They’re bound to ruin it


Distribution channel?

The Walt Disney Company is rumored to be eyeing Twitter for a possible acquisition, putting the Burbank entertainment giant in the company of tech firms such as Google and Salesforce that have previously been named as potential suitors.

Bloomberg first reported on Monday that Disney is considering a bid, noting that the company both has deep enough pockets to potentially acquire the $20 billion social network, and the incentive to snap up a widely-used distribution channel.

As more and more people abandon costly cable subscriptions and instead choose to consume entertainment on mobile devices via online streaming, firms such as Disney, whose vast media network is rooted in the cable business with channels such as ABC and ESPN, are scrambling to stay relevant.

Buying Twitter could give Disney, the biggest entertainment company in the world, a strong distribution platform for video content.

Which we all know Twitter is good for. Video commercials!

Can you imagine being interfered with by a cheesy video presentation while you’re trying to rapid-read a line of Tweets? Disney never gets it, do they? This would be like a hotel chain wanting to buy Jack in the Box so they could promote their bed and breakfast menu.




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6 responses to “They’re bound to ruin it

  1. L

    Because twitter sucks and the owner of twitter keeps making it suck worse I think Disney would really make twitter better.

  2. Anonymous 3

    While normally I am the first to scoff at your paranoid delusions, I won’t argue that Disney is not built to destroy anything independent or good.

  3. 91505

    What do you have against Disney ? They never come to nab money from the taxpayers like the Cusamanos do.

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