Slandering the Dead


Oh, well this is a death penalty offense for sure:




Now we understand. Thanks, Burbank Leader, for passing this info along to us. You’re always such great cocksuckers to the Man. We know how it is — challenging follow-up questions are just so rude!

Now here’s some more total and complete bullshit:




Think the council members will buy this story?

Of course they will. Since those audio recorders the cops carry (if they’re digital) also carry a time code or some kind of digital reference, and since the EMTs also know exactly when they arrived and started working on the guy, there’s no way in the world that anyone can determine how long it took to get him care.

Right? Isn’t that correct, you credulous Burbank clowns?

Subtraction hasn’t been invented yet, and so we’ll make a guess. It was AFTER the barricade was over, which means at least 40 minutes.



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10 responses to “Slandering the Dead

    • semichorus

      Now that’s a third version of the story, with no mention of a woman involved.

      Sounds like the cops already knew these guys from prior incidents. Which, if so, is even less reason why this should have happened.

      That one commenter is correct — what ever happened to the days when they didn’t have tasers?

  1. Ted

    I do agree that Burbank and with the crazy things I suspect the council could afford cameras for police.

    • Jay

      I have a suggestion. Get rid of those baracades down near where Talaria is going in and use that money on caneras for police and benifit everyone instead of just a few greedy people.

      • Anonymous

        Better yet, how about taking the twenty or thirty grand the city granted Magnolia Park for their parties? Purely disgusting. Let’s get real here. Money is tossed around everywhere. Protect the good Officers with cameras and keep the borderline Officers on their toes. Time is up.

  2. Judie

    Those at the Tallyrand, in the Bar area, may have a different perspective.
    These brothers are not unknowns.

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