So will they now be televising the Landlord-Tenant Commission meetings?


Of course not.

Why? It would be so unfair to our landlords to have their dirty laundry aired like that! Doncha’ think?

And just consider the confidentiality rights of the tenants! Imagine how invasive and humiliating it would be for them to have their shady landlords exposed to public scrutiny on TV. What kind of aggrieved complainant would want such a thing?



Approve the Professional Services Agreement between the City of Burbank and KeyCode Media, Inc. for the installation of a television broadcasting system in Community Services Building Room 104 (Exhibit A).

The City of Burbank operates a government information TV station, The Burbank Channel (TBC), which broadcasts on Charter Communications Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-verse Channel 99, and streams live on the City’s website ( The Public Information Office (PIO) currently utilizes broadcast equipment in the City Hall Council Chamber to televise live government meetings from Burbank City Hall at 275 E. Olive Avenue. This is currently the only City location with permanently installed equipment that allows City meetings to be broadcast live on TBC.

In 2009, construction was completed on the Community Services Building (CSB) at 150 N. Third Street. The three-story facility features a large meeting room (CSB 104) on the first floor that is often used for large gatherings (e.g. community meetings, staff presentations, Council workshops, etc.).

The original plan for the Community Services Building included the installation of a video broadcast system to enable the City to televise some of the public meetings, community workshops, and special events that occur in CSB 104. However, broadcast equipment was never installed due to a reduction in funding for the CSB construction project. Instead, crews installed cable conduit and completed the construction of a small adjoining room to CSB 104 that could serve as a production control room if/when funding became available to install a broadcast system.

The LTC meetings used to be held at the city hall chambers on Monday nights. About a dozen years ago there was a repeated request from a number of people to start broadcasting them out to the public, just like every other meeting held in the facility. After all, the TV equipment was already in there.

The city’s response was to move the LTC meetings from city hall to the new Community Services Building so that they couldn’t ever be called upon to broadcast them. There were no cameras there by design. And rarely do they get brought to that site — it’s like pulling teeth to get staff to even tape events at that building just for the record.

True story. That’s why the LTC was moved there. Their meetings had been held at city hall for decades.

And speaking of the Brown Act — which our city attorney does on regular occasions in order to hide council debate from the public — just try and get a hold of the tenant questionnaires that go in front of this deliberative body. That’s where all the juicy info is on the complaints.

Even though state law requires full of public disclosure of all documents that go across a dais at these meetings, you won’t get it.

What you’ll get instead is a redacted complaint statement from the tenants where all of the relevant names and addresses are removed. So you’ll never find out who those bad landlords are, or exactly where their buildings are located.

The City of Burbank isn’t working for you, folks. Just like staff’s planned discussion tonight where they’re trying to push the council into starting something called “flex-zoning” of our neighborhoods, it’s all about accommodating outside interests.

Remember, Burbank regularly gets big awards from this well-heeled crowd for being “Great for Business!” They boast about it. And they are.





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76 responses to “So will they now be televising the Landlord-Tenant Commission meetings?

  1. Vote NO on propistion 65

    Vote NO on proposition 65, the plastic bag ban. This ban will generate 300 million in profit for grocery stores and cost you more at the check out counter. This proposition is nothing but a money grab, supported by grocery stores who stand to take more out of your wallet. VOT NO on proposition 65

  2. Mary

    It’s depressing because no government is working for us. These government people just want to tell us what to do all the time and not listen to us at all and the city government in Burbank is just one more example of that.

  3. Tye

    The airport is not telling us the whole story on Measure B. At this point the number of gates remains the same but the size of the terminal doubles, space decides how many people you can fit into a building and not the number of doors or gates.

    • Burbank Tax Payer

      Why are there no plans to look at regarding what they want to do at the airport ? Answer is simple, they can say or promise anything and no one has any plans to point to later when what we get is nothing like they are telling us now. Sorry folks you must be insane to vote YES when there are no plans. I am voting NO and suggest everyone votes NO

      • Anonymous 3

        Yes on B.

        • CornFused

          I’m going to say No on B.

          It’s weird, a couple weeks ago someone was walking through my neighborhood knocking on doors for the “Yes” crowd. The next day I noticed a few “Yes on B” signs sticking from 3 or 4 of my neighbors yards. A couple days after that, they were all gone. A reversal of “support” you don’t normally see in such a quick time frame.

