The small family business is the backbone of our country


The goings-on next door are getting odder.

This reminds us of that guy on the Hill a few months ago who just happened to have had a million dollars stolen from the trunk of his car. It can happen to anybody, the crime here’s getting so bad!


Three masked suspects were caught on camera burglarizing a small family-owned Glendale market, making off with a safe containing more than $160,000 worth of valuables.

Nova Market & Catering, located at Glenoaks Boulevard and Highland Avenue, opened eight months ago and the Novshadian family had been working hard to stay afloat.

When suspects targeted their business at about 2 a.m. on Wednesday, they said it was a devastating blow.

“You know being here for 12 to 16 hours every day, no days off,” Ani Novshadian, the niece of the owner explained. “They worked so hard for it and now to have this loss.”

Video showed the suspects raiding the cash registers and dragging a safe through the store and into a van waiting outside. Novshadian said the safe had cash, gold, investments and some jewelry. In all, Novshadian said the value stolen was nearly $160,000.

By the sweat of their brows, yes. In eight months.

And wouldn’t you have written these down somewhere?

But perhaps the most devastating item stolen was old family recipes used to run the catering side of the business.
“The hardest thing that we lost was all of my aunt’s recipe books,” Novshadian said.

Novshadian said the recipes date back to previous generations.

The family pleaded for help getting the recipes back.

“If anybody has any information or has seen anything, really we want to get those recipe books back,” Novshadian said.

Along with the everything else, but that’s a start. No one had them by memory now?

How do you say “full of crap” in Armenian?



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33 responses to “The small family business is the backbone of our country

  1. Anonymous 3

    I guess you don’t cook. Except hot pockets.

    It is hard to memorize recipes successfully. Especially dozens or more. There is a reason people keep their cook books.

    I’ve made several dishes dozens of times. And I would never start one without reference to a printed recipe.

  2. CornFused

    Seems like a dishonest story for sure. I cook all the time and after a few tries never need a recipe…let alone for something generations old that is still used from time to time. My mother and my grandmother never referenced a recipe and were amazing cooks. My grandmother owned her own fairly successful restaurant in Brooklyn for over 20 years and always did it from memory.

    It would be like going to see a band do all their own originals and seeing them with sheet music. Just another crazy Armenian scam in the works.

  3. chad

    Speaking of “writing down”..they will be able to write-off the loss. They should consult with Trump’s tax attorneys. I’m sure they’d want to reach out to small business people in this situation.

    • Anonymous

      Chad every business and every American does get to deduct losses as well as standard deductions that is the tax code so why is it a big deal when Trump follows our dumb as fuck tax laws and codes ? You are all into the tax codes but you fail to mention that part of that code is losses and standard deductions leaves me to wonder why.

      • semichorus

        Trump didn’t take the standard deduction, moron. He took a pass-ahead loss that isn’t available to working people. We don’t even get income averaging any more.

        Here, bend over for me.

        • Anonymous

          Unless you over pay your taxes (which you can) or refuse to take any legal write offs or deductions then you really have no point. No one has said that Trump defrauded the IRS which means he followed the IRS code and rules. So face it your issue is with Obama who could have changed the rules and chose not to.

    • Gary

      So glad you take no deductions and even opt to over pay on your taxes Chad.

      • Anonymous 3

        Trump thinks he is a genius.

        And he thinks you are a chump. Go vote for him. He could care less about you. He is the candidate of the billionaires.

  4. Anonymous

    Damn Turks!

  5. Burbank Bill

    speaking of small businesses , looks like another one bites the dust at the mall. Guess new owners think they will have the next Grove on their hands? lol

    Joanna Peresie shared her post.
    6 mins
    I’m not sure if I’m the last to know about this, but I just found out today… Please stop in and sign if you’re able.

    21 mins
    Our family’s favorite hang is being pushed out of the Town Center, and I am mad. Like angry face emoji mad. Like snickers bars have been discontinued mad. Fighting mad. I am furious.

    I would venture to say that now more than ever, our city needs more places for kids to gather safely, more places for families to spend time together. Not less. We especially don’t need a company based in another state to force our family-owned institutions to close. Jim and his lovely wife have owned and operated All Amusement in the same location in Burbank for 23 years, and now their shop has not been deemed important enough to include in the Town Center renovations.

    This isn’t just a shame. It’s shameful.

    If you have a chance, stop by and sign their petition, and write a letter/email to Chris Maguire of Cypress Equities. I have no idea how many other shops have been effected by this, but if you have a favorite place in the Town Center, check up on them.

  6. Anonymous

    The new mall owner hates small business.

  7. Kim

    I am watching the vice president debate and I didn’t like Pence until watching tonight. Kaine is an anoying person , rude and very dumb. I am honestly ready to click mute when Kaine talks.

  8. Anonymous

    The kids made noise while the lady was listening to Tim Caine interrupt everyone so she did her tim caine imitation

  9. chad

    Anon, I was being sarcastic. And they say people on the left have on no sense of humor.

  10. not Anonymous 3

    So semi freak. If rich take advantage and get out of paying taxes. And Hilary wants to tax the rich. How’s that going to work ? You are not too smart.

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