Who knew?




Why does this one seem more fun and more focused?


Eight Days! This is the third year of the exciting national and international film festival in the beautiful City of Glendale, California, all film makers are welcome. Our wonderful venues are the PACIFIC THEATRES GLENDALE at the AMERICANA and the MGN FIVE STAR CINEMA, where you can have dinner and a movie, relax in comfortable reclining chairs, eat and drink and make merry!

This year we are dedicating the festival to All Creatures Great and Small in the Animal Kingdom, the City of Glendale, Leslie C. Brand, Women Filmmakers and Screenwriters.

Special events are planned for film makers and their friends this year with seminars, panel discussions, breakfasts, dinners and good times (lots of parties and fun!) This is where you can meet with your film making friends from around the world, expand your contacts and have great screenings of your work in very elegant surroundings during this eight day festival.

We have many special awards categories. A spotlight category for Women Film Makers as well as our special awards for film makers residing in the Glendale/Burbank/Los Angeles/Pasadena areas. International, national and local films are invited as well as web series, short shorts, animation and student films. We are especially looking for films with a scientific bent, environmental and action films with a message! Comedy, drama, sci-fi are all welcome, especially any film, short or screenplay with an unusual idea that has to do with science, research, technology or any other unusual avant garde ideas.





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5 responses to “Who knew?

  1. chad

    Now if they had a panel on James Herriot I’d go.

  2. chad

    I know you will cringe but Herriot is one of my favorite writers.

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