Do people realize that the term “locker room talk” is an expression?


Or is this unctuous and oh-so-offended crowd just so literal and stupid?



(CNN)WARNING: This story contains graphic language.

It was nothing more than some good ol’ fashioned “locker room talk.”

At last night’s town hall-style debate, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump strongly denied that he had sexually assaulted women after a leaked video captured him saying that because of his fame, he could “grab [women] by the pussy.”

The video has prompted some Republicans to distance themselves from the candidate. Though Trump made a defiant apology this past weekend, he downplayed the recording as he answered the first question of the night.

“It’s locker room talk, and it’s one of those things,” he said before pivoting to another topic. “I will knock the hell out of ISIS.”

Unsurprisingly, professional athletes grew irate at the insinuation that similar lewd remarks were commonplace in men’s locker rooms. Here’s what they had to say…


Naturally, the media’s parroting this ridiculously dishonest complaint, phony “warning” and all. They’ve been running with it all morning. All they’ve talking about is sex and grave, “troubling” accusations of “depraved” sexual misconduct.

This last weekend has proven one thing for sure: the Trump haters are just as dishonest and bad as the Hillary haters. So full of righteous crap.






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63 responses to “Do people realize that the term “locker room talk” is an expression?

  1. Kyle

    These people are regressive they want to keep us sexually repressed and dressed like we are living in the Victorian age all over again. Their noses keep growing longer and longer on this one.

  2. Mary

    I suggest that these media types so upset about all of this need to start talking about their sponsors when it comes to commercial breaks because they should speak up since they are so against and oh so concerned about women being treated like objects but oh wait that would cost them money right ?

    • semichorus

      Shhhh! Don’t tell this to the “liberal” media people!

      They’re part of a corrupt system — which makes them even more hypocritical. Highly paid of course.

  3. Anonymous 3

    You seem pretty desperate to excuse the Donald’s vile behavior.

    He is going down in flames and I could not be more happy about it.

    • semichorus

      Whatever works, eh? No matter how fraudulent. That sounds just like Trump supporters.

      I detest cant and hypocrisy. Especially when it comes to sex and phony moral “outrage.”

      “Vile” my foot, you fucking hypocrite.

      Why are people nowadays so insanely pious and self-righteous about sex? What are you all hiding?

      It’s such obvious grandstanding — which is classic, classic repression and denial. I thought we’d gotten beyond that the last 50 years. All this sacred womanhood kind of crap is sickening, too — and intensely condescending.

      The biggest trash-talkers about sex and sexual fun and scorn that I’ve ever known have been women!

      • I would tend to agree about the overly “gotcha” attitude about statements, but is there anything that is said that would actually offend you? Perhaps if the comments were about … white males? Needless to say, white men with no college degree are by far the biggest supporters of Donald Trump.

        It appears likely that Trump can be heard using racial slurs on the Apprentice show off-camera. In a previous post you said “but that’s just talk” – how do you know what he actually thinks vs. what he says?

        It’s naive to think that you “know” Donald Trump beyond what he says. You don’t know him – you don’t know what he thinks – but we DO know what he says and has said in the past .. with more forthcoming.

        • Carlos

          I am not offended and I am not a white male either. There is way more important stuff then what guys said to each other on a bus and I would say that over the past 11 years lot’s of people on TV saying how offended they are have done a whole lot to teach sexism to kids by how they portray women on TV and in movies everyday. I honestly am more worried about terrorism and the economy for everyone than some words that maybe offend me or anyone else. Also it is funny how the TV did not get very upset about the Democratic Committee calling us Taco Bowl Engagement lol they are fools.

          • Anonymous 3

            The DNC did not say any such thing.

            And if you are concerned about the economy then you would not be voting for the third term of the W administration, which drove the world economy into a ditch. We were losing 800,000 jobs a month under Bush, and Trump would be more of the same.

        • Anonymous

          Al, happy you appointed yourself the speech police

      • Anonymous 3

        What is hypocritical of me calling it vile?

        What have I ever written that contradicts that?

        I don’t know why you are so DESPERATE to excuse The Donald, except that you seem hell bent to defend any famous rapist.

