The Library already gets plenty of use


Been down there lately?

No, this all about kingdom building, pure and simple:

Goldman, who took over the helm of Burbank’s library services in March, said libraries have had to offer services other than checking out books or granting access to computers to entice the public to visit their facilities.

She added that some libraries have added amenities, such as senior exercise programs and passport renewals, to address the needs of their communities.

Those aren’t library needs, and she’s not the city clerk or parks and rec.

One technique that Goldman’s staff will use is asking questions such as “what they think is working well in Burbank and where there are issues that need to be resolved” and not specifically asking questions about the library, Goldman said.

Is it Mayor Goldman now? This is supposed to be a library survey, not a fishing expedition for more business.

Councilman David Gordon asked if the information gathered from the outreach events would determine whether the city needs a new central library. Goldman explained that there have been talks about how the Central Library should be utilized and how it should be configured to better address residents’ needs.

What talks? And with whom?

This is all just pretext too for building a new and unnecessary Central branch. But the one we already have is great. Just fix it up.




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One response to “The Library already gets plenty of use

  1. DixieFlyer

    One of the goofiest staff reports in ages.

    The desire for a NEW building is NOT a secret, to most of us.

    Her dancing non-answer to Dr. Gordon’s question should have been corrected by Ron Davis.

    Bud would have stepped-in.

    The “whole world” approach to her survey is, semi’s right, a typical
    MBA “project”.

    This one bears watching. Check out the bench removal?

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