Good for the goose? Then watch out, gander





This is all so stupefying in its obviousness. If the Democrats want to make an issue about how much of a sexist pig Donald Trump was during the 1980s and 1990s then it’s perfectly fair game for the GOP to go after a potential White House co-resident for his own sexually derogatory behavior during the exact same time period. They can’t have it both ways.

For this reason alone it’s extremely unwise for Clinton and the Dems to still be actively going down the path of sexual reprobation, or to rely upon the supposedly hurt feelings of a woman who willingly participated in the nonsense of a notoriously demeaning international beauty pageant, just to make a point about their opponent’s sexist behavior.

All of this cant and sanctimonious language is becoming just unbearable, especially when it comes from a corporate media that every day exploits women’s bodies for financial gain. And do these “liberals” and characters on TV really think there’s something ethically legitimate about a beauty pageant (of all things) to be worrying so much about a reaction to? Or express anger for?

Talk about antediluvian. Trump’s right: this isn’t the Nobel Peace Prize, and your own hands aren’t as clean as you think they are.

Such partisan-liberal reaction is total and complete hypocrisy; and to actually see male TV personalities now going out of their way to tsk-tsk Donald Trump for doing the kinds of things and possessing the same sorts of derogatory impulses that each and every one of them have exhibited at some time in their own lives is almost terminal in its audacity. There but for the grace of god go you, dudes.

In other words, who hasn’t commented on some woman’s weight or looks, male or (especially) female?

Bill Clinton can be a valid issue here for the very reason that he too might be living in the White House. Sooner or later one of the smarter Republicans is going to frame it that way (if there are any). So let’s stick to the real concerns now Dems, ok?

The media’s just itching to revel in this crap, and are looking for any excuse they can find to do so. They’ll simultaneously castigate and celebrate what a good story it is. So stay away from sex and beauty pageants — because there’s plenty of other stuff to get Trump on.





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57 responses to “Good for the goose? Then watch out, gander

  1. chad

    You’re a very wise caucasian, Semi.

  2. Theresa Ann

    I agree face it frim the governors mansion to the white house a long line of female victims grew and many are alve and back on the news today. Funny thing is what many say about how Hillary treared them after her husband abused them. Then there is the sexual predator Hillary got off and laughed about doing it. The Hillary Campaign is in denial of just what a glass house they live in.

  3. Anonymous 3

    Yeah, what a sack of shit you just excreted.

    The two candidates are Donny and Hillary. Malaria posed naked. She is the other spouse looking to share the WH. I don’t see the dems making a fuss about her bare skin.

    • semichorus

      Why should they? Posing naked when you’re young is not the same thing as going after women serially when you’re married. Bill was a sexist pig too.

      And since when did liberals act like beauty pageants were sacred events? The whole thing’s demeaning, and so to lean on them to bash someone is ridiculous.

      It’s just like the Cuba deal. Since when were those sanctions GOOD things in the eyes of the Left?

      What next? Are they going to go after Trump for smoking pot at some time in the past? Get all wrapped up in self-righteousness over THAT?

      • Eileen

        Posing naked as a model when one is young is so different than using ones position as an old man to sexually take advantage of women. Anonymous 3 only shows his male bias toward women. There is nothing wrong a woman chosing to be a model or in beauty pagents however its a choice that brings a focus on looks. An old powerful man using his power to take sexual advantage of women is simply a predator. Grow up anonymous 3

        • semichorus

          I’m not sure Bill took advantage of women (the poor defenseless dears), but I am touched about how concerned Trump supporters are for the female sex when it comes to the behavior of Democrats.

      • Anonymous 3

        :Last I checked Bill was not a candidate for the presidency.

        I think you are wrong. I think Trump’s threatened intention to bring Bill into this race is going to blow up in Trump’s face.

        • Anonymous

          Excuse me but Bill brought himself into it and has been in the campaign trail all by himself and often Hillary is not even there

          • Anonymous 3

            And if Trump tries to make a fuss over Bill’s indiscretions, it will blow up in his face.

            Bill Clinton is one of the most popular living politicians in America.

            • semichorus

              Won’t matter. The media will blow it up in her face. Just watch.

              These puerile clowns are just itching to make the last two weeks of this election all about Monica Lewinsky. Expect “New Revelations!” about what she was afraid to tell people at the time. Maybe even a Barbara Walters “stunning!” interview.

