Where do those words come from?



A question that inspired many of us to ask our own between about 1965 and 1980. And try to answer as well.



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10 responses to “Where do those words come from?

  1. Anonymous

    “Mr. Dylan has previously proved elusive to critics and observers who have tried to pin him down on source material. In 2006 it was shown that lyrics on Mr. Dylan’s No. 1 album “Modern Times” bore a strong resemblance to the poems of Henry Timrod, who composed verses about the Civil War and died in 1867. Lyrics from a previous album, “Love and Theft,” were similar to passages from the gangster novel “Confessions of a Yakuza,” by the Japanese writer Junichi Saga.”

    • semichorus

      Reworking words is an age-old practice.

      To accuse Dylan of plagiarism is ignorance personified. What’s next, he sexually harassed Sara?

      Calling Gloria Allred!

      • Anonymous

        Please cite any other single contemporary of Mr Zimmerman who has chosen to “rework words” as frequently as our most recent Nobel winner.

        Expecting originality from an artist is so rude, I know

        One comparable borrower will suffice.

        Ray Davies, Carole King, Smokey Robinson, John Fogerty, Doc Pomus, Hank Williams, Cole Porter?

        How did they manage not to do it? Must be their shared ignorance quotient…

        • semichorus

          They all rework old lines, old words, old ideas. That’s how it works in rock n’ roll. That’s how it works in all art.

          Dylan also by design re-works old traditions and slants and transmutes them into new forms and ideas. That’s why he got the Nobel. He’s a great artist in the old style.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Will our Fearless Leader bother to cover the concerns of Burbank residents expressed last Tuesday night before the City Council?

    What is wrong with the Editors at that “Community” newspaper?

    • Anony Miss

      By the way, what benefit is there to running a newspaper that is constantly under pressure to “sugarcoat”? Is there pressure on them to always have the watered down version of Burbank News. It seems to be against their best interest to not get to the core of stories and report the actual facts as much as possible.

  3. Anne

    Leaked Hillary Campaign emails show that the Hillary group mocks Catholics and many others, bigoted much ?

    • semichorus

      A Republican priest. Great. I’ll bet he gives fun confessions. There’s never a line at his stall.

      • Richard

        Think the point here is just how intolerant the outraged crew who are so uptight about everything yet behind closed doors they are the biggest bigots of all.

        • M.F.

          Their ‘Oh so outraged over anything sexual’ is matched by their oh so insincere concern about minorities. They see Latinos as cheap slave labor so keep em her illegal and pay them low as maids, gardeners and eveeything else. These liberals are the same people who dump them off at corners when they get injured doing below minimum wage work for them and that is why they are oh so outraged about enforcing immigration laws.

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