Major airport architect publishes a rousing opinion piece extolling the Burbank terminal plan — but doesn’t disclose that his firm was on their payroll


And may be still.

Last week the Valley Business Journal published this wildly enthusiastic outside opinion piece about why we need a new airport terminal in Burbank…

Thumbs Up for New Burbank Terminal

Voters will decide whether to update the airfield’s facilities to comply with security and technological advances.
By Allen W. Berentes
Monday, September 19, 2016

The Hollywood Burbank Airport’s proposed replacement terminal’s fate is in the hands of the city’s estimated 64,000 registered voters. The time has come to make way for a replacement terminal that can deliver needed safety and seismic upgrades, more modern traveler amenities and yet still retain its heritage of convenience and accessibility. With no taxpayer money required to fund the project, long-term sustained economic returns and Burbank’s control over critical decisions, Measure B should be green lighted by voters in November.

A hometown favorite, the airport’s original 1930 terminal is outdated and feels small and overcrowded. It lacks required Federal Aviation Administration safety upgrades and is vulnerable to earthquake damage when the big one hits. After 86 years, the terminal deserves to be brought up to the latest standards for 21st century travelers, while continuing to deliver its traditional convenience for travelers.

Generically thrilled about it all like an interested outsider might be if they’re into big new airports, he then establishes his street cred…

As airport design architects, we understand that every airport renovation project has unique design challenges that must be considered, including differing opinions by those who want change, and by those who don’t. By engaging in a coordinated, collaborative effort, it’s possible to find common ground and move the project forward because the replacement terminal is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It will be the right balance between preservation and modernization for the benefit of the community and airport users.

It goes on of course with all the good news about why a new airport terminal in Burbank is a win-win for everybody and everything, until we come to his biographical blurb:




Suspecting that both he and his firm might have more than just an academic interest in the subject, we quickly found this from 20 years ago:




So when was their last commission from the Authority? Twenty years ago?

And if they’re indeed working on the B-6 project right now, why didn’t he tell us of this obvious financial interest in a successful (for them) voter outcome?





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43 responses to “Major airport architect publishes a rousing opinion piece extolling the Burbank terminal plan — but doesn’t disclose that his firm was on their payroll

  1. Anonymous 3

    You think architects work for free? What planet DO you inhabit?

    • semichorus

      Is he now working for the Burbank Airport — for money?

      If so then he failed to reveal that little self-interested tidbit to the Burbank community.

      Get the point? Or is the booster crowd trying to evade it?

  2. Anonymous 3

    Indeed, Why would he cite the Burbank airport as current work if it has been 20 years since he worked on it?

    • semichorus

      Once again you’re willfully missing my point.

      Which is:

      If they worked for the airport then, are they working for them NOW?

      They’re only major airport architects, so whatcha wanna bet they are?

      And as a former client – which in fact we know they were — his oh-so-cool tone of objective neutrality is more than a bit disingenuous, don’t you think?

      Yes, he’s just an interested guy in the field weighing in….

      • Anonymous 3

        Let me ask you this: is there ONE other voice speaking out against the new terminal?

        Recently a woman asked on City of Burbank that people vote against the terminal. It was about 8 to 1 in favor.

        It’s gonna pass.

        • semichorus

          Not sure about the vote. Don’t get your hopes up.

          That official survey the Authority did a couple of years ago wasn’t too good for them. Most people liked what they already had:

          But 28% overall and 27% in Burbank expressed concern that the airport is old
          and outdated and needs to be upgraded, or that it lacks enough amenities for
          passengers, or that it has safety issues related to the proximity of the runway to
          the terminal.

          The survey company really had to stretch the point to conclude that a majority of the respondents could deal with a new terminal:

          Regarding a replacement terminal, overall 80% expressed some response that
          indicated a positive reaction to the idea, often with a condition such as that it not
          result in more flights or more traffic or cost taxpayers more money. This figure
          was 79% in Burbank. Twenty-nine percent offered a negative assessment of a
          replacement terminal (31% in Burbank)

          Love the “some response that indicated a positive reaction.” That’s how they got the number that high. Some (!)

