How could that damned foreign negro have gone to a college like that?









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17 responses to “How could that damned foreign negro have gone to a college like that?

  1. Stan

    She is exoerienced but out of date and not the experience we need in todays world that’s my take away.

    • Anonymous 3

      Ah. Running a nation of a third of a billion people and by the way half the world’s military needs no experience?

      Got it.

      • Stan

        Not what I said Anonymous 3.No surprise you support Hillary since you two share the ability to twist and distort everything in order to perpetuate your own personal agenda and lies. Face it Hillary is not the only one with experience and would only sit and listen to consultants and staff anyway and like some others we know say the experts say this or that.

  2. Anonomous

    Hillary is elitist and thinks she is holier than thou. If any of us sent classified emails to our server we would be in prison.

    • semichorus

      She didn’t send “classified emails” to her server, you idiotic sack of shit.

      • DixieFlyer

        She “directed” her emails, Classified or otherwise, to her own server.

        That is why there was the issue over what was “deleted” at her direction.

        In fact, the record shows that Classified material WAS sent to her server.

        Military personnel have been and will be punished for such conduct.

        ALL Classified material is to be safe guarded at ALL TIMES.

        The Uniform Code of Military Justice has been applied repeatedly to those of Military standing.

        Love & Kisses

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    The Right tries so hard to equate intelligence, poise and charisma with elitism- ever since Bill Clinton, the Rhodes Scholar, was in office- what morons.

  4. Anonymous 3

    Oh dear. Mike is all upset for being called our for the misogynist that he is.

    • semichorus

      He dislikes Albano and her evasions. That makes him sensible to me.

      Whenever you booster guys run out of arguments you resort to slandering the critics for their allegedly offensive behaviors.

      Let’s see: first racist, then “misogynist.” What will it be next?

      Sexual harassers? Sex criminals?


      I’m sure they’re next on the list.

  5. chad

    Well Hillary has a long public record of public service where she has succeeded and failed as first spouse, US Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. Prior to her public service she worked on many grass roots initiatives including civil rights and women’s rights especially in the workplace. Trump has really no public record and has lived a life mainly as a real estate mogul and developer. Oh, and he has run Trump University. This is a for-profit “university” where students took out federally guaranteed loans to pay for the tuition, an arrangement that is now being investigated for massive fraud. My point is that Hillary’s record is a heck of lot more transparent than Trump’s is. Both candidates live a life of privilege but Hillary’s record is much more easy to see blemishes and all. Trump is far more secretive about his past record.

    • Anonymous

      and oh by the way Hillary was very active in promoting Walmart and as she said she could not have been prouder of Walmart while she was under the inspiration of her friend Robert KKK Byrd but that’s just a small by the way

  6. chad

    Before I respond to your post, Anon, I assume since you did not respond to my post directly, you are agreeing with me.

    Let’s give the bigger picture. And I hate Walmart. She was the only female board member at the time and she got that dirtbag company to cough up a little more with compensation for workers. Believe me, I despise Walmart. And please tell me, what boards has Trump been on what great deeds has he done? He’s screwed people across the the country. And finally, you all want to trash Byrd. Since you’re all about the American dream and being able to better yourself, well that’s exactly what Senator Byrd did. For many years in the Senator he was the true champion of the people, and unlike Hillary, he argued and voted against the invasion of Iraq.

    I’m saying this a dyed in the wool Yankee. Christ, get a clue.

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