“Bad hombres” is not a racial epithet




Regardless of who you think “won” tonight’s debate, we all know who the real losers are. It’s the American public, which as always is being led down that dark alleyway of ignorance and despair by a terrifically venal and almost criminally stupid corporate news media.

Tonight its paid hacks are clucking about Trump’s use of the colorful old term “bad hombres.” High and mighty as they think they are, and always looking for some phony moral outrage to make them feel like worthy human beings, none of them — especially the younger ones — seem to know that this expression has nothing to do with Mexicans or Mexican name-calling.

It’s  a Spanish word that entered the language mostly through cowboy movies and early 20th-century pulp western novels. If anything, it was the Mexican natives describing some of the gringos.



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28 responses to ““Bad hombres” is not a racial epithet

  1. Paul


    You nailed it on this one, my thoughts exactly. Over time it has become a control goal with the media and not a news reporting goal. Today they want to brand everything as hate speech or bigoted.

    Some fall for their pathetic outrage over the insignificant, but Thank God many in our great nation see them for what they really are, and that is pathetic people who live to feel that they are victims at every turn.

  2. Danny

    With all the lies from the media here is a new video from a lady who worked for a property before Trump purchased it and remained while Trump redesigned it and after it was completed. Leaving after she got married here is her personal experience with Donald J Trump.
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGA

  3. Spike

    When people get to the point that they are offended by everything (which is the case with some people today) it really shows that many people just need to grow up and learn the world is not always a safe place in the middle of a rose garden(and a rose garden with no bees or any other insects that could bit you or sting you either) life is a risk and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Just how did we become a nation with so many pussies anyway ? Our grandparents would tell us to just grow up.

  4. the daily dose

    a daily dose from the hypocritical media, should not be viewed by the real “dickwads” who are so easily offended. But serious the media gets so offended yet watch the racism and offensive language in the clip – NOT offensive at all the kid is right it is how people talk.

    • Right .. but the first words against the devoutly religious aka electroshock-therapy for gays (Pence) and no prenatal care for women (Santorum) and everyone gets “hurt”. The hypocrisy of the extreme right knows no bounds.

  5. Steve

    I bet they will ban and eradicate all old film in order to erase history and enforce their control over what words mean.

  6. chad

    WE WANT ANGEL!!!!!

  7. Anonymous 3

    Trump’s refusal to pledge to accept the results of the election disqualifies his for the office.

    And no, Bush v Gore is no precedent. For one, Gore won the popular vote. And there were clear irregularities in the Florida election. If the Supreme Court had not intervened at Bush’s request, Gore probably would have won Florida and the Election.

    • Donna

      And if Trump wins the popular vote ? See you need to get real it does deoend on what happens and Gore is oroof of that. If there are issues to contest why would anyone be so stupid as to say they will acceot something in advance and then pull a Gore and take back what they said. Nothing wrong with Trumps answet. Now lets talk about these undercover films of Hillary workers taling about how they hide and move money to create violence and voter fraud. Has everyone seen the tapes and before anyone tries to deny it temembef the campaign has already fired two of the workers in the tapes.

      • Anonymous 3

        Trump has zero chance of winning the popular vote.

        What “under cover films:?

        They don’t exist. Nobody has been fired over nonexistent films.

        • Donna

          not showing them all but here is one and no one is saying they do not exist in fact two paid workers have been fired over it all and this one is just one of a few

      • LOL – Trump winning the popular vote? What fantasyland do Trump supporters live in? I guess the Trump-ish thing to say is that you are a “nasty woman” – but GASP – would NO PC ever Trump fans be offended? If so – perhaps you should go to your safe space …

    • Carol

      So it is a precedent. If there have been irregularities before there could be again so who would anybody with a brain say they will accept something when there could be irregularities. I have seen the emails from WikiLeaks and the hidden videos of Clinton people talking about the behind the scenes corruption. I think this campaign from Clinton is beyond the pale when it comes to irregularities.

  8. chad

    That phrase may not be offensive but Trump is an offensive moron so out of his league it’s pathetic and any Republican who hitched his wagon to that DISASTER deserves to go down in a ball of flames with him.

  9. Anonymous 3

    Would your tolerate Mussolini?

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