So what happens if they turn you down?


They still get to keep your money?

(click to enlarge)



If not, why then is this “nonrefundable” warning placed directly following? Why in the world would anyone want to pay online if it doesn’t finalize the “adoption,” and there’s all those required personal inspections to overcome also as part of the process?

Why would “The Protectorates” even accept such a tentative “online” fee prior to final approval, if you do get it back? A sizable number of applicants obviously won’t pass muster.

(We can see why they might want to collect the nonrefundable fees this way if they get to keep them! In fact, that seems to be the only reason for offering such a deal!)

Which are, apparently:

How do you set your Guardian Fees? (In general adoption fees range between $350-$500 for dogs and $125-$300 for cats, but adoption fees may increase or decrease in certain circumstances including when donors sponsor all or a portion of an adoption.)




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45 responses to “So what happens if they turn you down?

  1. Carlos A

    easy answer right here. They are in it for the money. This is the kind of greed that pretends to be for others but is really only using others. This is why we Americans must unite and stand up for each other and for our country. Here is real leadership

  2. Debby

    This group is a sham run by Rizodi who is a hate filled person.

  3. Mag Park Resident

    A classic Rizzotti move caught on film, the lady just can’t help but to talk down to us all like she is one of us when in reality she is a snob. I pitty the dogs that are forced to endure her for the cameras.

    • semichorus

      Is that the one where she says I’m a schizophrenic? I can’t even watch her quite troubled blather.

      She’s also behind that Facebook thing btw that falsely claims that I both consort with felons in “Barstow” and had an eviction in an apartment of my own.

      She’s a real piece of work, that woman. A very nasty sort who lied through her fucking teeth a few years ago about their screaming animal protests of that poor pet store on Hwy Way– that they also falsely accused. Remember how they tried to pull Dr. Gordon’s teenage son into it?

      I don’t know how Rizzoti put up with her as long as he did.

      • Carol

        Why do I suspect Ragzidi is a Hillary fan ? Does she have a hillary sign at her house ? I am pretty sure she would think Trump is just oh so not acceptable. Can you imagine what Trump would say about a woman like her ?

  4. Karen

    “Shelley Rizzotti is one of the few attorneys in the country drafting pet trusts and she may be the only attorney in the United States whith office space in a pet shop – a “rescue only” pet shop thanks to the progressive minds of Burbank passing “puppy-mill” legislation to ban the import of animals into the city from the commercial breeding industry”

    Estate planning for dogs ? Wow that is so useful in our world with all the problems we face.

  5. Stan

    Burbank neighborhoods would be even more invaded with traffic and parking issues without the efforts of Dr Gordon. I appreciate that Gordon fights to try to get the council to consider consequences before they act.

  6. Mike

    Semichorus, repeat after me dude. There are Good Republicans and there are Good Democrats but there are also Bad Republicans and also bad Democrats. It’s not hard to say so repeat it dude.

  7. 91506

    Just to let it out the batting average of Burbank City Council is:

    Telthemron – 21%
    Luddies +18%
    Frutoes +22%
    Roogers – 87%
    Gordon + 92%

    In dead last place is Rogers who never made a joke anyone laughed at and never made a point anyone understood.

  8. Mark

    I am voting November 8, 2016. I am voting to end dynasties . I am voting for jobs, secure boarders and to put America First. God Bless America #MAGA

  9. Mark

    My message and God Bless America

    • A Burbank Lifer


      I am an Independent and love the enthusiasm in your video. I have recently made my decision 2016 and will be voting for Trump on November 8th. The protestors and then enthusiasm of people have really helped me make my decision and realize it is all about the future of our country and not the ideas of the past. We need to bring back the good things and cut ourselves away from the bad things and ideas of the past. Last time around I did not even vote for president due to the fact I felt it was all hopeless. You and others like you are filling me with hope once again.


      A Burbank Lifer

  10. Jan

    The protectorates is just one more charity that is not a charity at all. You should ask how big the salaries are and who gets the money. Also the Gordon video is great and Gordon is a great American.

  11. chad

    Cats are getting sold short here.

  12. Francisco

    But wait … Blacks and Latinos are not suppose to like Donald Trump !

  13. chad

    That music video rules!!!! Rules what I have no idea. Semi, I believe Shelly R. refers to your blog as “dysfunctional.”

    • semichorus

      Yes, having interest in more than one disparate topic at a time is a hard thing for most obsessive Burbankers to take.

      These people are such morons. Hollow shells of trouble and confusion.

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