Getting behind a winner




It can’t be said enough:

So how could someone like Mr. Trump have been in striking position for the White House? (He may still be there, since we have yet to see what effect the debate had on the polls.)

Part of the answer is that a lot more Americans than we’d like to imagine are white nationalists at heart. Indeed, implicit appeals to racial hostility have long been at the core of Republican strategy; Mr. Trump became the G.O.P. nominee by saying outright what his opponents tried to convey with dog whistles.

If he loses, Republicans will claim that he was some kind of outlier, showing nothing about the nature of their party. He isn’t.





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32 responses to “Getting behind a winner

  1. Anonymous 3

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    But one word will do: racist.

    • Kyle

      You really prove you have no idea what racism really is .Do you have a picture of Trump holding that flag ? So if I am on your front porch showing support for you holding that flag does that make you a racist ? So phony you are because if it is racist it shows that the person holding it is racist and not Trump. Remember it’s Hillary who says Robert KKK Byrd is her mentor and he did not just hold the flag he worse the sheets over his head so start to think before you speak you loony bird.

      • Anonymous 3

        The guys holding the flag are racists. And they represent a huge fraction of Trump’s support. Trump is a racist because he lead the racist birther movement and because he paints all Mexicans as rapists and criminals and further Trump is a racist because he used to refuse to rent to blacks.

        As for Byrd, yawn, that argument has been debunked dozens of times. Sure, in his youth Byrd was a Klansman. But he changed. America allows for change. He became a defender of civil rights in his early middle age.

        Try to learn a few things before you pop off. Loony bird? Such debate. So adult. So persuasive.

        • Juan S.

          Trump never said all Mexicans are rapists or murderers so yawn on that one. Never knew just holding a flag made a person racist but since aI don’t know the guys I don’t know and won’t just paint them as anything because I am not racist. Racisits like to just judge with no evidence .


  2. Burbank Sabios

    Democrats only care about the inner city only when its election time

  3. Mike

    I watched Hillary at a rally just about an hour ago and she says she has a plan and Trump has no plan and then hold up her book and says you can read my plan by buying the book on Amazon. WTF so she is selling her plan ? What about people who can’t afford the book ? But it gets better her is the link for the reviews of the book at Amazon and it seems they delete the negative reviews over and over again. What a jerk she is with her book and using our presidential campaign to try to sell it.

  4. Anonymous 3

    A guy who has not paid taxes in decades is going to look out for my concerns? Not likely.

    Trump is all about Trump. He does not care a damn about any regular guys.

    Tax cuts for the uber rich, that is Trump’s entire agenda.

    • Anonymous

      “He does not care a damn about any regular guys.” Just like Will Rogers….

    • Jay

      Yawn you should listen to Trump sometime he plans to lower taxes on everyone and the biggest cuts will be for the middle class while Hillary says she will raise taxes on everybody. A new tax code for the middle class she says but she does not say cut middle class taxes.

    • Barbara

      So anonymous 3 you don”t take legal deductions ? Have kids and never took deducrions for kids ?

    • Anonymous 3.5

      Oh I get it now you think you pay taxes to show your not a racist and you care. Care enough to explain the billion plus that obama sent to Iran in cash ? That was tax money but it showed support for a regime that states it plans to nuke Israel and has death to America days as holidays. Sure taxes show you are nit racist and I guess show your not anti semitic as well.

      • semichorus

        I can explain it.

        It was THEIR money that had been impounded for thirty years after the 1979 Revolution. The U.S. was REQUIRED to pay it back to Iran, and Obama did so WITHOUT INTEREST. It was NOT a ransom and IT WAS NOT TAX MONEY.


        Get informed.

        • Anonymous 3.5

          Yes but this is the recent millions that increased later when congress asked. It was not their money this is different money and it was sent in cash.

        • Anonymous 3

          And it was a lot less than a billion.

          • Art

            It’s 1.7 billion per news stories and Obama won’t tell congress where the cash came from according to news stories. Think I know where, it’s why Hillary plans to raise taxes on everyone.

      • Anonymous 3

        I can spell “you’re” correctly, sparkie.

  5. chad

    Oh those Trumpettes!!!!

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