        Beyond all that, Trump is the standard bearer for the party of sexual prigs. The hypocrites are those who call themselves repub and yet still support The Donald.

        As for you, there is no explaining your attitude. Except as a manifestation of your misogyny.

        Yeah, I’m thrilled that The Donald is going down in flames. I want a Democrat naming the next batch of Supreme Court Justices.

        • semichorus

          It’s not “vile,” and everyone’s guilty of the same behaviors — objectifying and talking crap (or lust) about the opposite sex.

        • Anonymous

          Repubs ? It covers all categories buddy remember this one and he was a Democrat and a good friend of Hillary. Anthony Weiner

          “On May 27, 2011, Weiner sent a link of a sexually explicit photograph of himself via his public Twitter account[43][44][45] to an adult woman who was following him on Twitter.[46] After several days of denying he had posted the image,[47][48][49][50] Weiner held a press conference at which he admitted he had “exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years”. He apologized for his earlier denials.[51][52][53] After an explicit photo was leaked through the Twitter account of a listener of the The Opie & Anthony Show,[54] Weiner announced on June 16, 2011, that he would resign from Congress,[55][56][57][58] and he formally did so on June 21.[59] In the special election held on September 13, 2011, to replace him, Republican businessman Bob Turner[60] defeated Democrat David Weprin to fill Weiner’s seat.[61]”

          But then I forgot it’s never bad when a Democrat does such things right ?

          • Anonymous 3

            It was horrific when Weiner did it.

            Weiner is gone, he got what he deserved.

            What the fuck did you think I was going to say?

      • Juan S.


        Don’t forget it’s not us deplorables who are all sexually reoressed and filled with hypocrisy, it’s the Hillary supporters. As a deplorable I want to see an end to all this hypocrisy and because I want the hypocrites stopped and my country united I am called deplorable. It really is irony at it’s best and deceptive that the identify others as what they themselves really are. #MAGA

        • semichorus

          Everyone’s like that. These pious little moral outrage fests make me sick. Both sides do it.

        • Hypocrisy meet hypocrisy – look at all the outrage over the outrage – it’s LAUGHABLE. You say you are all about free speech – but when someone does not like what another has said – GASP – they should be SHUT DOWN. Hint: HYPOCRISY – yes it is – total and complete

    • Lots of Donald supporters are exactly like Donald himself. They fear independent women – and sum them up into a few choice words about their appearance. If they had Donald’s money they would gladly swap their “old lady” with a fresh one from overseas. They dislike brown people and think because they are brown they haven’t assimilated. They don’t like HR departments because they can’t speak their mind – and throw tantrums when the PC police won’t let them get away with spouting off their racist slurs.

      Lots of them are older … maybe even elderly and remember the good old days when there was a dividing line in the bus and when women knew their place – even some women in this age category subscribe to this mentality.

      Thankfully Donald’s demise and 8 years of Hillary will outlast them and perhaps post-2024 we can finally get on with progress without the Trumps of the world or their supporters.

      • Jeff

        Heads up and eyes open many not rich guys trade in their girls and many not rich women trade in their men, just something that happens in life and Trump has nothing to do with it. If you want a moral soap box I suggest you are starting in the wrong place and with the wrong issue.

        • Anonymous 3

          Way to avoid most of the post.

          Trump’s supporters are undereducated white men and their enabling women.

          A bunch of people who vote against their own interests every time. The Donald does not give a flying fuck about them, and he’d sell them out the day he took office.

          Which he will never do, thank god.

  4. Jess

    Why do women purchase and wear push-up bra’s??????

  5. Anonymous 3

    Fivethirtyeight has Clinton an 80% chance of winning.

    And that was before polls reflecting GropeGate and the second debate have come in.

    Look at the numbers on Thursday, if you are in any doubt how many Americans find Trump’s talk vile and deplorable.

    Clinton wins!

  6. chad

    It’s locker room talk if you’re maybe in the seventh grade. Most locker rooms that Donald hangs out in is where they talk about their portfolios.

    • Doug

      Chad I doubt that. Any guy who only talks about business dies young from stress. Any guy who claims to have never made comments about women that he would not want his mom to hear is a liar.

      • Anonymous 3

        Claiming to have groped women who did not want it is another matter entirely.