  4. 91505

    So Gary Bric sent out a letter supporting Measure B on his face book today and here it is unchanged no grammar corrections and not completing any of his incomplete thoughts. The man really knows what he is talking about here (yeah right) and as for his starter on the presidential race, all I can say is Thank God Bric is not one of the nominees.

    Gary Bric
    6 hrs · 

    TO ALL FACEBOOK FRIENDS: We have a big election coming up Tuesday November 8th and I would hope everyone will exercise their right to vote regardless of your Party Afflation. When it comes to the President let your conscious be your guide. I’m sorry but for the first time in my life we have two Candidates and neither one is deserving to lead this great Nation. Having spent 8 years on the Burbank City Council and served as Mayor in 2009/2010 I know a little about how Politics works. It is sad to see these two running the Campaigns they are and smear tactics have “NO” place when your running for the highest office and Commander and Chief. Enough said about these two Bozo’s. The reason for this post is if you are a Burbank resident and Registered voter I am asking for your support on Measure B for a 14 Gate Replacement Terminal. The truth of the matter is basically the only thing changing is the size from 232,000 sq. feet to
    355,000 sq. feet. Dr. Gordon says this is 153% increase but it is basically just over 50%, he’s not real good with numbers. The biggest reason for the increase is the extra room needed to accommodate the flights. This does not mean more flights will come. The Airport currently hasn’t enough seating and more room is needed. TSA needs so much room we currently do not have for our protection and needs the extra space as we need dog runs for the bomb sniffing dogs. If you read the sample ballot the opposition is coming from Dr. David Gordon and his fellow Activists who vote no on everything. In a nutshell the new Terminal will stay at 14 Gates, the runways will not change and their are no easterly take offs for planes weighing more than 25,000 lbs. Also if you build a new Terminal today the FAA requires that it be 1000 feet from the terminal and currently it is about 250 feet, The FAA will never say it’s not safe because of the liability but do the math, this will be 750 feet further. The good Doctor also states that there has been no Public Comment and everything has been behind Closed doors, there is no truth to this. I can’t count how many Pubic Meetings were held. He also states that taxpayer money is being used for this but the truth is the Airport is paying the additional cost to put this on the ballot. I could go on and on but I think you see the picture and ask that you support Measure B and vote YES. Anyone needing lawn signs or further info on this please stop by my Restaurant and help yourself. Thank you for allowing me to serve the City of Burbank for 8 years and all though this didn’t come to fruition under my watch it is good for Burbank.

    • semichorus

      I don’t know. I’ve seen worse. At least he wasn’t threatening anybody.

      What’s the deal now with no paragraphs? I see this everywhere.

    • J.G.

      So the village idiot speaks ? Come on now Bric your restaurant is one of the resturants most proximate to the airport so should we believe you are not thinking of all those construction workers stopping by to drink their lunch and dinner at your bar ? You really want me to believe that there is no personal interest in this ? Oh I forgot your bar is in Sun Valley and not in Burbank.

    • Jay

      I would not trust Bric to baby sit my potted plan while I am on vacation so why would I trust him on this ? The man was a fool on the council and stuff like that.

  5. Burbank Tax Payer

    No on B. I will stand with Dr Gordon the only one I trust,

  6. Anonymous 3

    “About a dozen years ago there was a repeated request from a number of people to start broadcasting them out to the public, just like every other meeting held in the facility.”

    That’s not true. Not remotely all the meetings held in Council Chambers are televised. I’d bet most are not.

  7. Burbank 1

    >” The good Doctor also states that there has been no Public Comment and everything has been behind Closed doors, there is no truth to this. I can’t count how many Pubic Meetings were held.”

    Ofcourse Bric can’t count how many public meetings were held because he can’t count past 5. I saw Gordon on video say there were like 45 closed secret meetings he didn’t say how many public meetings but we all know there were not very many public meetings and none of us got mail like we are now about those meetings so why not ? They can send advertising to trick us into a yeas vote but could not send us mail about public meetings ?
    Bric can’t say how many public meetings because he doesn’t know but it is not all he doesn’t know.

    • semichorus

      That terminal plan was suddenly handed to us like Moses’ Tablets.

      We’d been told something was going on in those mountains, and there was a bit of a rumble and thunder announcement a few months earlier (a Council/Commission get-together for the public), but those Commandments were definitely set in stone before we could do much about it.

  8. Bryan

    STAY WITH IT ! United we can protect and make sure protections are really locked in for our children and our neighborhoods. Vote NO on B and demand a better deal with plans and real locked in protections.

