Once again there are two different versions of this story


We’ve got the Leader’s admittedly rewritten version from later in the night (sanitized for Burbank consumption?)  And then we have Craig Sherwood’s from MyBurbank — who apparently had people there with cameras in hand.

Here’s the Leader’s stenographical version:

During the struggle, a second man armed with a handgun appeared in the doorway and threatened the officers.

Officers backed off from the first suspect, after which the armed man barricaded himself in the home for about 40 minutes.

During that time, officers approached the first suspect, who was down in the driveway, and pulled him from the home so he could be treated by paramedics, who pronounced him dead.

Here’s MyBurbank’s.  Notice the difference?

After communicating with the man, the suspect gave up after about 40 minutes with no shots fired, exiting the home and complying with officers orders as they took him into custody on the parkway of the residence.

Officers rescued the subject they’d subdued during the barricade so he could be treated by paramedics. He was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased is a male is in his 60’s and his cause of death will be determined by the coroner’s office.

Craig’s timeline clearly suggests that the Taser victim sat around there for a while, even possibly up until the end of the barricade.

If so, why? And why did they use a Taser on him in the first place?

Cameras could tell us much about this event. Which is why we don’t have cameras in Burbank! Not even in-car.

Btw, what’s wrong or misleading about this Leader headline?
The first guy wasn’t armed. But making him sound so makes the unobservant reader more apt to not question the whole story. It makes him sound more guilty.



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7 responses to “Once again there are two different versions of this story

  1. CornFused

    Unbelievable. When I first watched it on the news, the story time line pretty much followed the “My Burbank” description. Be interesting to see if it changes.

  2. Burbank Bill

    Burbank Barricade, 1st Ld-Writethru

    BURBANK (CNS) – Authorities today identified a man who died after
    Burbank police stunned him with a Taser outside a home where his brother was
    arrested after barricading himself in an armed standoff with officers.
    The incident began about 6:20 p.m. Tuesday, when officers went to a
    residence on a report that a man had allegedly threatened his ex-daughter-in-
    law, said Burbank police Sgt. Claudio Losacco.
    “The female victim of the criminal threats reported that her ex-father-
    in-law had gone to her home and threatened her life,” Losacco said.
    “After taking the woman’s statement, two Burbank police officers, each
    with over six years of law enforcement experience, responded to a home in the
    500 block of North Mariposa Street to speak with the suspect,” Losacco said.
    While they were speaking to Thomas Wayne Binkley outside the home, he
    “became verbally confrontational and ultimately physically assaulted the
    officers,” prompting one of them to use a Taser on the 66-year-old suspect,
    the sergeant said.
    That’s when Binkley’s brother, 65-year-old Steve Leroy Binkley, “came
    to the door of the home threatening the officers while brandishing a handgun,”
    Losacco alleged. “This forced the officers to reposition themselves behind
    cover and call for assistance.”
    Steve Binkley remained barricaded in the home for about 40 minutes
    before surrendering, the sergeant said.
    Losacco said that while the standoff was underway, officers got Thomas
    Binkley out of the immediate area so that he could be treated by paramedics,
    who pronounced him dead at the scene.
    An autopsy was pending to determine the cause of his death.
    Steve Binkley was booked into the Burbank City Jail on suspicion of
    threatening a public officer, with bail set at $25,000, Losacco said. He’s
    scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.
    The handgun believed to have been used in the threat against the
    officers was recovered during the service of a search warrant inside the home
    this morning, Losacco said.

    • semichorus


      The BPD statement says the guy “allegedly” threatened her.

      The Leader says the cops say he did, in their headline.

      Watch the CA try to scapegoat the brother by wanting to charge him (through the DA) for the death. The BPD is going to try to make a patsy of him for their ineptitude/lies/misconduct.

  3. chad

    Well, the brother who actually threatened the police with a gun was arrested without the discharge of firearms or taser. I consider that a plus actually. Looks like somebody showed some wise judgement in the second half of the incident. If the first brother actually did hit the police they have every right to use a taser and more, I think. They went for the taser option but it seemed to kill the guy anyway. Very sad.

    • semichorus

      Not so about the Taser. It only means they were using it for extra-judicial punishment.

      Which is what Burbank (and most other agencies) ALWAYS do. You fuck with us, we zap you. Ask any attorney. Digby’s good on this too.

      So let’s see the video on this incident, ok, just to make sure, Burbank?

      Ooops! You mean there isn’t one, BPD?

      • Victim Of The City Of Burbank

        I’m honestly blown away by the fact that the 2nd “suspect” isn’t dead. Had the “suspect” with the gun (assuming that’s even true) been Black or Hispanic, he’d be dead too.

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