This is where Republicans get their news

What year is this? What total sacks of shit.


He should go to Harlem next. They actually sell watermelon there on street corners.

It’ll be a giggle.



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30 responses to “This is where Republicans get their news

  1. 91505

    Here is a moment that none of us should ever forget when it comes to Councilman Fruitos. He will be up for re-election next year and we need to remember that he sold out Burbank and set himself on a course to make Burbank like Los Angeles.
    fruitos must go !

    • semichorus

      He’s also the one who (vociferously) didn’t want cameras on cops.

    • Anonymous 3

      Good luck with that. He is a first term incumbent. Meaning he will almost certainly be re-elected.

      Is there one name of a candidate looking to challenge the three incumbents?

      Without a fourth or more candidates you have no chance of removing Frutos.

      Oh, yeah. Juan Gilligan is running. Soon to be a three time loser. The contest for Council seats is littered with three time losers.

      • Anonymous

        Juan Giullian loses because he is incapable of spilling bull shit lies all over to win. How many people have told me that they are so sorry for voting for Rogers as they totally did not understand that he would be as condescending and rude as some of the other council members. Giulllian tells it like it is. He’d definitely try to get council members to respect Burbank citizens. He’s quiet but he has great insight.

        • Anonymous 3

          He’s a goofball, who spouts nothing but platitudes.

          He has the intellectual depth of a puddle formed by a spring shower.

  2. chad

    I love it. One of the reasons Trump won’t release his taxes is because it will show how leveraged he is to…..Chinese banks.

    • Art

      Hmmm wonder what Hillary has to hide in those emails she bleached and phones she took that hamer to. Must be really something bad to destroy all those i phones and pay to stick a server in her basemenr.

      • Anonymous 3

        What a shame that there is no there there. The FBI recommended against prosecuting her. And the two previous SecStates (Rethugs) each maintained a private email server. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

        Hmmm. Why is the MSM not making a big deal of your accusations? Because there is nothing there.

        • semichorus

          I don’t know if they had servers, but they both had separate personal email accounts which they deleted upon leaving.

          Hillary used her server for personal email because it’s safer than AOL or her old Hotmail account. She had another State Dept account for work.

          The media– and consequently the public– has no idea why she had the server. They think she was trying to hide something, which was not the case. She couldn’t use her work email for personal use. Nor should she have. Some minor work content spread over to it, but very little.

    • Anonymous 3

      Plus that he gives nothing to charity. Plus that he is in business with Russian oligarchs. Plus that he is worth a lot less than he claims. Plus he has paid no taxes for two decades. Plus that he lost a billion dollars in one year, (some business genius).

      Plus plus plus.

      • 91506

        Oh yeah we all must have forgotten giving to charity is oh so important our bad. Seems like all the people who take advantage of the taxpayers just love to throw out all their charities, two names come right to mind Cusamano and Rizzotti oh such generous people so we must overlook everything else right ? Oh our bad lol

        • semichorus

          They’ve done nothing wrong in that area. Nor have the Clintons.

          What other demons in your head you want to lump together?

  3. Jan

    I want to know just how Hillary amassed over 200 million in government service and the answer I get is from soeaking to banks and Wall Street. Sounds to me like she has been paid off for favors because her speaking is not worth 200 million. She got a lot of the bail out money from the big banks it looks like.

    • Anonymous 3

      Tell it to a fed prosecutor.

    • Anonymous 3

      You seem to think Bill and Hillary are the same person. They aren’t you know.

      Bill earned most of that money.

      I saw him speak when he came to town a few months ago. He was riveting. I’m not surprised that he can charge money for that skill.

      • semichorus

        Democrats aren’t allowed to make money.

        In Republicans it’s a sign of inner worth and goodness. In Democrats it’s proof of corruption.

  4. Anonymous 3.5

    You call Latinos tio tacos and ask what year is this about this video ? Umm what part of the picture is a blurr for you ? Try some Windex and a paper towel for a clear view.

  5. Anonymous 3

    Pence told at least one giant whopper last night:

    He said that the Clinton Foundation only gives 10% to actual charity. He suggested that the rest stuck to the Clinton’s fingers.

    Possibly he is confused: the Clintons regularly give 10% of their income to charity. Every year. Which is more that Trump’s zero percent.

    Yes children, 10% is MORE than 0%.

    And they pay over 15% of their income in taxes.

    Yes children, 15% is MORE than 0%

    The Clinton Foundation gives 88% of what it brings in to actual charity. Which is a better number than the American Red Cross.

    Why won’t Trump release his taxes?

  6. 91506

    Why is Hillary hiding emails ?

  7. Anonymous 3

    And a genius.

  8. Sal

    This kid makes some great points

  9. Carlos A

    Last night LATINOS FOR TRUMP on live with channel 11

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