    • Carlos

      I read what Dr Gordon said about this Measure B in the ballot I got and what Gordon says is what I trust. There are no plans so nobody knows anything about what this new airport will be but they say we spend 400 million dollars for something we don’t know what it will be that’s loco

    • Carlos

      Go Gordon
      #staywithit #staywithit

  9. Edwin

    Brics lives way up on the hillside but his bar could use a boost of traffic from the airport. Brics smell money and since he’a fat cat he luves far and clear from the airport and the added noise and polution. Brics could give a F about Burbank or people who live in the flatlands. Like the other supporters of B he smalls money for himself. I am going to start calling it measure Brics the guy who was mayor when corruption was so bas that the FBI came to Burbank to start rounding up his buddies that all hung out at his bar when thet were off duty.

  10. Larry

    I drove past Brics dumpy bar and the place has yes on B signs all over but it is in Sun Valley and people there don’t get to vote. LMAO Bric’s dumpy bar really just makes measure B look anything but modern.

  11. Burbank 1

    Poor Brikey still sounding and writing like an uneducated idiot I see. Maybe some day Brick will go back to school and learn something.

    • Anonymous 3

      He owns his own business. That’s not like mopping at McDonalds like you do.

      • semichorus

        What’s wrong with mopping up?

        • Chuck

          Anon 3 is clearly a bigot against minority workers like maids and janitors from his bigoted comment.

          • Who said ANYTHING about minorities – only you. Trump supporter – check … white hood … check …

            Please don’t act like you care at all about “them” other than calling Trump’s deportation squad to look at deporting them.

            • semichorus

              There’s also plenty of room for expansion. Four gates by four gates, in time…

              Burbank would be very foolish to approve such a Trojan Horse.

      • Willie Watcher

        You are so desperate to insult Semi. You read and blog a lot on this site because it is so insightful, thought provoking, and full of good solid information. One person in thousands could run a site that is so diverse and takes a look at different situations from many angles. I don’t find your digs to be beneficial. You’re trying too hard to be insulting. As a reader, I can tell you that your janitor related comments aren’t getting the desired reaction you want.

        Let’s just focus on how great you are. You always like to do that!

        • Honestly .. kudos to Semi who allows all messages and even allows guests to post messages. It facilitates posts that people are *really* thinking – whether you agree or not with what is being posted or not.

      • CornFused

        Also helps owning your own business when you don’t pay all your bills.

  12. close enuff to know

    Sorry but I really must respond to Gary Bric’s letter to the world. I have personally known Gary for years and sad to say that his comments on the presidential candidates is a bit much for me to stomach. Gary is at best a bigot, and I have heard him say things that make both Trump and Clinton appear as clean as the driven snow. Just so you know Gary is a Republican and about as intolerant as it get’s when you know him on a personal level. I am just astounded at his clean as the driven snow sound here when it comes to this letter to the world when many of us know nothing could be further from the truth. As for Measure B I will simply say look at all the supporters of it and think back over decades about when and where those names were last seen and what corruption they were seen with. Just amazing these people as they try to fool all of us.

  13. Jason

    Thank you DR. Gordon. You fight to protect us. Show transparency and expose those who only care about themselvses.
    #noonmeasureb #noonb #staywithit

  14. Tim

    Watching the council show wow there is a new show tonight. Ok so I looked at these videos on here and …. wow on this dumb airport thing. I think Dr Gordon is right about what they want at the airport and to me it is the best airport right now so save the money and just do like we do with our houses fix it up and leave it alone don’t waste all that money to tear it down it’s beautiful how it is. Ok so Dr Gordon is wow telling us to fight for things and I like the #staywithit i am going to start using that too. We should #staywithit to keep Burbank like it is and not let it be like Los Angeles.

    • semichorus

      I say leave Burbank alone!

      A slogan like that — under a slow-growth umbrella — would be a winner next spring for any council candidate.

      So watch big-growth Rizzotti (or some other booster) use it. And, try to get away with it.

      • CornFused

        After looking at the pictures of how the airport originally looked, it would be great to fix up the existing terminal and design some of the original “look” back in. Old California. It could be beautiful.

        • semichorus

          I agree.

          These type of ideas though are always too much for Burbank. Rogers for example will celebrate (and join in on) the Grand Central project in Glendale, but ridicule the same impulse in Burbank.

