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  1. Give me a break

    Trump never shouted at anyone tonight. Hillary is running to be a woman or to be president ? I am tired if sexists trying to make it about a woman becausw it”s not.

  2. Nancy

    Did yall hear how Hillary said we can all buy her book to see her plans ? That was terrible why should any of us buy her book.

  3. Bryan

    Watching the debate Hillary is just more of the same and we need change.

  4. Anonymous

    Ezra ger a grip dude. I am guessing Ezra would go after Nolan fir calling that city attorney a dumb attorney to. So what’s the deal, a wiman can never be criticized ?

  5. Jeremy

    One flag, one nation UNITED. In the words of President Kennedy ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. MAGA TO US ALL!

  6. Danny


  7. Susan

    Yes, hillary, I’ve looked at your record! The long trail of lies and scandals trailing all the way back to the Nixon impeachment hearings! He did far less wrong than you’ve done and was being impeached, but chose to do the right thing and resign! You’ve committed far more crimes against the American people! Had anyone one of WE the People, did what you’ve done, we’d be serving a lengthy prison sentence by now! What makes YOU above the law? Why do YOU get a free pass to continue to run for the highest office in our country? I may not agree with everything Bernie was offering, but he should be the Dem. nominee! Why were there only 2 dems running in the primaries? Could it be that was part of the plan? Why weren’t dems given a broader choice? The republicans had 16! WE chose TRUMP! WHY? Because we are tired of the corruption in DC! WE are tired of the establishment not putting ALL Americans FIRST!
    We the people are rising.

  8. Doug

    I know it seemed like Hillary is on a book promotion tour with the buy my book and read my plan comment. Amazing comment from her on that one and just goes to show she is running for profit for herself.

  9. Edwin

    Hillary Clinton hasn’t been around the last few months but for specially prepared events with major donors, she will not be around if president when it comes to critical events and issues – her whole ‘campaign’ is Hollywood tricks. Not only is she not adequate for the position, but the forces she represents and that are backing her do not have American’s interests in mind or at heart. Use your judgement people, she is simply ill-equipped and her facade of motivations are EXPLOITING the very people she claims to be on the side of.

  10. chad

    Well, given the country we live in, Trump’s moronic strategy, if you want to call it a strategy, appeals to a lot of people. So yes, it might be effective politics if nothing else. Never underestimate the misogyny of not only the American public but the world. What did John Lennon call women? “The n#@$ers of the world.”

  11. Bryan

    I live in Burbank, I am Gay and I support Donald Trump. Here are some videos of the LGBTQ community standing up in West Hollywood to support Donald J Trump. #Gays4Trump

  12. Carlos

    The American deplorables or the anti Trump protestors and Hillary supporters. Which are you ? #LatinosWithTrump

  13. chad

    Hey Bryan and Carlos. I’m so deeply moved by your concern for gays and LatinX’s. Your posts sort of confirm my post that came right before yours.

    • Bryan

      Hey Chad not sure what your saying but if uou are trying to say I have miscogny toward women you could not be more wrong. I have had nothing but good friendships and experiences with women. If your saying that because I am gay I must have had bad experiences and that explains why I am gay then you are really showing your own biggoted mind set. The person who posts up here as Semichorus likes to show off his own miscogny and biggoted attitudes when he calls latinos, gays , blacks and women names and tells them to go kill themselves or go fuck yourself. Instead of the name calling and the fuck you’s jusr maybe some open mindedness would be better.

      • semichorus

        Dream on, you phony.

        I’m so touched by all of these GOPers who are oh-so-concerned about our ethnic population — who’s side I’m on btw. You’d know that if you could read properly.

        • Bryan

          Well if you stopped just concluding what and who everyone is based on if you agree with them or not that argument might have some cred. I will say phony is better than fuck you but i think you could be more user friendly.

      • Anonymous

        Yo Bryan well said dude. #MAGA

    • Anonymous

      For Chad ….. #MAGA
      Love & Kisses

      P.S. look at yourself before you stick labels on others. 🙂

  14. Carlos

    All my life some people want to separate us as Americans by our race or color or ethnicity or sexual orientation. I am excited because right now we have the opportunity to unite not as colors or preferences but as Americans. We have the opportunity to change from things being impossible to everything being possible. There is nothing racist about being proud to be Americans or uniting as Americans to make the impossible into the possible. For me it is time to stop doing the same stuff over and over with the same divided and failed results. We all should give change a chance and we all should unite together for our country. I know some people want to keep the division because division is how they keep their power and get their money. I feel it is a big opportunity right now for our country and all of us by putting Americans and America first.

    • 91505

      Watched the city council meeting and all I can say is that Mr Rogers is really one bad actor. A really ignorant and arogant actor as well.

      • semichorus

        He’s a bit clumsy and verbally inarticulate, I’ll admit that.

        It just confirms what I’ve always thought of those guys in that mostly white-ass crowd, and Rogers in particular: he should have grown up around Jewish kids, or gone to a predominantly Jewish high school, like I was lucky enough to do here in Burbank in the late 60s and 70s.

        He’d be a lot sharper, hipper, presentable, and funny. He’d know how to act.

  15. Citizen Cane

    Story from Ohio on Sept 30, voter fraud. 1000’s of pre-filled ballots found in a warehouse. All supporting Hillary and all the candidates on the Democratic ticket.

    google prefilled Hillary ballots. !

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