By Alene Tchekmedyian,
July 31, 2015

Elected officials last week nixed a proposal — at least for the time being — to purchase 160 body-worn cameras for police officers, citing high costs and concerns about the still-developing technology.

Just one council member, Will Rogers, supported the proposal to commit $570,543 to bring the technology to Burbank, though his motion failed to get a second.

City and police officials cited potential downsides to putting off the purchase, including having to play “catch-up” down the line for a program that’s gaining traction nationwide after a series of deadly police encounters.

“I’m concerned that we don’t even have in-car cameras,” said City Manager Mark Scott. “I’m concerned that the Burbank Police Department is so far below what standard is for this kind of technology that I think it could come up and bite us someday.”


Police agencies nationwide are under intense public scrutiny after several fatal encounters involving black men have sparked nationwide protests and calls for reform. But according to a recent audit of the Burbank agency, there have been no “critical incidents,” defined as officer-involved shootings or in-custody deaths, for the last five years, which auditors called “remarkable.”




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  1. Penelope

    Of course there’s no cameras in Burbank!
    Not surprising at all that Frutos does not want
    “Body Cameras” on police officers.
    A perfect example iOS when a merchant on
    Magnolia Blvd. was accused of doing the
    Unthinkable deed.
    The owner of Romancing the Bean
    lied thru her teeth to the reporting police officer
    To make her story more feasible.
    The officer totally believed her!
    Frutos never once responded or tried to help the
    Merchant. He was allied with the accuser and
    The organization she belonged to.
    Frutos is not interested in justice.
    He is only interested in which circle he can
    Acquire the most VOTES!

  2. Anonymous

    Burbank Police probably view cameras as allowing another party to scrutinize their behavior. I’m a law abiding citizen and I have had a few officers step way over the line. I once witnessed a car crash and you would have thought I was the criminal! Another time I was spoken to as though I was a loser beyond loser when I sought assistance from the police. Not good. However, most Officers are very professional.

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