Facts are so 20th Century




Especially when you’re white and bigoted (and Republican).




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14 responses to “Facts are so 20th Century

  1. Dan

    Crime is not down but how crimes are classified has changed in order to make them appear to be down. If crime was down there would not be over crowded prisons or clogged up criminal courts.

  2. donkeypunch

    Damn you’re a retard Jimmy.

  3. Doug

    So if crime is down and there is no danger why are the Liberals so busy telling us that we need to restrict and end gun ownership ?

  4. donkeypunch

    Hmm, medicated and registered Democrat seem to be trending among the mass-shooter scene… Check your facts (and your liberal privilege) Jimmy-boy.

  5. Anonymous

    This why we need to armed and need more than a 7 shot clip:

    • Ron

      Citizens do need to be armed and Hillary wants to disarm us not to keep us safe but to make us more vulnerable as targets.

    • Ted

      George Zimmerman who shot Trevon Martin was and is a registered Democrar. Google it and learn who the racist loons really are.

    • Mike

      She was very lucky she had a gun. She defended her life imagine what the thugs would have done to her when they found her.

      • Anonymous 3.8

        Arcan Cetin the mall shooter in Washington State at the Macy’s interstingly enuff tweeted he was voting for Hillar and actually said I vote Hillary we win. He also tweeted his admiration for both Hillary and Hitler. These crazy shooters really do seem to often connect to the progressive liberal agenda.

    • piss ant

      Wow, 3 intruders and all with guns.

      Semi, Chad, Anon3 – We are all waiting with baited breath for your anti-gun response to this.

      Or how about me baiting you – “if guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns”

      Leftists respond below …

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