Since when?


If so, then everyone’s guilty of breaking them:

Cooper didn’t mince words while characterizing the recording.

“You described kissing women without consent, grabbing their genitals,” Cooper said. “That is sexual assault. You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?”

Groping’s one thing, but kissing without consent is how most if not all first kisses begin. Even afterwards they can still play out that way.

Trump’s point in that tape though was that they “let you do it.” That establishes consent.

It’s hilarious as well tonight how hard the media’s trying to keep this sex thing going — before they cut to their next licentious commercial. They’re so disappointed that this debate didn’t follow their phony narrative.

The holier-than-though tone coming from this same crowd tonight is making us retch. Such fucking hypocrites. Everyone’s grabbed a dick or a pussy or kissed someone without obtaining prior permission or “consent.”  That’s because the other party let’s you. Where are our own Thackerays and Dickens to be documenting these self-righteous monsters in charge?




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14 responses to “Since when?

  1. Al in SoCal

    The great thing about this debacle is that women, the same ones he crudely talks about, the same ones he calls pigs, calls out for being flat-chested are the reason he will lose. Women will be the deciding factor in this election and whether you (Semi) or anyone else think these comments are hyped up nonsense – it makes no difference. For PLENTY of GOP women who were just getting to accept him – this was the point of no return.

    The gender gap is going to put Donald Trump out of the politics game – for good. A note to female Trump supporters – don’t think you are not included in his generalizations.

  2. chad

    Consent sometimes is a difficult thing especially if the aggressor has a lot of authority or influence. Sometimes the playing field isn’t equal.

    • Marge

      That’s why there are strict rules about sex in the workplace. Face it when you are the chief executive and you call the intern Into your office for oral sex the issue is not infidelity or anything else the issue is POWER. What make me laugh is seeing the same media types who felt there was no issue with oral sex between the president and an intern are the outraged ones now. Really amusing to me and further they are the same ones who use sexy women a and not homely women as news anchors, for commercials and in movies. The media in their outrage forgets that on a daily basis they promote and cause the very thing they suddenly are so outraged about. No wonder much of America is looking at them as if they are crazy.

      • semichorus

        I agree — and I’m a liberal Democrat.

        They can’t have it both ways: be angry about GOP talk of Bill C.’s sexual indiscretions, and then get “absolutely outraged!” when Donald Trump horses around about things.

        Most people see it this way, which I why I think it might boomerang on the Dems if they (and the media) keep it up.

      • “What make me laugh is seeing the same media types who felt there was no issue with oral sex between the president and an intern are the outraged ones now. ”

        What about the holier-than-thou religious zealots that impeached him over it – and now support Trump – Franklin Graham comes to mind though I’m sure his father is turning in his grave? Hypocrisy – as usual works both ways and it is inescapable in elections and politics in general. Do as I say, not as I do.

        • Anonymous

          Not really in one case it’s talk and in the other it’s action. Clinton did have oral sex, did lie about it and then got caught red handed and had to admit it. Unless I am wrong I think the impeachment was regarding lying about it under oath, isn’t that also why he lost his bar license, the lies

          • There are PLENTY of women that say that “The Donald” has done more to them than just talk about grabbing them. So … wrong, and oral copulation COULD be excused as not having “sexual relations”. We can play the “my guy is innocent and has a halo” all day long.

            It actually makes zero difference as Trump will NEVER step foot in the WH whereas Bill and Hillary will be there for another 4 – probably 8 years.

  3. Anonymous

    The term stolen kisses comes to mind, no?

  4. T.J

    All the talk about people leaving Trump. well many are not because like Semichorus many of us get this is just locker room talk that all guys do. If the standard is get all outraged then we need to disban the NFL and remove a whole lot of college and high school players and those who deny that fact are living in a bubble

    • semichorus

      All girls do it! Ever heard girl talk? It’s worse!

      All this hypocrisy and self-righteousness about sex talk and getting “pussy” is insane. It’s actually scary, because then these pious clowns want to put everyone in jail for it.

      They’re oh so “shocked.” I also love this thing now where they have to demand “an apology” for everything.

      • Don

        This is the politically correct speech people trying to tell everyone again what to say and how to think. See how they are running to their safe place seeking refuge and you and I both know sitting in the safe place they talk the exact same way to one another.

  5. Mark

    Reading some here howl and scream in tears about the 11 year old video just shows us all who is out of touch with the average American who is more concerned with the economy and terrorism and our open borders than we are with what goes on with men to men talk or lady to lady talk in the locker room or bathroom

    • When you say “average American” are you talking about the 20M who perhaps … might … are on the border of voting for Trump or the 80+ Million that will put Hillary into the WH?

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