Memo to staff: Sacramento already ordered the elimination of redevelopment agencies


When Burbank refused to get rid of any of its RDA employees after the Legislature eliminated it in 2011, we knew this town was going to be defiant. Obviously missing the point of the action (which was long overdue), tomorrow night’s planned council discussion only proves that they still want to act like one:

Golden State Specific Plan – Discussion about Issues and Opportunities – Community Development Department


A discussion with the City Council to consider what is important for the Golden State Specific Plan (GSSP) study. This is an opportunity for the City Council to imagine possible land use scenarios that would promote an economically vibrant area.

When you hear the word “opportunity,” always duck. An opportunity for whom?

The area became an aerospace and manufacturing hub in the 1940s until Lockheed left the area in the 1990s. After Lockheed left, the area saw a gradual change of land uses and the economy shifted from heavy manufacturing uses to post-industrial uses. In 2010 the area had approximately 10,000 jobs with approximately 23% of those was classified as manufacturing. The information sector provided approximately 26% of the employment in the area.

Exhibit B shows the variety of land uses that currently exist in the GSSP area. Uses include a mix of commercial and office uses, retail, three hotels, light industrial clusters, media and technology clusters, light industrial including uses associated with aerospace and machine shops. The area is predominantly a mixture of uses from block to block. The GSSP also includes single and multi-family neighborhoods to the south east.

Multi-family neighborhoods? Oh yeah. In these directly following paragraphs you can tell that staff wants them gone as-is.

The 2035 General Plan calls for the Golden State Commercial/Industrial corridor to support a diverse range of employment opportunities and to continue to play a key role in the City’s economy. The General Plan also calls this area out as a place for further study and the creation of a specific plan. The GSSP is an opportunity for the City Council) to plan for the future of the Golden State area.

Staff has begun the background research for the GSSP and will be building on the work done through the Burbank study. Prior to moving forward with the study, staff and AECOM want to understand what is important to the City Council when imagining possible land use scenarios. For instance, what are some of the opportunities for economic growth in the area? What should a future Golden State neighborhood look like? Will more people live there? Should we plan for additional housing? How will residents and employees get around? How will the neighborhood relate to the rest of the city?

We love the phony tone of this agenda item. You just know they already have specific things in mind to “explore.” This 2035 Plan — which Gordon knowingly voted against several years ago for this very reason  — is being used as a phony template for Big Development.

Should development be clustered around the existing and proposed Metrolink stations? What sorts of businesses should be pursued for the area? Should we consider flexible zoning that would allow different uses such as office, light industrial, commercial, retail, and housing to exist in the same district? These are some the questions we hope to answer through the process of creating a plan for the Golden State area.

Hey, that’s it! Mixed use! Why didn’t we think of that? Just imagine how much more “economic growth” we can get in there near the airport if we just flex around the zoning a bit!

Because economic growth is what it’s all about, people.

The council needs to nix this idea right out the chute. Staff just wants to rezone that area in order to create more profit centers for their out-of-town developer friends, because “economic development” is always code for Big Development in Burbank. There’s no “plan” we need to “create.”

Leave the area alone, council. And leave those neighbors alone. It’s gotten crowded enough over there without putting in more apartment complexes on top of whatever.

Burbank’s developed enough. It’s time to conserve and improve. Let’s get some slow-growth candidates running next year too. Real ones, not frauds.






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26 responses to “Memo to staff: Sacramento already ordered the elimination of redevelopment agencies

  1. OccupiedCalifornia

    Emily loved ReDev. In my opinion, ReDev gave way too much power (via eminent domain) to the electeds and bureaucrats. The corruption/cronyism between developers and the Government was off the charts as well. I’m glad it’s gone.

    Nice catch Mike…

    • Anony Miss

      Good one, Mike Nolan. I have a feeling Luddy may have been catching up on reading semichorus under the table. It is a lot of fun.

      • Barrett

        Anony Miss…….
        I think you’re on to something here.
        I’ll bet Rogers just whispered in Luddys ear
        to check out Anonymous 3’s comments.
        Do you think Luddy knows that Anonymous 3 is Will?
        You know they both can’t stand not following
        semichorus ( that angry blog )!!!!!

        • semichorus

          Rogers isn’t A3.

          Will’s writing style is more extendedly condescending and dismissive. I think you might want to look more in the Golonski corner.

          • Anonymous

            Or in the Al of So Cal corne or the Gary Bic corner

          • Willie Watcher

            Whoa! Golonski is very informed, can be condescending, has insider knowledge of Burbank, is very into airport issues, etc., etc. However, I’ve never witnessed Golonski call so many people vitriolic names. Also, I’ve never witnessed him being a goofball. If it’s not Rogers, this person must be enjoying telling off readers when the public thinks it is someone else.
            Anonymous 3 is arrogant, bragadocious, condescending, informed, opinionated, politically agitating, full of testosterone, entertains himself endlessly, etc.
            A few descriptions hit the mark but overall, it doesn’t sound like Golonski to me!!!!!?????

    • Jan

      Um could Lubby be playing footsie with some really desperate councilman ?

      • Jan … let’s talk about how toxic your vote really is – just like most Republicans in Burbank.

        You have never had a majority in City Council since I’ve lived here – close to 20 years. It has always had at least 4 pro-growth, liberal council members. Republicans haven’t held the governorship of CA since Arnold’s days – and probably won’t see one again – ever. Presidency – last one was GW who took us from surplus to 5T in debt & bogged down in a 100% unnecessary war – and vote-wise lost the popular vote the 1st time around, and barely eked out a victory in the 2nd.

        Let me be the one to break it to you that Hillary will win – and will appoint at least 3 justices to SCOTUS ensuring a liberal court for at least 20 if not 30 years.

        I suggest in order to alleviate the stress I’m sure you are feeling – simply let all your dislike for others dissipate – enjoy life .. stop clutching your pearls and get outside once in awhile. The world is not against you ….

    • Cali in ruins

      Hell yes ReDevelopment was a fleecing of the people of California. Million of dollars and higher taxes and the quality of life decilned not to mention the jobs. Where are all the jobs that were suposedly created ? No where that’s where. Some developers got rich and the people who live her just got screwed.

  2. CornFused

    Always some big ideas with this group. I see a company called “Grocery Outlet” is planning to move into 1 or more of the empty “Fresh and Easy” stores. Seeing where their other locations are, this doesn’t seem like a “Whole Foods” or “Trader Joe’s” type outfit.

    Not familiar with this brand, but at first look…it doesn’t appear we’re the exclusive “up and coming” community they think we are.

  3. Anne

    Frauds on growth like Frutoes

  4. Stan

    Ok so I just saw this after somebody told me that this guy is the campaign manager of Will Rogers. I got to admit he sounds just like Rogers does,

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