Forty percent bullshit; sixty percent politics


Nothing that Trump said on that 12-year-old tape on Friday even begins to rise to the level of justifying the blustery sense of outrage that emanates from this woman. And when she talks so righteously of “language” that we need to hide from “our children,” go gag us with a spoon.

Besides, you can blame the media for that particular intrusion on your dignity, and of many. Trump isn’t the one who made the tape public. And like Barack has never talked about “pussy” before, or getting it?





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76 responses to “Forty percent bullshit; sixty percent politics

  1. Anonymous 3

    Actually, Trump’s words, all of them, were horrific, along with his sophomoric cackling.

  2. Anony Miss

    Nausea has a new meaning. All of this pandering, soliciting, and condescending verbiage is almost unbearable. I say scrap them both.

    Imagine the craziness we will be hearing for the next four years.

  3. Anonymous 3

    “I moved on her like a bitch”.

    Not everybody speaks like that. Misogynists speak like that.

  4. Anonymous 3

    I doubt substantially that Obama never spoke in the terms that Trump did.

    And thank god that the tape was released. America needed to wake up to what sort of narcissistic misogynist Trump is.

    He hates women. He hates Muslims. He hates Latinos.

    Rumors exist that there are tapes of him dropping the n word freely. Just rumors at this time. Three and a half weeks to go. We’ll see.

    Do you still insist that he is going to win?

    • semichorus

      I love all this outraged shock about Donald Trump. The guy’s personality has been an open book for years.

      So phony.

      • Anonymous 3

        Actually, it’s new on me.

        • Emily

          Are you admitting that you weren’t paying attention, before?

          • Anonymous

            To Trump, ten years ago? Yeah, I could have cared less.

            You go ahead and buy into his cult of personality if you like.

            Face down in the koolaide indeed.

        • Willie Watcher

          Anonymous 3 states it’s new on you? It’s not clothing we are talking about. Aren’t you the person who is always correcting everyone else’s grammar?
          Also, did you mean that you doubt substantially that Obama ever (rather than never) spoke in the terms that Trump did?
          Illiterate Buffoon?

      • Let’s get things corrected:

        1. We KNOW it’s an open book and has been
        2. We KNOW Hillary is probably behind the leaked tape
        3. This is called POLITICS – it’s how you win an election – see: polls

        Trump wanted to play with the “big boys” and a woman is kicking his A$S all over town. She is winning in every 2012 swing state and close in 3 or 4 almost always red states.

        Little boy Trump doesn’t like it and wants to cry to the masses … waaa waaa – it’s not fair. You know what – LIFE isn’t fair – so just get OVER IT already and stop complaining endlessly about how unfair everything is.

        • Larry

          Let’s really get things corrected all this name calling like deplorables, bigots, racists etc ets is pure distraction from issues. We hear nothing about why Hillary will raise taxes while Trump will cut them for everybody. We hear nothing about what Hillary will do for inner cities while Trump will rebuild them and the list goes on and on. Why ? Because Hillary has no plans except to take care of her wall street donors. Hillary spreads this who cares crap to cover her lack of substance.

          • Al in SoCal

            Right … and BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump doesn’t care about his wall street donors? Sure he has them – please don’t be so naive to think he’s in it for the “little guy” – he’s not.
            Also – how about just a little personal responsibility on distraction from the issues – like calling everyone out about their heritage – or did you not notice that? It’s probably why a decent chunk of his supporters ARE supporters in the first place.
            I will agree that all of these things distract from real problems in America – but we can agree to disagree on how to fix them. You might want to ask Donald to stop saying the entire system is rigged as well – THAT is also a distraction (right???????)

    • Anonymous

      Semi Anus 3 with all his outrage is a wikipedia example of a followers in life who wait to be told how to think from entities that they perceive are omnipotent.

      • Anonymous

        No. Rather I’m an example of people who value civility and self control.

        Two characteristics that Trump is sadly lacking.

  5. Tina

    There are two Hillary Clinton’s, the one in private and the fake one in public.

  6. Anonymous

    Who wants to argue that Trump is equipped with any self control?


  7. Anonymous

    If the Repubs had nominated John Kasich, instead of that lunatic Trump, he would be winning this election.

    I just LOVE it when Repubs shoot themselves in the foot.

    • Jim

      You would not have been scared of Kasich because he is as establishment as it gets. So much fun to see the establishment on both sides running so scared.

