He’s getting a little worried


This is the most recent campaign email that’s gone out to his supporters.

Hopefully Mr. I-Can-Do-It-All-And-Your-Head-Will-Spin will be carrying this uncertainty into Sunday night’s debate.


Dear XXX:

I’ve been reading your advice and listening to your concerns.
Between now and Election Day, we have one shared goal: stop Hillary Clinton.
Which is why I want your hand in crafting an actionable plan to defeat her.
Please take the Stop Hillary Survey now. >>
We need to challenge Hillary on the core issues and expose her corruption to the American people. On all accounts, Hillary is absolutely unqualified to lead our great nation.
But first I need your help.
I’ve said it before: my trusted advisors are the American people. I don’t care what the special interests, the media, or lobbyists say is the right path.
I want to know what YOU think is the right path to victory this November.
And I even had my team add an open comment box at the end of the survey where you can provide additional input on what you want to see happen between now and Election Day.
Take the Stop Hillary Survey now. >>
Donald J. Trump






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50 responses to “He’s getting a little worried

  1. Burbank News

    It appears that the press has thown in with the Airport:

    • semichorus

      I love how it will “allow” and “move forward.” Loaded language.

      Linda Walmsley, how funny. A well-known local cunt and booster of all things boostable. She’s a longtime BUSD suck-up and absolutely hated as such by most of her fellow teachers (especially the older ones). If the board members suddenly wanted to install an electric chair in each principal’s office she would publicly cheer-lead the action at the next board meeting and then go out and help them price them. That’s what she’s like.

      Veteran teachers know what I mean 🙂

      I thought Gordon was good though.

    • Anonymous 3

      Sounds good to me! Yes on B!

      • Gwen

        More circular jacking off, mental masturbation by Anon 3.
        By new airport all hands KNOW that means Terminal.
        Most passengers and their families consider the buildings
        as the Airport.
        Go out on Vineland and jerk-off—you jerk.

  2. Terri

    The email also says and reminds us that Trump wants the American people to be his advisors and not the establishment people who are out of touch with Americans. You left out that part

  3. ED

    Don’t forget that the Measure B election being in November cost way over 100 thousand dollars and if they had put the measure B on the city election in like February it would have only cost us tax payers about 20 thousand dollars. The cheerleader woman didn’t include that part in what she said about how wonderful some new eateries would be.

  4. Toad

    So if they got the name of the airport wrong in this report what else are they getting wrong ???

  5. Ellen

    Great idea of the airport being that it’s almost Halloween what better zombie to drag out than Walmsley ! She is the kind of woman who you would warn your kids not to knock on her door or trust the candy she gave them on Halloween. She is a complete troll

  6. Anonymous 3

    I thought you said that Trump was a shoe-in?

  7. chad

    He should be. The Washington Post just released a video of Trump talking and acting like the frat boy we all know he is. Dumb frat boy.

    • Anonymous 3

      Dumb-dumb Donny.

    • Theresa Ann

      Glad to see that Walmsley will retire on taxpayer dollars so she could care less about raising ticket prices. Most of us find the ticket prices hard to afford already. Greedy givernment employees and developers strike and try to rape the tax payers again.

    • Reese Place

      Got a slick flyer in the mail today paid for by the airport. Filled with lies and promoting we vote yes on a big expanded airport. NO WAY

    • S.D.

      U guys are so dumb, face it Rogers sits on our council yet years ago he was convicted of what ? You so pick and chose in your moral outrage and your outrage is just foolishness.

  8. Ruth

    Many of us know Walmsley. She is a kindergarten teacher and not an activist. Why did they lie about that ?

  9. Anonymous 3

    At least he has Putin’s backing:

    Turns out that Putin HAS been hacking into the NatDemCommittee, as well as various state voting systems.

    So says the Federal govt.

    • S.D.

      U guys are so dumb, face it Rogers sits on our council yet years ago he was convicted of what ? You so pick and chose in your moral outrage and your outrage is just foolishness.

    • Tom

      Exactly proves the point on why Hillarys unsecure server was a risk to national security but no big deal so no big deal on Russia either.Hillary was careless so we should be surprised ?

  10. 91505

    Walmsley is an activist just like Mr Nolan but in Burbank people like walmsley call them gadflys so from now on everyone should cal her GADFLY Walmsey

  11. Chuck

    This whole airport deal is a scam and I am voting no to show them it is time to stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes as voters. I do not trust the aiport at all

  12. Anonymous 3

    Jimmy, you are SO wrong.

    This is great news for the Clinton campaign, and dreadful for Trump.

    It just cements the image of Trump as a misogynist.

    And there is no way he can bring up Bill’s infidelities without being called out for attempting to change the subject. The press has refused to bite on Trump’s and Pence’s attempts to drag Bill into this. Rightly so. Bill is not on the ballot.

    • semichorus

      No, he’ll be in the White House.

      • Anonymous 3

        You’ll eat those words yet.

        • Lucy

          What an idiot.
          Bill Clinton’s infidelities are not a different subject.
          They are similar in that the thoughts are the same.
          They are different in that Bill performed many of them in Arkansas and even within the WHITE HOUSE.
          Hillary was such a bad lay, Bill had to look elsewhere.

          • semichorus

            I wonder if we’ll hear about that tomorrow night.

            You know of course that you could be married to a great piece of ass and still want to explore. Variety is the spice of life, and the most sexual and sexually “unfaithful” people I’ve known have been attractive wives and girlfriends.

            By FAR. Not males.

  13. Anonymous 3

    Closing words from 538’s latest column: ” But Trump has dug a pretty big hole for himself, and he will probably enter Sunday night in a position where the debate alone will not be enough to undo all the damage.”

  14. chad

    Do you notice a lot of the Cusumano owned buildings have a “Yes on Measure B” sign posted?

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