You allow 15 minutes of “groping”?


Anyone else think there’s something odd about a woman who allows “Donald Trump” to supposedly kiss them and grope their breasts for an admitted 15-minute time period in the first-class section of an airplane, but then only puts a stop to it when he starts to go below?

Or her story?

There’s a term for what happened that day: it’s called making out. And when it goes on for 15 minutes, you’ve granted consent — at least for the upper half.

Interesting too that none of the reporters sought to push this woman on the point about why it went on for so long, and why she didn’t leave earlier?

Of course they won’t. It would seriously blow the outrage angle and scurrilousness.

We’re also getting a kick tonight about how Democrats and liberals are demanding in outrage that we believe every accusation of assault involving Donald Trump, but then get absolutely defiant when conservatives counter with similar claims made against Bill Clinton.






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51 responses to “You allow 15 minutes of “groping”?

  1. Anonymous 3

    Trump’s campaign is sinking like a rock.

    Which is a very good thing.

    Hey Jimmy, do you still insist that he is going to WIN?

    • semichorus

      Yes, the NYT.

      Which just published a salacious and potentially libelous story about Trump that they did no research or vetting on. It came to them on Monday in their email.

      15 minutes. A divorced woman with two children. She must have had no idea what was going on, the innocent, late-70s dear.

      • Anonymous 3

        The Times has responded to Trump’s complaints, and by extension to your nonsense:

        “A few hours after the article (Leeds and Crooks) was published Wednesday night, Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz wrote a letter to Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet seeking a retraction. Failing to do so, he wrote, would leave his client “with no option but to pursue all available actions and remedies.”

        In Thursday’s response, McCraw suggested Trump couldn’t claim libel against the Times because he, not the paper, sullied his own reputation.

        “Mr. Trump has bragged about his non-consensual sexual touching of women. He has bragged about intruding on beauty pageant contestants in their dressing rooms,” he wrote. “He acquiesced to a radio host’s request to discuss Mr. Trump’s own daughter as a ‘piece of ass.’ Multiple women not mentioned in our article have publicly come forward to report on Mr. Trump’s unwanted advances. Nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that Mr. Trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for himself.””

        What 15 minutes? Where do you get that? Provide a citation.

  2. Anonymous 3

    Is that Jessica Leeds that your reference? She has a name, you know.

    This is what the Times wrote: “Mr. Trump raised the armrest, moved toward her and began to grope her. Ms. Leeds said she recoiled. She quickly left the first-class cabin and returned to coach, she said.”

    Where do you get this 15 minute thing?

  3. Anonymous 3

    It’s on facebook, dickwad.

    And you leave out half the story, as you accused Rogers of doing.

    “She when on to say that she was not sure that it was 15 minutes, but that it certainly felt like 15 minutes”

    You should have been a defense attorney. You love to smear the witnesses.

    Trump is a pig. Thank god he will not be president.

    • semichorus

      That’s not what she said at all. She said it was 15 minutes. It seemed like forever.

      Oh, I forgot. Women back then didn’t know how to act when men (horrible men) were pawing at them. The poor, unenlightened, innocent things.

      Anyone else too think it’s incredible that she never told ANYONE this story until about a year ago? She admitted that fact.

      No new husband, no friend, nothing about her experiences with the (now) famous (since about 1984) Donald Trump?

      • Not ok

        Wow – you really are a piece of work. I would say that not being a woman yourself, you couldn’t possibly understand. But that’s not a good enough excuse for your statements. I’ts not ok. It’s never ok. I feel sorry for your wife. If you’re lucky enough to have one.

        • semichorus

          Eat shit. Love the innuendo and personal attacks. It’s not “OK” to make things up or immediately believe every sordid story that comes around.

          These stories also never make any sense. No woman allows this sort of thing to happen for that length of time unless she either facilitates it or slaps him.

          And that she admits she never told ANYONE about it until a year ago? Famous Donald Trump noodles you on an airplane and it’s NEVER a topic of conversation anywhere in the intervening 40 years?


          • Not ok

            I’m sorry. You are right…that was a mean thing to say and I’m embarrassed for sinking that low. But why are you defending him? Are ALL those women lying? Your responses come off as victim-blaming. You have no idea what it’s like to be on the receiving end of unwelcome advances. Boys start doing it in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. From an early age, girls are taught to be cool, don’t cause a scene, don’t embarrass themselves, don’t make a big deal out of it. And a man of power? Forget it! She was already humiliated; why bring on further humiliation by calling attention to it? It’s easier to pretend it never happened. I’m glad this all happened because I can tell you that I’m going to be teaching my daughter differently.

  4. Anony Miss

    Semi, I love the fact that you are a liberal Democrat but you are able to see the craziness on both sides. People who are in a certain party and never budge (on any fronts) are very annoying.

  5. Anonymous 3

    A real intelligence considers Trump:

  6. Anonymous 3

    There are what? A dozen other women who have accused Trump of inappropriate behavior?

    • Anony Miss

      The press is all over the Jessica Leeds accusation. Whether she said Trump was groping for 15 minutes or it felt like 15 minutes is laughable. The second a stranger gropes my boob, I’m out of there. Thirty seven years later she wants to tell her story. What about her connections to the Clinton Foundation?

      • semichorus

        Of course the press is. They’re like a bunch of gossipy sixth-graders. It’s so bad for America.

        I blame the media’s superficial himbos and bimbos, and their corporate overlords. Keep the masses dumb and angry at stupid stuff.

