Why are liberals outraged about Donald Trump allegedly violating a Cuban travel and trade embargo that they were against — and have celebrated the partial lifting of?



While there’s no doubt Donald Trump was being a hypocrite when he morally condemned an entire country he was at the same time trying to do business with, why in the world are liberals and Democrats so outraged about him violating an unfair travel and trade embargo that they have been politically against for years?

This is like being in favor of lifting the legal sanctions against smoking marijuana, but then turning around and slamming someone you don’t like because they were seen smoking a joint somewhere. In other words, it’s a bogus complaint and you’re a frigging hypocrite yourself to even be trying to pursue the issue.

Trump’s actually only being accused of violating the Cuban travel ban right now, but these critics are acting as if he’d actually set up a real business there. Maybe he should have, because if anything he was only ahead of the curve on this one. And lots of people have (illegally!) traveled to Cuba over the years.

We’ve known Cubans who have, in fact; and we also knew that old registrar at Glendale College who was killed in a car accident there in 1996 1999 while on a vacation trip. Huell Howser sneaked in there in 1997, and KCET still has it online. Jimmy Carter had even dropped this same travel ban in the late 1970s only to see it reinstated later under Reagan.

Again, there are many things that people can get Donald Trump on, but this isn’t one of them. Trump opponents are acting just as silly and stupid and inconsistent as his supporters. Do they not think? It’s such phony umbrage.



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14 responses to “Why are liberals outraged about Donald Trump allegedly violating a Cuban travel and trade embargo that they were against — and have celebrated the partial lifting of?

  1. Juan S.

    Don’t ger me wrong because I don’t like the Castro communist government and I want to see my Cuban bros and sisters set free BUT so what if Trump visited Cuba. Sure doesn’t sound like a man who is racist when he visits Cuba and don’t forget goes to Mexico City to meet with the President of Mexico. No biggie he went to Cuba just let them say it lots because it cobtradicts them saying he is racist against Latinos. Don’t think racists ever go hang out with the people they hate. Truth is they are showing he sneaks out to hang with the people they claim he hates makes sense.

  2. Norm

    Why would they make a big deal out of a trip to Cuba that violates a law they have always been against ? Maybe they have not really been against it.

  3. Nancy

    So anonymous 3. Your crazy. I have read a few here say that there was no big deal to Hillary’s emails here is a great video that exposes what Hillary said and what the FBI director said. Look at the differences. I like that the FBI director says that other Americans in similar situations could face prosecution.

  4. Citizen Cane

    Libs will ignore Hillary’s crowning Secretary of State deal, with Russia, -and the complex dealing that moved nuclear components into Iran. Big rabbit trail on this one with one trail leading to the Clinton Foundation.

    • semichorus

      Republicans lie all the time. Why is that?

      It must be a tidy little understandable world you Trump people live in.

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