When Bill Clinton ran for President the media was absolutely consumed by questions of his marijuana inhalation. So why is mention of Trump’s cocaine history being condemned?



Seeing how the media is trying to force Doctor Howard Dean to “apologize” for his “outrageous” questioning of Trump’s hissing and snorting the other night — after of course recently analyzing every cough and sneeze coming from Hillary and then citing it as a possible reason for her to leave the race — we’re just asking.
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21 responses to “When Bill Clinton ran for President the media was absolutely consumed by questions of his marijuana inhalation. So why is mention of Trump’s cocaine history being condemned?

  1. Anonymous

    Its the liberal media!!!

  2. Art Bell

    Anyone into conspiracy theories will love this:

  3. CornFused

    Didn’t Clinton admit to smoking weed…just not inhaling? Which is much more ridiculous. Saying some old turd is doing coke because he’s sniffling is pretty bizarre…no? Hillary couldn’t even stand up enough to get in her medical van. I think there’s a fairly big difference. They both are horrible candidates, but Howard Deans comments are crazy.

    • semichorus

      Sorry, but he made no claim- except that Trump was acting physically weird.

      Yes — how dare he! That kind of scrutiny is only for Hillary!

      • Burbank Hooligan

        Semi – after the debate have you changed your mind about Trump winning?

        • semichorus

          No. His poll numbers will go up by the end of the week. Watch and see.

          I agree with Bill Maher. Trump is going to win because people are stupid. And these Millennials have got it coming to them, too.

      • CornFused


        “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?” -Howard Dean

        Coming from a Doctor no less? Have to admit, you kind of threw me a curve on this one.

        • semichorus

          He was just asking. And considering how the GOP as a whole (and the entire media) were calling for Hillary to undergo televised exploratory surgery just to assess her honesty and “trustworthiness,” this demand that Howard Dean “apologize” to the nation for his remarks is rank hypocrisy. He better not do it.

          Btw, Newsweek is working on a story right now about Trump being hospitalized in the early 1990s for a nervous breakdown/drug abuse condition.

          Dean obviously knows something here, as do ( I suspect) the Hillary people. The media of course will — by the end of October — only be talking about Monica Lewinsky and how “Bill Clinton” is now under “newly discovered and alleged rape accusations…”

          It’s inevitable. We can hear Wolf Blitzer right now. By November 8 it’ll be “Bill Cosby and the other Bill…”

  4. Anonymous

    I kept thinking that possibly Trump had a bad cold and didn’t want to admit it because he is so ruthless about Hillary’s health. He did look weird. Possibly he was sick?

    • semichorus

      Possibly, but he’s sniffled like that at his rallies, too.

      I have no problem with it — it’s not cocaine these days — but if this had been Hillary doing it the press would have been studying detailed ear-eyes-and-throat diagrams on their big screen.

      All week.

  5. Burbanker

    Mike Antonovich for State Senate

  6. Francisco

    Latinos With Trump gives their evaluation of the 1st debate

  7. Ants 22

    Same ol stuff over and over again from Clinton the robot. Is her book at the 99 cents stores yet ? #MAGA

    • Jan

      She should give her book away she’s a multimilionaire. Remember when she tried to use the subway like the peons do ? She could not figure out how to pay like uh cash what is paying with cash lol

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