Why do men objectify women?


It’s just so deeply offensive.






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20 responses to “Why do men objectify women?

  1. Doug

    4 shure Semichorus, it’s one of those things they hate and they love all at the same time. It is part of the love hate relationships between males an females. Funny how many women defended Bill Clinton with the Monica mess when Bill said at first ” I never had sex with THAT WOMAN” yet when Nolan says ” THAT WOMAN” about the city attorney it’ s oh Lordy he is so sexist. Sexist is not a word just because it is someone you don’t like anyway but for some people if they don’t like you well then you’re sexist and more while others are ok when they do or say worse.

    • semichorus

      He said ,”I never had sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky…” and technically he was right. SR means intercourse (fucking), which apparently never happened.

      Bill at one time also told friends that before he got famous he was just seen as some schlep in Big Boy Jeans. Then he all of a sudden became automatically desirable to women.

      It’s what happens. Trump’s right — they literally jump on your cock when you’re desirable, or are considered to be.

      Like I said, I’ve been hot and I’ve been not, and I know how it works when you are. Things are automatic.

      There’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s just human nature, and women are probably more honest about it.

  2. Anonymous 3.1

    “Why do men objectify women?”

    Because we can. It’s called being human. Thank you Semi for bringing sanity to a sometimes insane world.(in this case anyway)

    • semichorus

      Vulgarity’s one thing (overdoing it), but there’s nothing automatically culpable about objectification from either sex– as long as it’s not constant. That might be Trump’s problem; but saying that some women accept or even like “groping” or sudden “kissing” from hot or popularly desirable men is not one of them.

      You now why? Because it’s true. He’s right — they LET him!

      Personally, I’ve been hot and I’ve been not, and I’ve seen the difference. If it’s consented to it’s NOT assault. Instead, it’s liked!

      And if you don’t do it to them, they do it to you! Without asking!

      (Where’s Gloria Allred’s phone number? I think I’m having a trigger alert thing right now…)

      • Al in SoCal

        Well – actually if you listen to the words on the tape – the apparently VERY smart woman turned him down – probably because he is the dirty old man you tend to keep your daughters and grandaughters away from – and for good measure check Megan’s list for his picture.

        The low as low can get Donald also stated that he doesn’t wait for permission. “I don’t wait” – that is from his own words.

        • semichorus

          Did he buy her furniture? Did she let him? If so, why? That’s a good question not being asked. Did she knowingly let something get started?


          As a famous guy, he doesn’t wait because he doesn’t need it. That was his point. Women let him. That makes it consensual. (Plus, he was obviously joking, just like with the Tic-Tacs right then — which seems to have gone unnoticed.)

          You ever just kissed a woman without prior “permission”?

          No? Then you can get high and mighty about Donald Trump and consent/assault. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

    • Madeline

      Let us “use” Linda W as a prime example.
      With her Dutch Boy haircut, the Kindergarten teacher chased around town with Bill Rudell.
      Then she set her sights on Dick Messer, the manager of the Hilton Hotel.
      Associating with these fellows afforded Linda the opportunity to be on the list for many events, and when an invite didn;t come she “partnered”.
      Cheap price to pay.

      • semichorus

        Aha Madeline!

        I almost mentioned Bill Rudell in that other post and how she set her cap for him, and was the butt of many jokes from her fellow teachers for it. But I figured no one would remember!

        My mother despised her. Such a reliable BUSD kiss-up.

        Btw — you know Joan Baca died last month. By contrast, one of the greats.

    • Al in SoCal

      Reading from his book at a library. Would Trump even know how – or better yet any of his supporters?

      No matter the rationalizations for Trump’s “here we go again” regurgitation of all things sleazy and low – the video and his statements will make a difference in the election. That is if you think it’s hypocritical crap – or not. Makes no difference – that 2 or 3% drop of people who DO care will make all the difference in every swing state on the charts.

      Please refrain from the typical “but Bill … but Benghazi .. but the emails” comparisons.

  3. Toni

    Not only do women talk about dick size they really check out the black males because it is true ladies even a small black dick is big compared to other races.

  4. chad

    I think there’s a preponderance of evidence that says women have been not only objectified but marginalized. The US and the world is profoundly sexist. That’s why we have gender based legislation. (Women couldn’t vote a hundred years ago.) In other news, Arnold will not be voting for Donald. Arnold, who spent the majority of his adult life sexually harassing women has now cleansed himself.

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