How come it can’t go backward?






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15 responses to “How come it can’t go backward?

  1. chad

    The New York attorney general has notified Donald Trump that his charitable foundation is violating state law – by soliciting donations without proper certification – and ordered Trump’s charity to stop its fund-raising immediately, the attorney general’s office said Monday.

    The “notice of violation” was sent to the Donald J. Trump Foundation on Friday, according to a copy of the notice provided by the office of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat.

    • semichorus

      Trump will just play this off as NY and “a big Hillary supporter” denying worthy recipients of help for “political” reasons.

      And the media will go along with it. They’ll ask, “Could this be true?

      I can hear Wolf Blitzer now.

  2. Marcos

    All the people who hate us are the same ones who don’t seem to care that so many Americans are out of work and homeless. They smile while we spend money we do not have and can not afford while I stand with my Brother and Sister AMERICANS. We stand to put America and Americans first. If we can’t stand together we can’t do much for anyone. #MAGA

    • semichorus

      Republicans: Friends of the Homeless!

      One for all, and all for one!

      • 91505

        Remember a few weeks ago when during a council meeting Luddy wanted to know if she could stick the homeless into an old freezer in some old building ? Nolan got her all upset when he restated what she said about the homeless.

        • semichorus

          When was this?

          What night, and what part of the meeting? Was she referring to a possible shelter?

          • 91505

            Yes they were talking about some old contaminated property near the 5 freeway I think something about part owned by city and part by redevelopment. While they were talking about contamination and cleaning it up or what could be done with it Luddy comes up with could we put homeless people in it. So Nolan comments about putting homeless people into contaminated freezers and Luddy went off like she never said that but I heard her say it. A few weeks ago I think

      • Eileen

        Democrats proud to help keep the homeless homeless so they can put them on show again come next election.

    • Gil

      Stop the drugs BUILD THE WALL Liberals like to say about things if it saves one life The wall will save many lives < BUILD THE WALL.

  3. chad

    Gil, you pay for it.

    • 91505

      Chad with the billions we pay for drug enforcement here and for illegals building the wall would be cheap. S far how many billions have we all spent on drug enforcement yet the boarder is wide open and the drugs keep coming into the country. Why not build a wall and do more to stop the drugs at the boarder.

      • semichorus

        Do you know how bigoted against Mexicans you sound? Like Mexicans = drugs and drugs = Mexicans?

        And like drug enforcement isn’t a problem against ANGLOS in and of itself?

        No, you don’t. You Trump fans are the worst.

  4. 91505

    Just how do drugs enter our country ? Across the southern boarder It is not bigoted to talk about crime, crime knows no race it is just crime

  5. chad

    You know how drug trafficking from Canada works? We probably should put a wall to our north as well. Then, when that’s done, we would have to put all the meth cookers in rural American in jail as well. They are Americans BTW. Them when that’s done, let’s turn the lens onto prescription drug use and put a lot of doctors in jail. Or, maybe we should start there and work backwards.

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