Consider what we’ve lost




While at least 30 years of city staff members have absolutely celebrated the conversion of Burbank’s quaint cottage-industry neighborhoods into lucrative profit centers for their developer friends, keep in mind that once these places are gone they’re gone forever.

For everyone.

(h/t to MyBurbank and McDaniel-Clark)





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7 responses to “Consider what we’ve lost

  1. Jim

    Very sad but becoming the norm in our state which has been under Democratic establishment rule for so many years. They are focused on all the wrong things and things that do not even work but cost us so much. Look at Measure M. How many millions have we already paid in taxes only to have failed public transportation that does not work for people. It is time for change for sure,


  2. chad

    Hey Jim, Trump paid legal fees with this Foundation’s money. I guess that would be illegal except it turns out his Foundation isn’t a legally registered group. So, using the “Foundation” money to pay legal fees actually might not be illegal but misrepresenting to donors is. I just can’t keep up with all the lies, deceptions, crimes Trump is involved in. When does it end?!!?!!?!??!?! Every time you you ask one question about Trump, a hundred others come up and it just doesn’t end. When will he go to jail?!!?

    Let the Trumpets begin!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously YAWN how about the Haitans still living in tents after they never got the millions in aid from the Clinton foundation.

  3. chad

    Right on cue, Trumpette Anon?

  4. Stacey

    Before our friend chad gets too carried away, it needs to be asked just how many of you are concerned abut parking at a Private School in the neighboring area of North Hollywood called Laurel Hall.
    Pray tell us, what’s the connection?

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