Burbank’s newest sport: stalking poor people


Blessed are the meek….




…as long as they steer clear of Burbank.

They’re at it again over at the revered “We love Burbank!” Facebook page. This time it concerns the several unfortunates (in BMWs they say) who are often seen begging for cash at one or two of our many shopping centers in town. They’re so annoying!

Here’s a couple of screenshots we took at random from that horrible website. Not ever having been a part of any kind of realistically entitled crowd — the ones with ready guarantors at hand — you can imagine where our sympathies lie.










How come no pictures of the BMW? We want to see it.

This is the same place btw where Rogers chooses to publish his community announcements.

One of the comments up there that handily re-interprets Jesus’ words for us about why you shouldn’t morally “judge” another’s life reminds us of this latest version of The Beatitudes. It comes from the Prosperity Gospel crowd:
It’s apparently for real– no left-wing giveaway Christ for them. “Excuse me Jesus, why are you favoring the poor?”

Anyway, we’ll be the one to judge here and now: what sick fucks these people are, eh?

Hi Will!





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22 responses to “Burbank’s newest sport: stalking poor people

  1. Anonymous

    Well since you included a comment of mine in your cover picture I will comment here. You do understand that there are homeless people who are not homeless at all but are making a fortune off begging and then there are the ones who beg for money to just buy more drugs. Not everything is what it seems to be and just because someone makes a homeless sign on cardboard with a crayon means that they are homeless at all.

  2. Reminds me of the day labor center debate where anti-immigrant fanatics went “undercover” and snapped pictures of brown people at U-Haul – then presented their snapshots at City Council. They “must be illegal”.
    ** SIGH **

    • semichorus

      I hated that. That labor center btw never had any business- it was nothing to worry about.

    • I love Burbank

      What is wrong with the people being exploited at the day labor center not being herded into a place where Al and his friends can pick them up and under pay them with no benifits at all or is it you only need benifits if you are taxed on your income ? Some people act as if taxes are so important and then turn around and facilitate tax free income for others but only when they want to exploit people for their own gain.

      • semichorus

        Oh, like you really CARE about poor exploited immigrants, you phony sack of shit.

        The whole point of that center btw is to SAFEGUARD them, moron.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up Al I bet you 2 are a tax cheat.

      • Let me guess – you don’t care about Trump’s wife possibly working here without work authorization before she married him? Of course you don’t.

        Does anyone here think Melania married Donald because he’s good looking and nice? LOL … ok right …

  3. I do love Burbank

    Think bout this for a moment. Begging and receiving money do they file taxes on the money they collect ? I doubt it so hey are cheaters plain and simple. The roads they stand on to beg would not even be there without taxes and if they do not report what they get they are not contributing to what they use. There should be a law that the money they get must be tracked and taxed at the very least.

    • semichorus

      Because it’s such a great way to make a living, yes.

      Go fuck yourself. You people are insane. Plus, you’re all going to hell.

      • LM

        Good question regarding do they report all of their income like the rest of us or not ? When I was on unemployment I was even taxed on that. What is with these rules for some people and not for others ? Why can’ t the rest of us set up our own lil tax free biz.

        • semichorus

          Beggars paying income tax. It’s like a satiric idea that Dickens would have thrown out.

          You people are diseased. Vile.

          Btw — it was the Republicans and Ronald Reagan who started taxing UI if you made more than $12,000 a year combined. Back in the mid-80s. So change it — and vote for Dems.


          • Anonymous

            Vote for Dems who never met a tax they don’t love to waste on crap ?

          • L.M.

            Who said I am a Republican ? I am a life long Democrat Semichorus, I have eyes and I see what these people are doing and it is called TAX EVASION. They are cheating everyone else especially our children and schools. Should millionaires pay more yes but everyone must pay a share and these beggers are cheating everyone of us by not paying their share.

            • semichorus

              First of all — to even entertain this meanspirited idiocy, which I shouldn’t — it’s doubtful these people even make enough to pay taxes, especially with their dependents.

              Second, how will it be verified. You guys in the parking lot going to mail them a W-2 every January?

              That’s it – 1099s.

              These are beggers for Chrissakes.

  4. chad

    Semi, you also quoted me. I’m the bearded lady with the red and blue outfit.

    • T

      Face it they chose to be tax cheats and do it to avoid a w2. At the least they should be required to pay an estimatex tax like waitresses are on tips. We all know they get tips so there is a minimum or require a high license fee for begging in leu of taxes.

    • Sylvia E

      Part of why we are in debt is because of people who don’t pay taxes so these panhandlers are adding to the debt because they do not pay into help maintain what they use. Sure they will pay comensurate to what they make but they should be charges with tax evasion if thet don’t file and pay what they owe. Your not helping them by condoning crime on their part.

  5. Anonymous

    Same group is voting yes on B. Narrow minded uninformed. You tried semi I can’t believe the comments. It’s like BTAC should have everybody they help fill out W2s.

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