        • semichorus

          Trump never claimed that.

          I suspect too that if he had a history of this, there would have been many very public and old complaints about his physical behavior. Not sudden phony ones from now.

          So where are they?

          • Anonymous 3

            They are terrified of his wealth and power. How many people has Trump bullied with his power to employ vicious attorneys to destroy them in court?


            Part of Trump’s boast of having grabbed women by the crotch is that his wealth has shielded him from the consequences.

            He is a deplorable pig. And you are out of your mind.

            • semichorus

              Bullshit. That’s not even what he said.

              Keep trying dude. Phony explications and slurs about people’s psychology are all you got. Keep hanging around Rogers– that’s his style and it’s obviously rubbed off.

              Why don’t you talk about my bank book while you’re at it? Maybe throw “Mike Nolan” in.

              I’m left wing, but I’m an honest left-winger. I hate cant and hypocrisy and phony umbrage when it comes from any quarter.

              • Anonymous 3

                What you are is a kneejerk defender of molesters and rapists. Liberal my ass.

                • semichorus

                  Go fuck yourself, you libelous Pecksniff.

                  • Anonymous 3

                    Truth hurts?

                  • Anonymous 3

                    Bill Cosby, rapist. You could not defend him hotly enough.

                    James Deen, rapist. You could not defend him hotly enough.

                  • semichorus

                    I’m skeptical of most if not all of these Cosby allegations, yes. The timing and the obvious attorney orchestration of these so-called victims’ “stories” makes me suspicious. Women in the 70’s and 80’s knew damn well to deal with these kind of incidents and when they were happening. They weren’t little lost lambs. And they had friends who would listen. They weren’t afraid or unknowledgeable enough to say nothing at all.

                    James Deen? And rough sex videos?

                    I do have to laugh at the idea of an extreme S&M bondage and forced-sex actress getting upset about S&M bondage and forced-sex scenes. Especially when she’s having obvious multiple orgasms throughout and doesn’t say anything about him until after he breaks up with her in real life and starts dating someone else.

                    Then again, I know that most people lie about sex. Good and bad. They have later regrets or misgivings, they lie. Or they lie to exaggerate. People lie, and people can get weird and regretful about sex, especially as they age. Either real, or forced (like religious qualms).

                    See it all the time.

    • Anonymous 3


    • semichorus

      Let’s see.

      It’s a moral outrage to call a beauty pageant winner “fat” and a big eater, but it’s perfectly ok to refer to older people as “creepy old men.”

      Got the double standard. Plus, they weren’t OLD when this was allegedly going on. I love all these Cosby articles too that describe 40- and 50-year-old sexual allegations with pictures of him at close to age 80.

      Talk about dishonest.

      And when attorneys can deliver old friends and boyfriends of these women who can attest to being told of these Cosby incidents at the time, I’ll believe them. Otherwise they’re bogus.

      None of these women — NONE of them — were afraid to tell their friends about what had supposedly happened. And I especially love the “victims” who kept going back to him. And back.

      Such pious, holier-than-thou bullshit everywhere — from the authoritarian Right and the sensitive, concerned, oh-so-cool-and-worthy Left.

      • Norm

        Or it is ok to call women that accuse your husband of groping and even rape names and then make a campaign ad saying that women who say they were treated to unwelcome sexual advances should always be believed ? I see double talk and I see a total set up that is phony as hell. Like Semichorus said on Bill Clinton the women came out years ago yet on Trump its years later and all of a sudden ? Not buying it at all.

      • “It’s a moral outrage to call a beauty pageant winner “fat” and a big eater, but it’s perfectly ok to refer to older people as “creepy old men.”

        1. When you talk like Donald Trump – yes CREEPY old man
        2. The pageant winner did absolutely nothing to deserve to be called anything – had she said “Donald Trump is an ugly orange faced LOSER” she would be in the same boat as he is

        Comparing oranges and apples … next?

        • semichorus

          It was a beauty pageant– and that was part of an obvious publicity stunt.

          Trump ran the beauty pageant. If he wants to criticize the contestants on their looks — or rate them, which is apparently the source of this phony new outrage against him about “lining up women” — then he can.

          I hate Beauty pageants, but that’s how they work. Boo hoo.