      • Anonymous 3

        HRC is gonna win. If the repubs had nominated Kusinch they would have won the election.

        Simple as that.

        • semichorus

          Nonsense. Trump was their strongest candidate. Kasich (not Kucinich) would lose bigtime. You’re spouting nothing but GOP rationalizations– and future media excuses to go after Hillary.

          • Anonymous 3

            Oh, they are going to say that Hillary did not win because they nominated a loser.

            Trump the strongest candidate? Hah. He is a molester with no Impulse control.

            But go ahead and believe otherwise. You are wrong so often why change now?

  8. Anonymous

    A list of a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual improprieties:

    They are human beings. The names are there (except one). Women who have been violated by Trump.

    And Jimmy continues to excuse sexual assault. Well, birds of a feather and all.

    • semichorus

      Since when do accusations (years old) become truth?

      Go fuck yourself on the libel btw. You’re treading on dangerous ground there asshole.

      You people are disgusting. Zealots as bad as Trumpies.

      • Cliff

        Al is an example of why Americans and America are suffering today. He is more into petty things and could care less about the real issues that face us. If Hillary wins enjoy how badly life becomes in the uocoming years. I am left to wonder what Al will say when reality hits close to his home.

        • Al in SoCal

          “Al is an example of why Americans and America are suffering today. ”

          What are you talking about? Far more were suffering 9 years ago under GW Bush and our 100% COMPLETELY unnecessary war (yes I know Hillary voted for it – but it was his idea). I was laid off 7/8 years ago in the midst of the recession. As soon as the economy started taking off I got successively better jobs and I am fully employed with as secure a job you can get in the private sector today.

          Who are you talking about when you say “Americans” – it’s not most of us. Instead of listening to AM radio whine and cry over women being allowed to control their own bodies and 2 men being allowed to marry – why don’t you go out and talk to a DIVERSE group of people to see how things are?

        • Anonymous 3

          Not if. When.

          Get used to it.

        • Jan

          How about all the outragrous stuff from the Clinton Campaign emails just released by wikileaks ? So hilarious how the corrupt media wants to distract from those emails with all this obsession with sex. Just outrageous.

  9. Anonymous 3

    Today Trump commented on HRC’s ass, and not in a complimentary way.

    The man is a child. He is grossly unqualified to be president.

  10. Anonymous 3

    Day eight of grope gate and it still looks to be the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Eileen

      Sure is I love how these women can’t remember details LMAO especially the one who can not even remember where she was going on that plane. Best is other lady who sat next to her and remembers what she claims never happened. I love the one that happens to work for Clinton, that’s a hoot.

      • semichorus

        Has a witness come out now? Hadn’t heard.

        The “at least 15 minutes” is what got me. It’s obvious from that what was going on — she was ok with it as long as he didn’t dive below. How well us guys know that from back then.

        This new Millennial crowd goes for the gold ASAP. And you better measure up. It’s all done by computers now, from what I hear. The women are more empowered than the men when it comes to getting what they want.

        I know– how DARE I say such things.

        • Anonymous 3

          Liar. She did not say “at least”.

          Just make it up as you go along.

          • semichorus

            Her story lacks credibility. She obviously consented at first, even if the male initiated it (shock shock– how can such things happen!) Even CNN’s libel attorney on that night said that any prosecutor would have trouble with her “I didn’t mind so much at first” nonsense.

            • Anonymous 3

              What about the other 11 women with accusations, including his ex wife?

              Oh, and Jessica Leeds is a person with a name.

              As a misogynist you don’t understand that?

            • Norma

              Have you seen the lady that was on the apprentice years ago email yet ? Or the email from her cousin yet ? Her restaurant in Orange County is what her lies are really about it seems from her own emails and what her cousin says. She wanted Trump to promote her restaurant and after he says no this whole phony story comes out of her ? One more example of if I don’t get what I want I make things up.

              • semichorus

                Whenever Gloria Allred shows up get out the shovel.

                Ever notice that all of her clients end up crying at news conferences?

      • Anonymous 3

        They have names. They are people.

        As for the emails leaked by WikiLeaks, good .luck with those. They don’t have a tenth of the power that grope gate has.

      • Anonymous 3

        Oh, and none of them work for Clinton. Provide a citation proving your point of be exposed as a liar.

  11. Anonymous 3

    Meanwhile the good news is that HRC will be our next president, not that whack job Trump.

    I just love the repubs.

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