  4. Nancy

    Amen on this one. Hillary acts like her shit doesn’t stink when in reality it smells the worst. Face it a woman gets into beauty pagents precisely to exoloit herself. Beauty pagents are all about ‘LOOKS’ Hello!

  5. chad

    Jonathan G. That’s a quote from Shaft (1971).

    • Jonathan G.

      1971 got it, but pointing out peoples color is not color blind. It should be about who you are and not what color you are. #MAGA

      • Martha

        Let’s leave colors in the past pleaze Chad and friends. It is amazing to read people calling others bigots and racists and then the name callers again and again point out their own racist attitudes while they prentend not to be racist.

      • Anonymous 3

        Tell that to the Donald who refused to rent to black people.

        • 91506

          Ok this is the goose and gander story so if Trump dudn’t rent years ago don’t forget Hillarys mentor Byrd was a klan grand clyclopse years ago. Just saying cuz the past matters so much but it matters for everyone or for no one buddy.

          • semichorus

            — Hillary’s not Byrd

            — She herself didn’t refuse to rent to “c” for colored

            — Byrd apologized, Trump refuses to even admit wrongdoing.

            Big difference. But you Trump people are so stupid and dishonest that it’s useless to try to deal with you.

        • Burbanker

          For anonymous 3

  6. Anonymous 3

    In 1995 Trump declared a loss of $900,000.

    So much for him being such a great businessman. So much for him being so smart.

  7. Anonymous 3

    Sorry, that was $900,000,000. Almost a billion. So many zeros!

    • CornFused

      What’s our countries deficit? Talk about showing losses….so many zeros. Our wonderful politicians past and present and their crafty maneuvers over the years.

      Again, I can’t understand people finding anything positive about either one of these clowns or any of the ones in the last 30 or so years. But hey, keep on believing and showing your blind support.

      • Anonymous 3

        Who is blind in his support in this conversation?

        Not me. Hillary will have almost no chance of governing with the Repug Congress. Worse even than Obama.

  8. chad

    Well, in my case it was trying to joke but since The Trumpettes lack any sense of humor I’ll stay away from it in the future.

  9. a Voter

    To call your own citizens “super predators” and apologize yet years latter you call your own citizens “deplorables” not much has changed with Hillary
    or the Democrats who support her.

    • semichorus

      I’m glad you’re so concerned about African Americans, you fraud.

      All you Trump people are. You don’t give a flying fuck about Blacks. So cry me a river about “Hillary.”

      • Jason

        Question: So since only Democrats care about African Americans why is it that the worst living conditions, poorest education opportunities, highest unemployment and highest death rate for African Americans are the cities under complete Democratic leadership.

  10. Bryan

    This lady brings up some important things to think about right here

  11. chad

    Off topic:

    From the CEO Of Apple:
    ‘Obviously, we look for wicked smart people … but put that aside … there’s a lot of wicked smart people. We look for grit and determination. We look for people that are curious, because many times you don’t really know what to do, but you’re curious enough to start pulling the string to see where it takes you. … [W]e look for people who won’t accept the status quo … that really want to change the world.’

    Do people really by this bullshit?

    • semichorus

      “Grit” is the new goal for our 21st-century kids, btw. They’re teaching it in class– I suspect it’ll hit Burbank soon.

      You know, these outfits FIRE this kind of person every day. That’s what’s really evil about this lying crap.

      You ask questions and start unraveling the “status quo” and you’re GONE.

  12. chad

    “buy” – maybe we should say “bye” on second thought.

  13. Anonymous 3

    So much for Trump’s gambit to bring Bill’s indiscretions into the news cycle and to accuse Hillary of infidelity. The press did not bite.

    Instead we have reports about Trump failing to pay income taxes and losing a billion dollars in one year. With little hope of the controversy dying down soon.

    There are only five weeks left for Trump to overcome Clinton’s 5% lead. He can’t do it.

    Thank god.

    • semichorus

      Wait until the next debate.

      • Anonymous 3

        The town hall? The WORST forum for a cheap attack.

        It does not matter. the MSM has already decided not to run with it.

        And if he DOES, his history is pretty seamy as well.

        As you say, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

        • semichorus

          I’m laughing too much right now to write.

          • Anonymous 3

            So Pence did not bring up Bill.

            Trump is running out of time to score what you think would be a body blow.

            The MSM has considered the sliming of Bill, and decided that was so 1990s. They are not going to do it.

            And the town hall would be the WORST venue for such an attack, It would seem insulting to the studio audience.

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