You learn something new every day



Who knew that we didn’t even own our own telephone poles in Burbank? From tomorrow night’s staff report about setting attachment fees for outside users:




A Pole Committee? Imagine what those meetings must be like.



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7 responses to “You learn something new every day

  1. Burbanker

    I auspect that Anonymous 3 is on the pole committee. He was appointed to it by Rogers and sitting on that pole is the perfect place for him.

    • Smart … did you think of that ALL by yourself? You must be awfully proud of your great accomplishment. What have you done in the service of the city .. state or country?

      • Burbanker

        Because your small mind requires some sort of self serving proclamation of charitable donations and services given I will simply respond that I give to the Red Cross and a number of other charities and get this I also donate items to the Goodwill charitable operations. In case you didn’t know asking a question like this is not only rude it is dismissive and prejudicial due to the fact that some people due to their economic status are only on the receiving end of charity and I would guess you use this approach to control them and make them feel small. Every American has a right to express their thoughts with no prerequisite of charitable giving.

        • Anony Miss

          Don’t even think about Al’s rude comment. I laughed out loud about the pole. Not everyone has a good sense of humor. You’re getting in the way of these guys who want to tell everyone how stupid they are. Burbanker, I’m watching for your next one!

          • “laughed out loud about the pole” – of course you did. Look at your leader Trump and his lewd and crude comments. Right in line with the mentally stunted Trump supporters.


    Flash back to 2006, almost ten years to the day and the airport was busy saying one thing the FAA, another thing to the City of Burbank and an even different thing to the public. Some things never seem to change VOTE NO ON MEASURE B

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