Burbank, mid-70’s

He talks and acts just like the Burbank kids he grew up with.



Which makes this false crap even more offensive:

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and guest conductor Thomas Dausgaard are looking to start off an upcoming concert on a more eccentric note.

One of Beethoven’s most celebrated works, Symphony No. 3, “Eroica,” will be the headlining piece at the chamber’s concert at the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Oct. 29. However, the night will open with a roughly 10-minute work called “A Freak in Burbank,” a composition making its West Coast debut and dedicated to the legendary and eccentric filmmaker Tim Burton.

Schnelzer said he is a fan of composer Danny Elfman, who is known for scoring many of Burton’s films. However, the Swedish composer’s goal was not to try and copy Elfman’s style, but rather capture who Burton is.

“The biography about Tim Burton’s childhood affected me quite a lot, and the sense of loneliness and sorrow you feel when you grow up if you are not like everyone else is something I think many of us can relate to,” Schnelzer wrote. “Being a ‘freak’ at one time or another is not easy. So, in many ways, this is a piece about you and me as well.”

That phony schtick’s getting pretty old by now. Tim was never any diamond in the rough. So this little recent factoid is more than a bit interesting:

“A Freak in Burbank” premiered in 2008 and has, so far, been performed more than 60 times by symphonies around the world.

Though the piece has been performed many times, Schnelzer said that he has not heard if Burton himself has listened to the composition.

“I know that the [British Broadcasting Corp.] tried to contact him in 2010 when this piece was performed at the BBC Proms in Royal Albert Hall, but I don’t know if he ever got that message and what he thinks of the piece,” Schnelzer wrote. “I sincerely hope he understands that this is my homage to a great artist who has influenced so many people, and that being a freak, whether it’s in Burbank or Stockholm, is actually something to be proud of. We are all different.”

He knows about it. How could he not? He probably doesn’t like the title or idea, because it’s not true. Who’d want to be pegged that way. He’s of his age.



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2 responses to “Burbank, mid-70’s

  1. chad

    Dave Itzkoff could be one of Tim Burton’s creations.

    • semichorus

      He does laugh at all his jokes, yes. Who wouldn’t want to create someone like that?

      Although I think Tim might prefer a young female in that role. Like who wouldn’t that either.

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