when she let EGL pull that stunt.

      It’s not just voting. If EGL has to be recused from an item, she CANNOT still lobby them on THEIR vote. This is COI 101.

      • Anonymous

        Not so sure of that Burbank Bill. Rumor is Luddy is ready to retire from council and her husband is retiring and they may be going away so a little nest egg to leave with might just be up her alley and she may just leave the Rancho high and dry

        • Burbank Bill

          Not a chance that broad leaves early. And even if she did , she wants her legacy to be protecting the Rancho. Just how many flights go over Elm Ave anyway ? NONE

    • Frank Cannon

      Luddy Rancho recusal …

  8. BURBANK 91505

    and why was there no open discussion of Measure B ? Instead there was a rush to place it on the November ballot which is over crowded with measures already, and no public forums at all. VOTE NO ON MEASURE B

  9. Anonymous

    The minute it was announced one rancho resident got up and promoted what she thought should go there. Nice little expansion of the school next door. How about a project like the old IKEA site for that land.

    • Peggy

      Pickwick would make a great site for a sustainable village with all sustainable amenities and it could be complete mixed use so that it Is easy access with bikes, walking and public transit. We could see sustainable housing over work environments and shopping experiences. This is an exciting opportunity for Burbank to come into the 21st century.

  10. K.D.

    With the size of Pickwick they should build as many apartments as they can and make them low income apartments because we need low income apartments badly

  11. chad

    Get Cusumano on the phone!!!!!

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