          And if derogatory labels/slurs are bad for one, they’re bad for all. (Plus, you know by the way that about 80 percent of his schtick is bluster and joking don’t you? I can see it and I don’t even LIKE the guy!)

  7. chad

    I’ll give you some locker room talk. “Where the hell is my Tinactin!!!????”

  8. Claudie

    Just watch the flies

  9. Anonymous 3

    You keep saying everybody does it.

    I never grabbed a woman by the crotch nor have I ever bragged about grabbing a woman by the crotch.

    And I never heard another man make such a brag.

    • semichorus

      Cringeworthy. Creepy old guys. Everything’s creepy. Yuck yuck yuck.

      Some of these liberal women sound like sixth-graders.

      • Al in SoCal

        Women aren’t allowed to express their feelings about men with 40 year age differences try to put the (unwelcome) moves on them – but men ARE allowed to say what they want, when they want and to whom they want and it’s all chalked up to “locker room talk” – that is what I’m getting from this conversation.

        Women should simply shut up and count themselves lucky to be with a GREAT guy like Donald – who is on his 3rd or 4th wife after having serially cheated on each of them – and basically said in an interview that 35 is when women can be discarded and a new one purchased from an overseas vending machine.

        How quaint.

        • semichorus

          – Trump wasn’t putting the moves on anyone. He was joking about it, at worst.

          – “Locker room talk” means talking shit about things. Always has, and women do it too (the sacred dears.)

          – Women are far worse than men about sexual matters and the opposite sex. Case in point: calling older guys sexually “creepy” and undesirable because they’re older — which happens all the time. That’s EXACTLY what you’re saying Trump did about older women.

          — No one said shut-up. Just be sensible. And not a grandstanding hypocrite.

  10. Anony Miss

    Trump got carried away entertaining Billie Bush. They were like two kids being outrageous for a matter of minutes. He’s an entertainer and Billie Bush sounded as though he was thrilled with ALL the joking around.
    News Flash: Trump disrespects lots of people and not just women. Does anyone remember dialogue with Marco Rubio, Jen Bush, Ted Cruz? How about John McCain, the handicapped reporter, Bill Mahr, Bill Clinton? They’re not women. Trump has a big mouth not afraid to use it!

    • semichorus

      I agree. It’s a phony issue. He’s largely full of shit, and it’s so obvious to me that this is the case that all of this liberal outrage is really beyond belief.

      Their current ridiculous demonizing of the guy is just as bad as what Trump supporters do to Hillary. Much of it too is just self-righteous “Look how good I am” talk. And for the sake of the women around thٖem, too.

      “Look what an attractive man I am, by contrast…” Just like women know what other women are up to, I know what most guys are about.

      And this antique, sacred womanhood “Our Daughters are listening!” crap is more than phony. It’s incredibly condescending to women– our sacred charges now again it seems. The most foul-mouthed, sexually minded, objectifying people I’ve ever known have been women! They’re just much slicker about it.

    • Anonymous 3

      Great. Just what we need. A president who disrespects EVERYBODY.

      Such an argument you put on.

    • Al in SoCal

      So – is your post meant to be a glossing over of these things and chalked up to “he’s an entertainer”? I’m not sure which is worse – a presidential candidate mocking a disabled person and POW – and all those you mentioned – or the people voting for him and dismissing every action as somehow defensible. Someone who has to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal – who will be looking at laws FOR the disabled – for POW’s – for discrimination. That is who you want looking at that???

      Ted Cruz is the one I’m disappointed in – and I’m not even a Republican. Who here would support a man who called out his wife for being ugly – publicly and accuse his father of part of the JFK conspiracy – and was not joking. Let’s remember Cruz’s words “I won’t be his [Trump’s] servile puppy dog” – well … .here puppy – come and get your treats …

  11. Anony Miss

    Trump disrespects some males and some females just as his opponent does. You have two choices, they both have issues beyond belief.
    A few Burbank City Council members hate half of Burbank. Their behavior at the meetings is disgusting. Rude! Rude! Rude!

    • Anonymous 3

      There are at least a half a dozen women coming forward to accuse The Donald of groping or kissing, UNIVITED.

      He’s a pig.

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