It was a BEAUTY pageant


There’s isn’t anyone who dislikes Trump more than we do, but people need to keep in mind that when you decide to enter a beauty pageant (of all things) you immediately lose the right to become morally outraged if and when people happen to evaluate you on your looks. So does everyone else.

Though Trump can be rightfully criticized on his style and deportment over this old story, he had a perfect right — as pageant sponsor — to go after this woman, especially if she violated some of the many terms of her participation in the event, which apparently she did do over the course of that year. And we hate beauty pageants.

Listening to Obama this morning though — and most of the media — you would have thought that this woman was some kind of academic valedictorian somewhere who was being castigated by Trump merely for her appearance. Like at Trump University maybe.

There are a lot of great issues to go after Trump on, but this isn’t one of them. It’s typical, classic bogus outrage that completely misses the point.





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19 responses to “It was a BEAUTY pageant

  1. Irwin Fletcher

    I don’t think they are vilifying his disqualification of her, but the asshole way he went about it publicly, then and now. He should have kept it quiet, behind closed doors.

    • semichorus

      I agree that he should have been cooler about it — although it was also a clear publicity stunt at the time — but the media’s acting like he was out of line just to have mentioned it. As part of a beauty pageant of all things, and as if this woman had been forced into it.

  2. Marco

    If you think Trump was mean to her you should have seen how Spanish TV shows treated her. In Spanish TV women are treated like bimbos all the time and many shows feature them all that way all the time. We know as Hispanics and she was up for Miss Venezuela which is part of Latin America so the focus was really on her on the Latino media back then.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, I know. I remember that whole thing, and she was very much a willing part of all the PR. She was even laughing at Trump’s workout event which they keep showing.

  3. Marco

    Machado is not a famous actress she is a low budget like they say B actress. It is hilarious that her being an accomplice by driving the get away car in a murder is not important because it happened 20 years ago when her being Miss Universe also happened back 20 years ago. Machado is a joke in Venzuela fir a few reasons and her weight gain and get away car are only part of the story

    • semichorus

      I think the Clinton people are making a big mistake using her the way they are. She’s an obvious loose cannon, and no one needs her anyway to show that Trump’s an a-hole.

      For once I agree with Trump: it was a BEAUTY CONTEST for chrissakes. You check your self-esteem in at the door. If you don’t want to be criticized on your looks, don’t enter it.

      In the old days feminists and those who cared (like me) criticized the WOMEN who demeaned themselves enough to enter such a spectacle. Now — apparently — they are innocent of all blame. And, personally indemnified from critical attention as well.

      It’s nuts, really. It just shows too that people on BOTH SIDES are stupid.

  4. Martha

    Hispanics are very familiar with this woman and her ‘issues’ in the past including her porn career. She was not charged with driving the get away car because in Latin American Countries (where she did this) women are expected to obey their man and are not charged for obeying their man. We know this but it does not make her anything but stupid in our eyes.

  5. Nancy

    She’s not a victim she is trying to make money off playing a victim. Follow the money

  6. chad

    Agreed, Semi. This was so calculated. Reminds me a little bit of the Swift Boating that happened to Kerry. There’s no doubt Trump said and did all of this but if Trump is smart, and that’s a big if, his pitbulls she be uncovering every bit of dirt on this woman to sabotage her.

    • Eric

      She is a gold digger and has been for years whats interesting is that she is the best the Clinton camoaign can come up with.

    • Carl

      Trump need not sabotage the former Miss Universe. The Spanish news wires have picked up press conferences from the judge she threatened to kill and other officials talking about her involvememt in murder with her boyfriend in Venezuela. This woman is psycologically a sick kitty cat, she just proves we need to better vet imigrants and shows how Hillary uses the imigrants for her own advantage.

      • semichorus

        Well I don’t know about that, but this is a largely phony issue. And an unnecessary one when it comes to nailing Donald Trump on women.

  7. chad

    Eric, just wait. That was the first shot across the bow of the Trump ship. They’ll be more because it’s too easy.

    • Kyle


      Hillary is like a duck without wings to fly on the first day of duck hunting season. Here’s a start
      1. Leaving the White House with some of the furniture. Forced to return stolen items.

      2. Selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom.

      3. Rose Law Firm

      4. White Water

      5. Vince Foster

      6. Super predators

      7. Senator Byrd


      9. The you tube video as opposed to anniversary of September 11

      10. Email server in basement

      11. Deleting and bleaching emails

      12. Taking a hamer to numerous cell phones after receiving a subpoena.

      13. Haiti relief money and donations from Muslim regimes that deny women and gays rights.

      14. Lies about coming under fire when she was greeted by children with flowers.

      I am just getting started trust me.

  8. chad

    Listen to those Trumpettes!!!!!!

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