          There’s also no money in preservation. I remember how badly those historical/preservation people were treated back when Laurell was on the council. You would have thought they wanted to put the whole town in amber.

          Historical district? On Angeleno?

          How silly. But thank you staff for always doing such a great job. And thank you for being here tonight!

          (And then after everything worthy got torn down during the last 15 years for the sake of the developers, all of a sudden it was, “Let’s encourage historical preservation in Burbank!”

          Assholes. Notice too how historical preservation in Burbank NEVER involves the economically valuable commercial zones?

          It’s always R-1 only.

          The Central Library (for example) needs to be preserved as a great example of mid-century design. Think it’ll be?


    • Albert

      During city council someone mentioned a number residents can call to get a sign put on their lawn for “NO on B”. I didn’t catch it. Did anyone write it down?
      It’s way too early to have a vote on “B”. I work with the public and most people are just starting to figure out what is really going on. Residents against this need to network fast!

  15. No fan of Fruit Toes

    It is quickly reaching the point where I actually feel ill watching council meetings and watching/listening to Bob Fruit-Toes drip with false sincerity and phoniness. He just makes me sick to listen to at this point. He is a total snake.

  16. chad

    Anyone that argues that Clinton is on same level of sleaze that Trump is simply does not know what he/she is talking about. If I need a Yes on B sign, I’ll just grab one off of any Cusumano property in Burbank.

  17. Burbank Bill

    This gem was posted on the BURBANK Facebook page. Unreal.

    I just sat through one of the most embarrassing meetings at the City I’ve been that I’ve witnessed. Some of you may think, “Oh, she was at City Council”, no I was at a Heritage Commission Meeting when a owner of a landmarked home was trying to finally get approval for an addition to his home. This has been going on for 10 months while Planning nit-picked the plans to death. Sitting and listening to people with no experience in planning, reading a blueprint, historical homes, etc., was excruciatingly painful. You could tell from the get go that this was not going to happen. The end was the worst when they tried to put a motion for the vote in place and no one new the language except one person in planning who helped them. Fifteen minutes later, they finally had the language right, but a typo in the paper they were trying to read prevented the final reading! So the applicant asked if they would just vote so he would not have to prolong his pain any longer or spend any more money–just tell him yes or no, and if it was a no, he would sell his home rather than go through any more the of typical Burbank insanity. When one member said he always votes the way the Planning Board suggests because “they know what they’re doing”, you have to wonder why he’s on the Commission. Is no critical thinking allowed? It’s a rubber stamp. Way to go, and another family starts making plans to exit Burbank!

    • semichorus

      Apparently to this person a “landmarked home” doesn’t mean anything– except perhaps a convenient tax dodge.

      When you buy one, or create one — and how many are there in Burbank, maybe three or four?– that’s what you’re stuck with.

      • Gary

        Why the hell would the city council take some official position in that state wide plastic bag ban ? Who asked them and who the hell cares what they think, Luddy needs to shut up and mind her own business. She needs to go trim a tree or fill a pot hole and make herself useful.

  18. Anonymous

    Wow just watched the replay the Pickwick is going to be redeveloped. Serves the Yes on B rancho folks right. This will finally be the straw where development gets into the Rancho.

    • 91506

      Sure does, the Rancho folks need to open their eyes to the fact that this Next Gen nd bigger airport will send planes their direction. These realtors support it and the Rancho needs to see the realtors are not their friends. Pickwick today, jets tomorrow and of course the horses will be the next target of these race for change people.

  19. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    it appears the Mayor’s son, who runs that Facebook page, is censoring anti-airport people..How is this permissable? Hi , City Attorney>

    Lourrie L. Magallanes
    12 mins
    I, too, along with Tony Noakes would like to know what happened to my post from yesterday urging citizens of Burbank to vote NO ON PROP B. I had begun getting both positive and negative feedback and today the post is no where to be found.
    Interestedly Scott Talamantes postings in favor of the proposition are still up. (Mayor’s son) What is going on???
    LikeShow more reactionsComment
    Deborah Johnson
    Deborah Johnson You are being blocked because you disagree with him. I think all the council members should be replaced for allowing this kind of games. VOTE NO ON B
    Like · Reply · 5 mins

    • Anony Miss

      So much sneaky business going on in Burbank. I often wonder why it bothers me so much and others just blow it off! People are not accountable for their actions and all the robots allow them to carry on with their dishonest behavior. I keep thinking I will figure it out but as I explore, I notice even more bizarre situations and behavior.

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