        Oh, I forgot. Now such talk is considered to be “anti-Semitic” conspiracy mongering. How convenient for the folks in charge.

      • Anonymous 3

        What ABOUT her fictitious connections to the charity you name?

    • Anonomous


  7. Anonymous 3

    New York Times To Trump: We Didn’t Destroy Your Reputation. You Did.
    The newspaper refuses to retract its explosive groping story as allegations of Trump’s inappropriate behavior pile up.

    • semichorus

      Of course they won’t. They know damn well that as a public figure and candidate he’d have ZERO chance of winning a libel suit against them, no matter the truth of the story.

      So they’re full of shit about their reasons for running it. This irresponsible story from that obvious whackjob woman was COMPLETELY unsourced. It’s just to make headlines and with an absolute guarantee of no consequences.

      They have NO credibility. Read (liberal) Bob Somerby about how awful the NYT is now.

  8. Anonymous 3

    Are women people?

    “With the benefit of hours-old hindsight, it now seems inevitable that, with less than a month to go before the United States likely elects its first female president, the top trending topic on Twitter would be #repealthe19th. The hashtag was started by angry supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump in response to a FiveThirtyEight analysis by Nate Silver showing that Trump would win in a landslide if women didn’t have the right to vote. That led to this demand, facetious or otherwise, that the United States end women’s suffrage.”

  9. Anonymous 3

    “According to Boyne (a woman), Trump dominated the conversation in the limo, boasting of his sexual conquests and rating their attractiveness.

    “He was constantly talking about himself, who he was dating, who he was sleeping with, who he was trying to sleep with,” Boyne said. “I just remember feeling very surprised and upset.””

    Not EVERYBODY behaves like that. Pigs and misogynists behave like that.

  10. What about the 10 y/o girl and Trump said “I’m gonna be dating her in 10 years”. Something is wrong – mentally with Donald Trump regarding women. Unsure if his father instilled in him a women are “things to be violated” mantra – but he has serious issues.

    What about saying it’s fine to call his daughter a “piece of as$”? Come on – is there NOTHING he can say that would make some people cringe?

    What if he said things about your own daughter? My wish is that the husband of Arianne Zucker (the woman he was commenting about with the now unemployed Billy Bush) would be free to let Trump know exactly how he feels about Trump talking about his wife. Maybe with his fists – that would be an appropriate payment – IMO.

    • semichorus

      There you go. Defending a woman’s honor with your fists. How enlightened. And no ownership slant there about a man’s woman, either.

      You liberals are so pious and pure, aren’t you? One thing about this reverent crowd of yours: you wouldn’t know a joke or a jive if it hit you over the head.

      • Anonymous 3

        Why are you so desperate to excuse his misogyny?

        • semichorus

          I don’t like self-righteous witchhunts. Never have.

          Why does your crowd so revel in any and all accusations of sexual wrongdoing? No matter who or what is is, you automatically believe it. That’s the real question. There’s never ANY skepticism.

          The hypocrisy and moral grandstanding in all of this too is overwhelming. Especially coming from males. Yes, you’re all such wonderfully caring human beings.

          • Anonymous

            MY crowd? I think you mean the GOP which impeached a president for getting a willing blow job.

            As for believing: Trump BOASTED about being able to get away with forced kissing and groping. I believe Trump’s own words, in his own voice. What’s not to believe?

            The hypocrites are any Repubs who decried Bill Clinton and have not denounced Trump.

            You are so twisted up in your logic, I cannot express sufficiently how unconvincing you are.

            • semichorus

              He boasted about nothing. He said that when you’re a rich celebrity women “let you.”

              Big difference. And it’s true for many women. They even (gasp) respond to it.

      • Anonymous 3

        Misogynists flock together.

      • Defending comments about a 10 y/o girl … really. I can almost get over his attacks on women before the lewd bus rant – but afterwards then to top it off with the comments about a little girl … something is wrong with him.
        Though I’m pretty much over this conversation as it’s quite obvious he won’t ever step foot in the White House and his brand is ruined along that of his sleazy sons, mail-order sycophant of a bride (who worked here illegally and without a work permit) who is soon to reach Trump’s 35 year old threshold of wife replenishment.

  11. Anonymous 3

    10 accusers and counting. This assault was not opened by any conversation:

    “The Washington Post on Friday reported a new allegation against Donald Trump by a woman who says the GOP presidential nominee fondled her in a New York nightclub in the 1990s. The woman, Kristin Anderson, said she did not know Trump, and he never said a word to her before sticking his hand up her skirt and touching her vagina through her underwear.”

    • semichorus

      A legendarily unfunny guy- sucking up to women and strained sentiment.

      A really tough target too — Donald Trump. Real bravery there.

  12. Jerry

    OMG anonymous 3 is so fixated he is almost a stalker

  13. Anonymous

    Well, it has been a week and no sign of this dying down.

    Good. Trump is hoisted by his own words.

    Imagine is the Repubs had nominated Kasich? He’s be winning.

    The GOP is its worst enemy. And I love it.

  14. Anonymous

    Trump lies: “I never met these people before”

    Nonsense. One of his accusers is a journalist who interviewed him. Another is a beauty contestant he assaulted at a pageant

    He boasts about assault He boasts of having power to do these things. He lies about knowing the accusers. He denigrates them and their looks.

    Oh, he is guilty of criminal sexual assault. No doubt about it.

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