No video of course


This is the reason why the Burbank Police refuse to equip themselves with video cameras.

Their word is it:




It’s also why our gutlessly irresponsible city council won’t do anything about it. And of all of them up there, Rogers is the biggest fucking phony of the bunch, because he alone should know better.

Burbank’s a total joke, and everyone on the outside knows it.

Btw … whatever happened to the report that “independent monitor” Michael Gennaco was going to present “during the summer” about why a top Burbank cop was allowed by his employers to use city computers to send racist emails to his friends without consequence?

The specific Police Commission meeting that was supposed to deal with the topic didn’t. According to the paper, it instead turned into a rah-rah PR session about the department.


The BPD will of course lie through their teeth about what really happened (like no other cops showed up in 40 minutes to help out?), and the council will end up giving them all awards and proclamations in a special ceremony. They’ve proven for years that they don’t care about police activity in Burbank.

Worse, this town condones it. Expect the city attorneys office too to retaliate against anyone who makes waves about this.

“At some point he did go unconscious,” the sergeant added. “The timeline I’m not very certain on, as at the same time the officers were dealing with the individual that had armed himself with a handgun.”

Yeah, not until everyone gets their stories straight. No backup in 40 minutes? Or no backup that did anything for the guy?

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office would determine a cause of death. Authorities have not identified the man, describing him only as being in his 60s.

“He was an awesome man, he was a scuba diver, he took care of everybody. He was just a great person,” a woman who knew the man told KTLA Wednesday morning as she wiped away tears. She added she came to check on his mother, but nobody was at the house.

“We don’t even know if they … know yet,” the woman said.

Another friend called the man “nice and normal,” telling KTLA in an interview that she thought the whole thing was “very strange.”

Not for Burbank.



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7 responses to “No video of course

  1. donkeypunch

    We all just love your armchair quarterbacking of the menagerie of topics you know absolutely jack-shit about.

    Your “blog” is the pinnacle of your contribution to society, and that sir, is pathetic.

    Wait, no. Someday you’ll be fertilizer. That will be your single largest contribution. Instead of stealing oxygen, you’ll actually help create it.

    • semichorus

      Go fuck one of your cop friends again. The BPD has a horrible reputation. I guess Gennaco’s just there for his good looks.

      God, I hate Republicans. A menace to the world they have become.

  2. Anonymous

    Why did they tase him?

    • semichorus

      Because he didn’t show compliance. He was no threat to them.

      Oh, he was? Ok then, the videos will show us what our men in blue were up against. Just you wait and see. Hooray Burbank Police!

      What … you mean there’s no video?

      Well hooray anyway!

      • SQUAD 12

        The reason units responded to the location was a response to a call about his violent behavior you dumb shit.

        • semichorus

          Not so, you illiterate.

          It was because they were INVESTIGATING an allegation at another residence. About an alleged threat.

  3. Penelope

    Of coarse there’s no cameras in Burbank!
    Not surprising at all that Frutos does not want
    body cameras on police officers.
    A perfect example is when a merchant on
    Magnolia Blvd. was accused of doing the
    unthinkable deed.
    The owners of Romancing The Bean lied out
    of her teeth to the reporting police officer to make
    her story feasible.The officer believed her !
    Frutos never once responded or tried to help
    the merchant. He was allied with the accuser and
    the organization she belonged to.
    Frutos is not interested in justice.
    He is only interested in which circle he can acquire
    the most ” Votes ! “

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