The city clerk now farms out the complete operation of our Burbank elections


Looking at this and this itemized statements for the upcoming spring election season, is there anything they still do downtown any more election-wise?

They don’t even count the votes now. Or, take the ballots to the post office:




No wonder these city clerks just love our all-mail ballot system. They don’t have to do anything any more!

The council will be asked to approve these expenditures tomorrow night.



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19 responses to “The city clerk now farms out the complete operation of our Burbank elections

  1. 91502

    Before long she might just outsource our elections to China or North Korea.

  2. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    this the same city clerk who turned out the lights and left the office during an election night count a cupla years ago. Same night they didnt broadcast any of the results on channel 6 either

  3. Tom

    I am guessing she will outsource our elections to Baghdad for cheap labor while she and her employees can sit and just enjoy a high salary and life in luxury.

  4. Anonymous 3

    Is this NEW?

    How did the blank ballots get out to the post office to be delivered to the voters in the past?

    Did some clerk load them in her trunk and drive them over to the post office?

    • semichorus

      Great piece– I’ll write about this soon.

      It should have been Measure C– Rogers is right. But he’s full of crap about the council not having a potential say in the naming, and he’s delusional (or dishonest) when he claims that the Clerk named it all on her own. Like she’s that stupid too on the reason he gave her for doing it. And isn’t he the frigging VICE MAYOR for no one to listen to?

      The naming is clearly manipulative, and there were clearly discussions about it somewhere, and so thanks for proving it.

      What an asshole Rogers is though. He just can’t not go there on the psychological slurs. Nutball? Conspiracy?

      Fuck you Will. Naming it “Measure B” is an obvious thought-out ploy. Anyone can see it.

    • Anonymous 3

      Looks like Gordon launched a blog.

      Who’da thunk he had the energy?

      • semichorus

        Is that a slur? Sounds like it to me.

        Don’t you “liberals” get upset when Hillary is mocked with the same language?

  5. Burbank Nine

    Councilman Rogers with his great investigative skills interacting with the City Clerk during a meeting. Catch the brilliance

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