          So wildly enthusiastic.

          That Facebook page btw isn’t all of Burbank.

      • Fred

        Working for the airporr officially or maybe being paid and working by producing PR pieces. Either way it is working for them.

  3. Sergio

    Listen up people many many of us Latinos know Trump is right about the wall. The wall is not racist it will save lives and maybe one day even yours

    Tonight is the debate #LatinosWithTrump #MAGA

    • Bryan

      #Maga all the way to the White House baby. I am voting for opportunity and against the nanny state. Gun free zones are the most dangerous places in the world. #MAGA

      • semichorus

        The “nanny state.” Yes.

        How can you say that with a straight face while still demanding your Social Security check? And Medicare?

        You people deserve to lose everything. Guns instead of nurturers, YES!!

        • Toad

          Excuse me what do you mean demand a social security check ? Seems to me like your entire working life they take money from your check and from your employer for social security. Are you honestly saying that people should not respect what they pay for ? Years ago they could have ended taking money out of our checks for it but they continue to take money from us and promise it comes back in social security so what is your real problem.

          • semichorus

            It wasn’t business or the GOP that got you Social Security.

            And the Republicans (lying) called Medicare “socialized medicine.”

        • Bob

          Hate to break it to you but American citizens with guns have made everything possible since there has never been a time in Ameeican history without guns so if you think America is great I guess you supporr gun ownership right ?

  4. Carlos A

    Debate night s everybody ready ?

    America and Americans are awakening. We are not colors. We are not sexes. Hillary needs to stfu her race card and her gender card. We are AMERICANS and united as Americans there is nothing we can not achieve.

    It is time for a president in the White House who tells us what we can achieve and not another president who tells us nothing is possible. No to socialism and No to division it is time that America ends political correctness. President Donald J Trump 2016
    #LatinosWithTrump #MAGA

  5. Carlos A

    Americans raise your hands and holler #MAGA
    jobs are coming back to America, and for everyone not just those high roller donors. #LatinosWithTrump

  6. Lucy


    • semichorus

      I thought it already was great.

      You must mean “great” for white people again. That’s ALL you can mean.

      • Mike

        In case you did not catch on many people are unemployed and almost everyone struggles just to buy food and pay for a place to live. Homeless ever catch how it is growing ? Notice all the businesses closing and jobs being lost ? I get it you want rent control, I do not disagree but no mater how much you control rent if we keep losing jobs and businesses in time no amount of rent control will do anything. Sorry that’s not just a white issue it’s an American issue. Just how many jobs has Hillary ever created in her entire life and No I do not mean with her phony foundation.

        • semichorus

          So vote for Republicans!

          You people are beyond stupid. Hurry up and die. And may your daughters and granddaughters in return be enthusiastically banging Black guys and Mexican guys with really big dicks.

          Which many of them will be, and are right now. Glory be! That’s how you will disappear.

      • Anon

        So happy for you Semichorus that everything is just so great for you but for many of us we barely make ends meet and it gets worse by the day while government only makes it worse for us by taxing us more and more with nothing to show for it. Honestly education sucks, streets suck, highways and bridges suck dude open your eyes they have a plan for us all and that’s to price us out of existence. You have any idea how many people are in such a struggle that more of them everyday have no choice but to leave Burbank ? Glad your rolling in the money but most of us are a living testimony to the failure of government. Things really suck and it is time to take back our government and make it put the people first again.

  7. Lucy

    No to the new airport we need real jobs not some short term jobs that end with us all owing so much money we really can’t afford to use the airport. It is time to bring real jobs back and not these coffee shop jobs that the politicians want to throw our way. I am voting for a real businessman who has created thousands and thousands of jobs. #MAGA

    • Anonymous 3

      You are voting for a candidate who hid from his responsibilities in bankruptcy, destroying the lives of thousands who trusted him.

      That kind of “greatness” we don’t need.

  8. Anonymous 3

    Again, is there another voice regularly speaking against the terminal?

  9. chad

    I don’t think most people care sadly. Which might actually cause the vote to not go in its favor.

  10. Anonymous

    I want free parking.

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